7 June 2017

The Manchester Bombing, London attacks and Global Imperialism

On the 22nd May 2017 Manchester was bombed, 22 people were murdered, many more injured. The immediate reaction of the UK government was to put soldiers on the streets and reassure the people that all we needed to do was to trust in the security services and carry on as normal. The media began the usual round of claiming that the terrorist atrocity had no connection with the ideology of the perpetrator and his partners-in-crime. Images of people who shared the same cultural background as the murderer were blasted onto the screens behaving in kind and sympathetic ways, as proof that we have nothing to fear. Social media took the now expected route of people adding the fag of the attacked nation to their profile images. The initial outrage melted away in time for the football and music festivals. 22 people died and apart from a minority of people speaking out against those who kill us (a minority who were all but silenced in the orgy of 'universal love') after the initial shock, the fact became accepted and nothing changed (except for the families of the dead and wounded who have had their lives torn apart).
SWPE chose to stand back and wait to see how the massacre in Manchester would affect the UK. As was expected, in real terms, it didn't.  The usual 'keep calm and carry on' speeches were given by politicians and other pointless celebrities.  The media managed to point to the evils of 'Islamism' without even once mentioning the Saudi funding of Wahhabi/Salafi mosques which have been the literal training grounds for the terrorist scourge which is wreaking havoc across the globe. Unsurprisingly they also failed to point out that the avowed enemy of Israel, ISIS/Daesh, has not once made any attempt to attack the Jewish State, but rather has been aided by Israel in the form of arms supplies, medical treatment and the air cover of the Israeli Air Force.  The usual nonsense about the terrorists being lone wolves (!) has been trotted out again, with nobody in authority pointing to the reasons behind the terrorist atrocities. Well, almost nobody...

Jeremy Corbyn has been vilified for stating that UK foreign policy is responsible for the attacks against the people of the UK.  There is much truth in what he says, although this is only a part of the picture.  The UK arms industry is very much to blame for the deaths of ordinary people on the streets of the UK.  When arms contractors supply terrorist enabling states such as Saudi Arabia, it should come as no surprise when animosity arises in those who have had relatives and friends murdered, injured or displaced by the people using these weapons.  The UK is an embarrassing poodle of the USA, and has been vocally supportive of Trump's pandering to Saudi Arabia -  this at a time when Saudi aggression is obliterating the lives of thousands of people in South Yemen (over 16,000 have been murdered since March 2015).  Anger at the sponsors of the Yemeni genocide is a natural reaction.
War is big business, and in modern times, war has become a strategy of big business.  Global Capitalism relies upon the free movement of goods and of finance, in order to generate obscene profits for the inner 'elite'.  The Arab Spring was not about 'liberating' the Arab people, but about making the Arab markets fall into the hands of the Global Capitalists.  The brutal destruction of Iraq was used to impose a Globalist Central Banking System on the people of Iraq (crushing their sovereignty and bringing them into the Global system by destroying them militarily).  At the same time, Daesh appeared on Iraqi soil, as the Islamic State in Iraq.  The subsequent attacks on Syria by Wahhabi terrorists working as foot soldiers of the banks and oil/gas companies, saw Daesh morph into the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  The crushing of the beacon of hope for Africa - Libya - by forces who stood to lose financially by Africa breaking free from the stranglehold of the IMF and the exploitation of rootless multinational corporations, was part of the same operation, using many of the same people.  But what has this to do with Manchester?

The main Manchester bomber was a Libyan named Salman Abedi.  His father, Ramadan Abedi, was (is) a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (Al Qaeda in Libya), which was set up to oust Colonel Qaddafi. He ran away from Libya, claiming to be a 'refugee' in fear of his life for his political opinions (these 'opinions' included murdering Libyans who thought their country had a right to exist as a sovereign entity not controlled by usurious bankers and criminal corporations), and stayed in the UK until after his fellow terrorists had managed to destroy the once great nation of Libya and turn it into a colony of the global capitalist empire.  The LIFG are well organised in Manchester, and would not be there at all if it wasn't for the lapdog foreign policy which saw the UK actively attack free Libya to impose leaders who would not oppose the globalisers.  Qaddafi warned us what would happen if he was disposed, and Manchester is an example of the wisdom of the hero of Africa.

An interlude into the bizarre realm of conspiracy theory

We don't normally venture into the conspiracy theory area, but the wealth of conspiratorial misinformation which is flooding the internet demands that this issue be looked into.  As Socialists, we accept that the Global Capitalists are using every trick at their disposal to gather all the wealth of the world into their own hands: using the lies of the controlled media and politicians; the brutality of the police and military; the theft of taxation and corporate monopoly. So it is only a step further which we will now take, in looking at the symbolism of numbers which the Global Ruling Caste are very fond of employing - perhaps as a way of boasting to one another of their 'achievements', perhaps for other reasons which are known only to those on the inside.

There is an interesting coincidence here concerning the timing of the Manchester Massacre. It happened at 10.33pm (22.33 in the military 24 hour clock), on the 22nd of May '17 (the 5th month of the 17th year, which makes another 22). For those interested in numerology, the fact that the murderer was 22 years old and that 22 people died, makes the repetition of the number 22 interesting. More so when the dates of other events which have helped push the globalist agenda, are considered:

22-11-63 JFK ASSASSINATION (the last US President to try to stop usurious capitalism)
22-07-05 Jean Charles de Menezes 7/7 innocent victim murdered by UK police
22-07-11 Norway attack (Breivik)
22-12-11 Iraq bombing
22-05-13 Lee Rigby
22-06-13 Pakistan tourist shooting
22-09-13 Pakistan church attack
22-05-14 China explosions thrown
22-10-14 Canada shootings parliament
22-10-14 Israel terrorist
22-12-14 Nigeria bombed bus station
22-05-15 Saudi Arabia suicide bomb
22-07-15 Nigeria explosions
22-10-15 Nigeria Boko Haram attack
22-12-15 Nigeria suicide bomber
22-01-16 Al shabab attack
22-03-16 Brussels attack
22-06-16 Assassination in Pakistan
22-07-16 Munich attack
22-02-17 Egypt Isis kidnapping
22-03-17 London attack
22-05-17 Manchester attack

So if we are to stray into the strange realm of numerology, we may as well go the whole way and mention that the 9/11 World Trade Centre massacre - which is perhaps the defining moment of the Globalisers war on humanity - happened on a date which in Roman numerals is IX:XI, which when added (I+X+X+I) makes, yes, 22.

Now before members and supporters throw up your hands in horror at this apparent acceptance of numerology, the intention of this part of this post is not to validate it, but to issue a warning about getting sucked into the numerology trap.  The above list covers 22(!) events and covers a period of nearly 54 years.  If we remove the JFK assassination, the time period drops to 12 years and covers 21 events (21-12 would probably excite numerologists, but is genuinely just a coincidence).  When it is accepted that the '9/11' massacre has to be calculated using a bizarre trip into and back out of Roman Numerals, then the whole '22' issue starts to look less like signalling by the shadowy global elite, than obsessive searching for patterns by people who have a need to see the hand of the 'illuminati' in everything!

The #PrayFor phenomena on social media points to the invalidity of the '22' numerology idea. Although some of the tragedies happened on dates which fit the 22 frame, overwhelmingly, they did not.  If we consider further, that the murder of ordinary people by terrorists fighting for an ideal, (or fighting in the pay of globalising masters), has occurred every day for many years now, without a worldwide break, then the 22 theory is not only nonsensical, but it is offensive to the millions of people who have been murdered, raped, wounded or otherwise had their lives shattered, but who were attacked on dates which are not exciting enough to gain the interest of the numerology-obsessed conspiracy theorists.  What is numerology anyway?  It is a largely superstitious belief in patterns which can be divined in the timing of events.  It is hocus pocus.

With due acknowledgement that the journey into the realm of the conspiracy theorists has been long enough to see that it is a distraction, and a tool to keep people looking at shadows rather than looking at what the enemies of the people are really getting up to, we must now return to the real events and what the Ruling Class is doing to capitalise on them.

Back to reality: The aftermath of Manchester and London

After murdering 22 people in Manchester, the next terrorist atrocity in England came less than three weeks later in London, with another 7 people murdered, and many more injured.  Just as with Manchester, the media, police, politicians, celebrities etc, called for us to 'carry on' regardless and not allow the murder of ordinary people to sow divisions in our communities!  It has emerged that 23,000 potential terrorists are being monitored by the police, although that didn't include 2 of the 3 London terrorists, making the number of people who are a danger to the public, simply staggering.

The UK government has used the bombings in the north and south of England as an excuse to call for direct intervention in Syria to stop Daesh.  It is the UK and other global puppet regimes sponsoring of terrorism which has destabilised Syria.  If the government really wanted Daesh stopping, they would simply stop interfering in Syrian internal matters and sit back as the SAA wiped the terrorist plague from the Earth.  Daesh exists to further global capitalist designs on the Middle East, including lucrative oil and gas pipelines, not to mention weakened countries neighbouring Israel as a part of the Zionist plan for an enlarged state to act as a centre of operations in the global usurious banking and finance trade.

None of the main parties contesting the imminent General Election in the UK have called for the borders to be closed to returning terrorists, although the Prime Minister has pledged to shelve the Human Rights legislation which prevents torture and abuse of suspects, should she be re-elected. Those who champion this call should not be taken in by the illusion that it will only be 'Islamists' who lose their rights - it will be everyone who steps in the way of the Ruling Class agenda for total control over the Working Class.

In a country which is covered from coast to coast in CCTV; in which emails, internet searches, telephone calls, social media use and all forms of communication and access to information using technology are monitored, the Prime Minister has taken to claiming that the use of encryption software assists terrorists in organising attacks on the people.  Criminals, or terrorists organised into cells are aware of mass surveillance and so communicate in traditional ways, such as person-to-person, or use techniques which aim to not be picked up by listening ears.  Giving the State all the keys to unencrypt at will, would not have a Major impact upon people engaging in illegal activities, but it would give the state power over the vast majority of the people in every aspect of our online lives.

It is unlikely that the State, with its mass surveillance tentacles, did not know in advance that the atrocities committed in the last three weeks would be carried out.  If they genuinely didn't, then the security services are worse than useless and no amount of extra powers will make them better at protecting us!

How many of the 'top' people have been killed by terrorists?  How many of our people have been killed?  Consider that no attack has occured in the financial hub of the City of London, no MPs of importance have been attacked, no one who 'matters' has been killed, just lots of the ordinary disposable people who have been sacrificed to give the 'elites' more power over the rest of us.

Whether they were behind the attacks, or simply let them go ahead so that the deaths of ordinary people could be used to bring in legislation obliterating privacy, is really not of great importance. The State must have been aware that we would be attacked.  The State is reaping the rewards with the opportunity to take our anger as permission to enslave us - all for our own benefit, so they claim.

Manchester, London, and other places besides. Syria, Libya, Iraq.  The locations change, death remains, global control tightens.  The conspiracy theorists get so obsessed in looking for patterns to expose the hidden hand of the Ruling Class, that they fail to see the obvious - War is an economic strategy for gaining control of commodities and for making profits.  Even the act of dropping bombs is financially lucrative, necessitating the repurchase be tax payers of more bombs for the politicians to direct on behalf of commerce.  Terrorism creates fear, which the State can use to legitimise taking power away from the people, allegedly for our own protection.

We have struggled to get rights for the Working Class, to break free from the chains of oppression which the Ruling Caste has placed upon us for longer than anyone can remember.  The terrible actions of recent times are being used clamp those chains on harder and re-establish the total control our class enemy believes it has a right to exercise over us.

Revolution is the only solution.  They know this, which is why they are pre-empting an uprising by clamping down on freedom right now.  We can't let this happen.  Know your enemy.  It may not necessarily wear exotic clothes and have a strange religion (although it might!).  The most dangerous enemy is the one we have always struggled against - it is the Ruling Class of our own country, and the rats who work to keep it in power.

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