7 May 2018

Membership Requirements

The number of enquiries regarding membership of SMPBI has been increasing.  This is a good sign in itself.  The key question we are asked by pretty much everyone who gets in touch, is just exactly how do new people go about joining us.

What we require of potential members

If you are thinking about joining us, we need you to email us the following:

Your Name - We need to know who you are, as we are building an organisation of Comrades, where every one of you will be vetted as individuals, and if suitable, brought into the SMPBI family.

Your Address - We need to know where you live so that we can put you in touch with Comrades in your area (if there are any) and also be able to send things to you, as required.

Your Criminal Convictions (if any) - This is so we are aware of anything which may come up in your political activity.  Having a record does not bar you from membership, so long as the record is not one which would be at odds with our goal of building a better nation.  People can be arrested for assault for sending text messages! A conviction may be a one-off thing which does not represent your character. A criminal conviction in the British Isles is so easy to get, that a large percentage of the population will get one at some point in there lives.  You might have gained a conviction in the course of actively opposing the degenerate system. The reason we ask the question is to stop paedophiles or any other rapists from getting involved with us.  We will not tolerate such crimes in the coming Republic of the Isles, and we will not tolerate people who engage in such acts in our ranks.

Previous Political Activity - We ask this to get a feel for what motivates you.  It may be that you have been involved with groups which you no longer are able to support, and this in itself is of interest as it helps us to build a picture of your political journey.  You may be new to politics, and this also is of interest.

What you can bring to the SMPBI? - What skills do you have? Are you a good organiser, who could build the grass-roots party in your area?  Are you able to produce good quality propaganda material (leaflets, videos, posters, banners etc)? Are you suitable for canvassing work, for street activities, for leafleting and the like?  Maybe you are keen to stand as a local councillor?  Do you have media skills? Do you have social media skills? Are you good at security? There are many, many skills which people can bring - what is your skill?

We ask this question, because we are building a party of activists.  Other parties let anyone join as long as they have the membership fees, leaving them numerically stronger, but with members who are either entirely inactive, or active only in terms of turning up to meetings to be entertained by speakers and have a 'jolly good piss up', before returning to inactivity. We want activists - maybe low profile activists who 'stay in the shadows' - but activists nonetheless.

How can we get in touch with you? - Do you have Skype, Google Hangouts, Discord or similar? We ask this so that we can get in touch with you for a chat.  We prefer (where possible) to talk to prospective members. This is so that we can get to know you a little better, and so that you can ask any questions which you want answering, as well as get to talk to a real live human being.  You will have the opportunity to discuss anything which may be of concern, or to tell us something you feel you want us to know. We are building an organisation where people matter, and the application process is designed to make people who are suitable feel at home straight away.  We will build on this in time, but a positive start makes a big difference.  Ideally we would set up a face-to-face meeting, but that is not always possible, so a voice chat online is always a good option.  At this stage, we can decide by mutual agreement how to proceed.

So, if you are interested in joining us, the above is our procedure for getting things started.  Over to you!

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