10 May 2018

Stand By Iran. Stand By Palestine. Stand By Syria. No To Zionist Aggression

First the Neo-cons told us they had to get the Taliban for the 9/11 attack which was linked to CIA operative Tim Osman committed by Al Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden. So in went the Axis of Zionist Evil to smash the vile Taliban regime. Very soon after, the Heroin fields were replanted and the US/UK/Saudi/Israeli regime began using military transport aeroplanes to get smack into the countries of the west, all for a nice profit for those who contrived the war in the first place.

Next came the Big Lie that Saddam Hussein had 'Weapons of Mass destruction' which he intended to use against Israel. He had to be stopped at all costs. Saddam was a monster who was persecuting his people, we were told. Accordingly, Iraq was invaded and occupied. To date over a million civilians have been killed by the Zionist coalition, no WMDs have been found and the precious 'democracy' installed in Iraq is even more farcical then the democracies in London, Brussels and Washington. Oh what else? Oh yes, the war mongers made a fortune by taking over the oil fields. Ker-ching!

Then came Libya, with the fake revolution, and the Zionist axis rushing in to save the 'rebels' who the foul Qaddafi was butchering - rebels such as Al Qaeda!  That ended with the richest country in Africa devastated, divided and plundered. And of added bonus to the capitalist powers, the nation which acted as a buffer to mass migration from Africa, crumbled into a mere crossing point: No more blocks to the cheap labour for the west, and the mass migration to drive down wages and calls for livable working conditions.  The stolen oil was obviously a plus factor for the capitalist vampires, as was the murder of a great man of vision who could have ended the poverty in Africa by kicking out the IMF and the thieves who keep Africa poor by stealing her natural resources.

Having pushed its claws into targets in the Americas, Africa, Asia and even into Europe, the Zionist Terror Network - NATO/EU/US/UK/Israel/Saudi Arabia and others - returned its focus to the Middle East with the war against Syria.  Getting lazy now, the Axis couldn't even be bothered with new propaganda lies, and simply cobbled together some of the old fables from previous invasion-justifying tales.  The legitimate democratic government of Syria became the 'regime', and the rebels of Libya became the rebels of Syria, and the WMDs of Iraq became the Chemical Weapons of Syria.  Same lies, same goal. A fake civil war using stooges (Al Qaeda) as rebels, but with the added twist of an 'Islamic State' of 'islamist' (whatever that is) terrorists (Wahhabi mercenaries funded by Saudi Arabia).  Were it not for Russia spoiling the fun, Syria would now be occupied and looted.  So the campaign of terror against Syria continues.

Now we have Iran - apparently the Tehran regime is trying to get nuclear capabilities is a threat to Israel. This story is getting a bit repetitive and unimaginative. Needless to say Iran does not have Nuclear power / WMDs. But that doesn't bother the Zionist war machine, which is intent of getting hold of Iran's resources - and of course imposing its banking system on that nation.

Currently, to the West, Iraq is under Zionist occupation and to the East, Afghanistan is under Zionist rule. To the North lies Russia and her former soviet states. The neo-con Zbigniew Brzezinski used his stooges in Georgia to attack South Ossettia and Abkhazia, thus allowing the USA to get its forces into the area north of Iran as 'peacekeepers' - also cutting off Russia from coming to Iran's aid. With US naval forces in the Persian Gulf to the South and Zionist puppets in Pakistan, Iran is now effectively completely encircled.  Syria has not fallen. Iran is supporting Syria as it defends itself against the Zionist Axis.  If Syria falls, Iran is next.

Today the Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine launched a criminal attack on Iranian forces protecting Syria within Syria's border. The attack came shortly after the Zionist mouthpiece president of the USA, Trump, withdrew the USA from a diplomatic agreement about Nuclear issues with Iran.  The Zionists claimed that Iranian forces had attacked Israel, whereas in reality they had engaged in defensive manoeuvres against the Zionist military in occupied Syria (the Golan Heights).  Israel and its partners in crime want war with Syria to lead to war with Iran and the total annihilation of any free States in the Middle East, bring them into line with the Global Zionist Menace.  Then it will be all but Check-Mate to the Zionist New World Order... Iran is not the goal - they want the entire world.

We know that Al Qaeda is a front used by the USA et al. Likewise the 'muslim terrorism' in Europe is largely directed by the same Zionist forces as a means of making people see Islam as the enemy, and 'poor little Israel' as an ally!  Israel is the enemy of the People worldwide (Jewish people included).  SMPBI calls for all people who defend Israel to be exposed as the enemy of humanity, and for the demonisation of Muslims to be exposed as another Zionist Lie.

Stand By Iran.
Smash the Global Zionist Terror.

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