Thursday, 6 June 2013

A United Front is Vital to Save Us from Despotism

There is much talk about the need for a United Front to combat the enemy.  Unfortunately it seldom goes beyond talk.  On the organised left, the unity only goes as far as fighting the organised right.  On the organised right, the level of unity doesn't even go that far!
Why are we so keen to fight one another when the real enemy is thus wise allowed to go unopposed?
The entire Left-Right division is false.  The real division is between those who fight for the destruction of free nations, and those who do not.  To this end, Marxists and Capitalists find themselves as bed-fellows supporting internationalism.  It does not matter in any real sense whether those who erode national sovereignty do so chanting slogans for the establishment of a global soviet of the proletariat, or for the destruction of barriers to free trade.  The Marxist left may parrot slogans  about immigrant rights, but the Capitalist right implements these slogans by flooding the West with immigrants in order to provide cheap labour and drive down wage demands.  These people may think they are diametrically opposed, but they ultimately serve the same evil.
Anti-Marxist Socialists stand shoulder to shoulder with non-Capitalist Nationalists.  Nationalists are motivated by a desire to do what is right for their own people; this is exactly what real Socialism is all about.
It is time to raise the Red Flag of Socialism in its true form; removing all the Marxist clutter which has been allowed to spoil it.  As Socialists, we are true Nationalists.  Our love of our people is such that we understand that internationalism means death to us all.  The Marxist infiltrators have sought to misdirect us into supporting a universalism which cannot be anything but global servitude.  The Red Flag has become associated with the International of the Talmudic scourge which took over Russia after the First World War; we need to restore it to its rightful place as a symbol of the unity of all the people of the nation, and a symbol of defiance against the international usurers who would enslave us all.
In Greece, we have the rise of the Golden Dawn.  Golden Dawn is a Socialist movement, and those who call themselves Socialist but reject Golden Dawn, are liars; they are materialistic frauds hiding behind the Socialist banner, but happily rubbing shoulders with the internationalist bankers.  Syriza supported the IMF bailout and the austerity measures which have driven Greeks to absolute poverty.  The Socialists of Golden Dawn have repeatedly taken to the streets to feed the Greek people, whilst the Marxist Syriza has not only condemned this socialism in action, but has supported the very internationalists who created the disaster in the first place.
We need a real Unity - one that ignores the petty divisions of left and right, of Syndicalist, Socialist, Patriot, Protectionist, Third Positionist, etc.  All who oppose internationalism must join together as one; united in purpose if not in organisation.  The enemies of the natural order; the Capitalists, Marxists, Zionists, Jewish Supremacists may argue with one another, but fight as one where it counts - we need to do the same, and to kick all of these elements out of our organisations and ideologies.  we are only losing because we are divided.  United we are unstoppable.

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