Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Happy Saint George's Day

Socialism is not just an economic philosophy, but rather it is a holistic view of life.  The 23rd April is Saint George's Day.  This is a day to celebrate our English way of life.  Those who see the world purely in economic terms, fail to appreciate the value of tradition.  Tradition is part of the essential fabric of life which unites us as a people and which differentiates us from others.  Alongside culture, biology and other important factors, tradition is one of our weapons against the globalisers, whether Capitalist or Marxist or Communitarian.

We English have been maligned by the global enemy.  We have been called Slave Traders, although having long been abolished in our own lands, Slavery continues to this day as a practice throughout the world.  This fact is ignored by those who seek to blame us for all the woes besetting humanity and worse still, the globalisers are bringing this practice back as a norm of Capitalism and its bastard off-shoot, Marxist-Maoism.

Saint George's Day is a day for the English to stand proud and declare that we are not responsible for the crimes of the ruling powers.  We will not be cowed by the liars and defamers who seek to make us hide in shame for the tyranny of the Establishment, which has always been a tyranny focused upon we English more than upon anyone else.

Socialism is about defending our people and building upon that which makes us distinct from everyone else.  So whatever you are doing to mark our day, do so with pride that even three centuries trapped inside the Bankers' United Kingdom, and decades inside the liberal-marxist anti-European Union has not broken our spirit.

We have as much right as any people to celebrate our culture and to enjoy the natural wonder which can only be experienced through spending time with people who share our traditions and our ancestry.  Happy Saint George's Day.

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