Tuesday, 13 May 2014

An answer to the speculation about the SWPE

There has been much speculation over the past view days as to the nature of the SWPE.  As links have been posted on various sites which will lead those who are debating the purpose of the SWPE to here, the answers to the various allegations follow.

  • Is the SWPE a joke, set up to annoy Marxists?

No!  The Socialist Workers' Party of England is a genuine Socialist organisation.  The party has been in existence in its current form for a short while, but dates back to 1988 when the British Socialist Party was formed.  The SWPE combined the BSP with the Free Workers' League, which was formed in 1993.  The FWL was very active in the 1990s and 2000s, with its own publication, the Workers' Voice.  Stagnation and a drop-off in activism in both the FWL and the BSP led to the merger into the SWPE.

  • The SWPE has been active this year with the NF.  Why would a Socialist organisation rub shoulders with Nationalists?

The SWPE does not believe in the false divisions which pit Nationalist against Socialist.  We are not Marxists.  We fully understand that the Nation is the People and that the People is the Nation.  We stand alongside everyone who rejects Globalism, whether in its Capitalist or Communist form.

  • The SWPE has been called Beefsteak Nationalist - Brown on the outside, Red on the inside.  Is this true?

This accusation is due to our support for the excellent Socialist Phalanx forum, which is a forum for Left Wing Nationalists and Revolutionary Socialists.  The SWPE is not Brown on the outside and Red on the inside, we are Red right through!  Those who wish to gain an understanding of what real Socialism and Left Wing Nationalism is all about, should visit Socialist Phalanx from the links tab above.

  • Is the SWPE 'applied Strasserism'?

This is an intriguing question.  Certainly we have a great deal of respect for Gregor and Otto Strasser.  We have much respect for many non-Globalist Socialists from other countries.  Our main inspiration remains with the great thinkers who have come from within the English nation.  We are the Socialist Workers' Party of ENGLAND and although we do look beyond our shores to those who fight against the Global scourge, we are firmly rooted in our own land.  Socialism is about what is best for the people.  It has to be focused upon our own people and cannot be a caricature of other lands.

  • The SWPE is courting disillusioned Marxists at the same time as standing with left-leaning elements in the National Front.  Is this true?

This is true.  We are more than happy to welcome into the fold those who have been seduced by Marxism, but who have woken up to the falsehood of Globalism.  We are also very keen to work with anti-Reactionaries who reject the right wing aspect of Nationalism (Monarchy, Capitalism, Stock Market economics, Imperialism etc).

We hope this clears up some of the questions being debated online and we thank those who have come here as a result of this debate for taking the time to do so.


  1. Do you believe in repatriation of non-white people living in England ?
    What is your view of mixed ethnicity marriages ?

  2. Otto Strasser doesn't appear to have been overly concerned with these matters.

  3. Remember, Strasser offered two routes for the non-indigenous population. Firstly was membership of a recognised national minority, minority by definition meaning that they would have to accept that the public culture was that of the indigenous group, and complete assimilation.

  4. Assimilation was indeed a preferred option of the Strasserites. It is not an option which SWPE would even consider. Assimilation does not only lead to the dilution of the 'guest'/'minority' culture/race, it dilutes the indigenous culture/race. So-called multiculturalism is a form of forced assimilation, and we all know spectacularly that experiment has failed. SWPE is sympathetic to elements of Strasserism, but it is not Strasserite. We have our own way - the way of indigenous English Socialism

  5. Assimilation is not multiculturalism, by definition, you are wrong to confuse them. That is not to say that either is right or wrong, but they are simply not the same thing.

  6. The more i read on this site the more i admire the worldview of those writing it.
    All of my adult life i was a Racial realist, but did not consider myself a monarchist, didnt support capitalism, stock market speculation etc etc. But whenever i looked at working class movements for improvement of the white working class, they were all most definately pro immigration & openly culturally marxist if not out and out internationale types. This obviously led me to be frustrated & angry.
    Then i started looking at non marxist social movements & i could see a lot of very deliberate blurring of the facts. If i mentioned to a friend that i was both Nationalist and a socialist i would usually get ''That look", most working class Nationalists know what i mean by ''that look''.

    Way back in the mid 90s A NF pal gave me a book on the strasser brothers, i was at that time unaware of the whole left leaning elements within the NatSoc movement. But it just felt right. I remember been threatened by a so called friend of mine with a pool cue simply because said i could probably sympathise with a Racially homogeneous Socialist party...

    I beleive in free healthcare for indigenous English...
    I believe in free education for indigenous English...
    I believe in payed holidays for indigenous English...
    I think all Indigenous English should serve three years military service.
    I wholeheartedly believe that our Military should be for defensive purposes, the only
    Time when England should use Military force is for 100% beneficial to England. No more wars for israel or the degenerate U.S.

    I hate the fact the middle class infiltrate & ruin every working class party and movement. That is why i am so glad to have found this site.. it gives an old NS like me a bit of hope...

  7. We speak the same language! Drop us an email. Maybe we could take this further, if you would like to join us or at least help us to fight the middle class bourgeois liberals who are ruining everything and using the term Socialism to justify the unjustifiable...