Sunday, 11 May 2014

Demonstration for the Protection of Children

Yesterday (Saturday 10th May 2014), a highly successful demonstration was held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to highlight the horrendous crime of the sexual exploitation of children.  The mainstream media prefers the euphemism 'grooming'; the correct term is rape.

The demonstration attracted several hundred local Newcastle folk, with no-one at all speaking out in opposition.  The event at the Greys Monument, saw the unusual spectacle of the National Front occupying the east side of the monument, the Communist Party the west, with the SWPE taking up position on the north! 

The National Front must have had over 200 members in attendance, with key figures speaking against the vile abuse of children, especially the cultural acceptance of this outrage by newcomers to the country.  Although the Communist Party was not there to demonstrate against the anti-paedophiles, the second of the two speakers (speaking to a small group which may have broken into double figures, but probably didn't), took the time to speak about how controls on immigration are 'racist' and harmful to the Working Class!  This proved (if any proof was necessary) that the Communists are nothing but Capitalists using the rhetoric of Socialism.  According to the Communist, we must have open borders, and presumably tolerance of all 'cultures' including those which seek to rape our children, as well as their own.

The SWPE position of 'grooming' (child rape) is very straight forward.  It is an outrage which is injurious to society as a whole.  It is a sickening symptom of a society which has lost its way and embraced hedonism, materialism, and individualism; a society which has become cut off from Natural Socialism.  Whether it is the likes of Establishment-controlled scum like Jimmy Savile, Edward Heath, Cyril Smith, the Labour Party-sponsored PIE, or immigrants who have paedophilia enshrined in their ridiculous religions, the SWPE is emphatically opposed to the practice and would see the end of such practices as a priority in a Socialist England. 

There are people who are confused as to why the SWPE chose to stand away from the Communist Party.  The answer to this question is very simple.  We are Socialists.  We stand for the protection and advancement of our society; our people.  The Communists - by embracing globalism - have taken onboard an ethos which runs against the interests of the people.  Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same coin.  They both seek an end to border controls and limits on the free movement of goods and people.  They both have no respect for culture, people, tradition, sovereignty, and all which makes us distinct from any other part of the world. 

The Communists may feel that they are fighting for the people, but by eroding that which protects the Workers from exploitation, they are doing the work of the Capitalist enemy.  The Communist obsession with unrestricted immigration cannot but have the result of destroying the protection of the Workers from unemployment and wage slavery.  When this obsession reaches the lunacy of feeling that it is 'racist' to wish to protect our children from immigrants who are culturally and religiously predisposed to paedophilia, this goes beyond treason to the Workers, to treason to the people as a whole, and children in particular. 

The SWPE is Socialist. Socialism is the political expression of love of our own people.  The SWPE understands that immigration is a result of exploitation.  To this end, we would see all non-European immigration halted and reversed, with generous financial incentives provided to the countries of the non-Europeans to relocate their own people.  Capitalism has created the madness of mass migration for economic gain.  Only the implementation of full Socialism, with the restoration of every aspect of society and every inch of land to our own people, will see an end to the cancer of Capitalism.  Communism is Capitalism with different clothes, but for all the well-sounding slogans, it is still the work of the enemy.

The SWPE would like to thank the organisers of the anti-paedophile demonstration (the National Front) for so warmly welcoming our participation in this important event.  We would also like to commend the Northumbria Police for their low key operation, which made the event pleasant for everyone.


  1. An excellant article. I am reading this a long time after the protest, but still great work.
    For many Many Moons i have looked for a site or a group of Non marxist, Non internationalist, Non self hating Patriotic Socialists. And i am very pleased to have found your site..
    I have always truly despised the fact that Anti-National forces control the narrative of Socialism. I for one believe it is only worth championing Socialism, if it is in a homogenous Patriotic form. You simply cannot establish an organic ecologically conscious socialism when you have so many harmfull elements within that nation, or any nation for that matter.

    Anyway i could type away for hours about what great work your site is acheiving, but i shall refrain from doing that for Now...
    Now with Brexit a reality, the stars are truly the limit.

  2. Thank you for your support. And you're right, Brexit is the beginning. We must push this to make sure the traitors in government and the remainers don't get their way and keep us in the EU in all but name. Total freedom is the only form of freedom. Anything less is slavery with looser or tighter chains