Thursday, 19 June 2014

Socialism is not just Economics: Socialism is a Weapon against Globalism and Liberal Decay

The SWPE Policy Outline contains a section in which we state that we are opposed to alien cults operating in Europe.  We take the firm and unambiguous position that Islam, Judaism and Globalist Christianity (Unitarian, Protestant, compromised Orthodox and modern Catholic) must be driven out of Europe.  We state, again unambiguously, that not a single pro-Globalist place of worship, no Mosque, no Synagogue, no non-European temple will be left standing in a post-Capitalist England restored to the natural order of Syndicalist - Guild Socialism.  We have received emails asking how we can speak of Socialism and deny the 'rights' of people to worship as they see fit.

That the question of allowing all and sundry to worship as they please is even asked, highlights a common misconception about Socialism.  The modern neo-Marxist 'socialists' who can be seen on University campuses chanting slogans for open borders, are not socialists at all.  Their ideology threatens every man, woman and child in every country.  Open borders are a gift to the Capitalist economy.  Any country which allows mass immigration is guaranteed mass unemployment, with the further concentration of wealth in the hands of the greedy 'elite'.  The economic hardship which mass immigration brings is nothing when compared to the misery which is foisted upon towns and cities in which the people to whom the land belongs by virtue of ancestry, become culturally and spiritually destitute in the face of what amounts to an invasion.  The unifying factor of religion is a key part of the strength of the migrants - a weapon against the people to whom the land rightfully belongs.

We in the SWPE see no merit in cleaning out the economic oppressors at the level of banking, multinational corporations, the stock market etc, only to allow for those who would oppress our people to take over using other methods.  We will not swap the tyranny of the Stock Exchange for the tyranny of the Mosque/Synagogue/Ecumenical Church. 

Socialism means creating a society in which the emphasis is upon cooperation, not competition.  This cannot be a multicultural society.  It has to be a society of shared heritage, culture, ideals and outlook.  Naturally, we differ in details, but by sharing the important aspects of identity, we have a foundation for a society of respect.  England is a nation of animal lovers.  We cannot allow those who practice animal cruelty, justified by mumbo jumbo, to live in our land, anymore than we can tolerate those whose 'culture' is one of usury and exploitation.  We are not liberals. We are not neo-Marxian students playing at rebellion until such time as we can find work as stock brokers.  We are proud Socialists who understand that borders are essential to protect our economy, but more than that they are essential to protect our people from hostile and incompatible ideologies, especially those which use supernatural mind control to justify the unjustifiable.

We are animal lovers.  We campaign against Halal and Kosher.  We believe in the rights of the people to live according to their own desires, within the framework of what is good for society.  Bizarre and exploitative traditions which force women to hide themselves away have no place in a society which cherishes freedom.  What is the point in overthrowing a system which tells people how to think in terms of advertising and materialism, only to allow the new freedoms to be destroyed by hostile ideologies which seek different forms of control?

Freedom from wage slavery allows freedom to dive into the arts, culture, philosophy, as well as practical labours of love, agriculture, building etc.  We will not throw this away by allowing people to live in our lands who have nothing in common with us.  We need to rebuild from a position of strength, not from a position of division.  Alien and Globalist faiths undermine our security and unity and for this reason will be prohibited.  If people wish to practice bizarre faiths, they may do so by moving to nations which practice them.

Socialism has to be for the benefit of the people, not for the benefit of many peoples.  A united culture can withstand difference of opinion which come from within.  It cannot survive differences which are such that they go against the very character of the people.

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