Friday, 22 August 2014

Nationalism: a prerequisite for Socialism

English Socialism can only become a reality when the English are the true and sole masters of England.  The same is true of every country.  Multiculturalism is a part of the lexicon of Cultural Marxism used by Liberals and Internationalist Capitalists.  The notion that the import of people with no bonds to the nation can in someway strengthen us, is nonsense.  Diversity already exists within the English nation, with the admixture of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings and Celts, creating an incredible range of cultures and traditions within the fabric of the English people.  All these peoples differ in detail, but come together as a whole which surpasses the strengths of the individual parts of the nation.  This unity and organic diversity is real multiculturalism.  The fake multiculturalism which sees anti-English hordes from Asia and Africa polluting the streets, is something entirely different, something sinister.

For England to reach its full potential as a sovereign Socialist country, the non-Europeans must be removed.  This is an easy task with the people who can be easily identified as members of other lands.  To restore Pakistanis to Pakistan, or Somalis to Somalia is a simple task.  Those who are of mixed heritage must be offered the choice of returning to the lands from which their alien blood came, or remaining amongst us as fellow citizens under the condition that they accept sterilisation as a price to remain in our homeland.  Those who have been created through miscegenation are not to blame for the crimes of their forebears, but they are responsible for ensuring the crimes against nature are not recommitted by further polluting the gene pool of the nation.

A special category of people which lives amongst us is the Jews.  Until recent times, the Jewish nation existed as a scattered people, living amongst other, often hostile people.  Capitalism arose as a result of Christian hypocrites preaching against Usury in public, yet in private going to Jewish financiers to obtain money without earning it.  In times of expansion, the Capitalist classes threw gifts to the Jews.  In times of hardship, the Capitalists instigated pogroms to vent the frustration of the people onto the easy to reach common Jews.  With the birth of Israel in 1948, this mutually-parasitic arrangement became redundant.  The cycle of Jewish emancipation and advancement, followed by pogroms and brutalisation of the common (not Ruling Class) Jews served the Gentile and Jewish Ruling Classes well, but was an evil amongst us which could not be tolerated by decent people.

We English have suffered and are still suffering due to Jewish control of England.  The corrupt Norman Ruling Class interbred with the wealthy Jewish Banker families to the point where the Monarchy and Aristocracy of England cannot be differentiated from the Jewish Ruling Class.  The politicians who foist negative multiracialism upon us, are Jewish by blood or are at least in the service of those who are.  The Islamic plague which is wrecking our country was brought upon us by these Judaised politicians and the Capitalist masters of the economy who have enslaved us.  The advent of Israel is the answer to our Socialist prayers.  Now we have somewhere to which the Jews can return, ending the mutual parasitic relationship which has brought our country to its knees.

National Zionism is the only solution to the Jewish issue.  The greedy Capitalists need to employ Usury in order to remain in control.  With the Jewish banking industry destroyed, this cannot continue.  The ordinary Jews need not live in fear for punishment for the crimes of the Elders, once the Diaspora is gone.

National Zionism is a unity of all Jews, including part Jews and Jews who have assimilated but are still Jews by blood, in the nation of Israel.  The enemies of Israel would see the Jews sent to Europe and the Middle East handed over to the Arabs.  That solution would create a stronger hold over England and Europe by the Jewish power.  For England to be free, England must be English.  There is no room for outsiders in the creation of the Socialist Republic we dream of.  In time, perhaps, relationships of mutual respect can flourish with other peoples, but at the beginning, we must have purity of blood and the sanctity of blood and soil.

International Zionism is a cancer eating away at the world.  For the sake of all peoples, the Jews especially, this ideology must be overturned, and a healthy natural National Zionism put in its place.  With Israel the one and only Jewish home, the Diaspora ended and the complete separation of Jews and non-Jews, the inner brilliance of the Jewish people can shine and grow.  No longer will the Jews be parasites.  No longer will the corrupt and greedy Capitalists amongst the Gentiles have people to use and abuse in the domination and exploitation of our people.  National Zionism is an idea whose time has come.

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