Saturday, 3 January 2015

Stop Globalisation. Globalisation is Death

Globalisation puts money before people.  Failure to respect borders and to defend one's own society is wrecking every nation.  It must be stopped.

Whether it is the economic rape of Africa by multinational corporations and their servile governments, or the destruction of the Western World by mass immigration of people fleeing the results of the economic destruction of their own homelands, Capitalism is responsible for the misery of billions of people across the globe.

Marx and Bakunin spoke of International cooperation and the betterment of the world through the solidarity of Socialist Nations.  This has been twisted by the liberals to mean a death wish for the nation state.  Inter-Nationalism requires FREE Nations.  Globalism means NO nations.  We have to fight those who use our words to fight for the destruction of everything which matters.

Ours is very much an Inter-Nationalist organisation.  We want to see a world of Free Nations, ruled by their own people and not in any way a part of the Global system.  This is the very opposite of Globalism.  Local Freedom is th only solution to the Globalist menace.  Local Freedom requires an end to any engagement in the Global Capitalist System.

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