Friday, 30 January 2015

Socialism and Spirituality are not mutually exclusive

SWPE is an organisation fighting for a better England.  To focus upon the material betterment of the people at the expense of everything else, is to fail to 'see the wood for the trees'.  Economic improvement is obviously a great part of our cause, but it is so as a part of a wider goal of improving the lot of the English people in all aspects of life.  This includes the Spiritual.

England has been described as a Christian nation with Pagan roots.  There is a great deal of truth in this.  Unfortunately, the particular brand of Christianity in England, known as Protestantism or as Judaeochristianity, is rightly seen as a root cause of Capitalism.  Max Weber's seminal work on the birth of Capitalism as a result of the Protestant revolution, although focused upon Germany, is important reading for all who seek to understand why Capitalism came about, and how to ensure it doesn't reemerge in a post-Capitalist England.  The full book by Weber can be found at:

Modern Christianity is not really a spiritual phenomena, but rather a front for a collection of ideologies ranging from 'free market' capitalism to 'politically correct' liberalism.  The excellent research by Sven of into the reason for Christianity replacing the ancient beliefs of the British people, sums up exactly why the religion which we now know as Christianity is in fact a far older system of belief which far predates the religion of the Bible and has no place in a Free Socialist England.

The article at is written from an Israelite position.  SWPE is not concerned with the folklore of lands far away from our own.  SWPE is very interested in the mythology of the English nation, whether in the Germanic form, the Norse or that of the ancient Britons  We reject Judaeochistianity as an alien creed imposed by the Imperialists of Rome.  The Israelite position is that the Druids took their belief system from the ancient Hebrews.  SWPE does not support the idea that our people had to take an ideology from the people of the Middle East, but rather that if there was sharing of knowledge, it was the people who we know as the Jews who learned from the ancient Druidic texts.  We implore all Christian supporters of SWPE to research the Druidic texts and see for themselves that what they have been taught in the Churches is an amalgamation of Druidism, Roman Imperialism and Judaism.  Rather than attempt to de-Judaise Christianity, it is better to discard the entire system of social control and to look to the original Druidic texts for inspiration.

SWPE believes in the freedom to study any philosophy.  It opposes all who would dictate what we are allowed to think, especially when this manipulation of free thought is accompanied by claims that non-conformists will be damned for eternity in another realm of existence.  SWPE favours study of the Norse and Germanic texts of Odinism as a means to better understanding our roots.  SWPE also favours the study of Druidic texts as a means of appreciating our unity with the natural world.  By studying our ancient mythologies, we can anchor ourselves in the soul and culture of our ancestors.

Spiritualism is not religion.  Religion (as given by Priests, Imams and Rabbis), destroys freedom and reduces people to blind obedience under the fear of supernatural damnation and the hope of rewards in a future life which can be gained by cowering in servitude in this one.  Spiritualism encourages the exploration of ideas which are not restricted by the regulations of the Ruling Class.  We are a part of a greater unity of the national consciousness which goes back into times before recorded history.  Our mythology matters.  What Popes, Ayatollahs and High Rabbis say, is only a reflection of the will of the Ruling Class.  SWPE rejects tyranny, whether political, economic or religious.  We reject the exploitation of women, children and those who cannot fight for themselves.  We reject those who use religion as a means to enslave the minds of the people and impose the despotism of the global inner powers.  Our ideology is a holistic one, with the ultimate goal for the absolute freedom of the people withing the familial ties of a Free Socialist England.

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