Monday, 12 January 2015

SWPE Religious Policy

SWPE is committed to building a Socialist England with freedom for all the members of the nation.  English Socialism is not Globalism repackaged.  Our Socialism is English, because we are fighting for a better England and we do not need to borrow from prepackaged philosophies which are as needed in our land as much as multinational corporations.

England is a part of the European family in kinship and in culture.  We accept that our natural diversity is a result of the mingling of many diverse tribes from across Europe.  We accept that we have a common heritage with our neighbours.  This great diversity has given our society a character all of our own.  Socialism is about the preservation of our ways and the advancement of our people.  However, we need to be constantly on our guard against those who desire the demise of our society and our way of life.  The economic enemy is obvious.  But there is also a spiritual dimension to our struggle.  This is the appropriate time to address this issue.

England is a Christian nation because of the history of the Roman Empire, of which we were a colony, and of the forced conversion of our people at the hands of the Ruling Class.  Christianity in the forms in which it has been experienced in England, is a system of control, using religion to enforce submission to the Ruling Class.

The entire Class System, with its strict hierarchy of Rulers and Ruled, is focused upon the Monarchy.  The justification for the despotic system in which the people of the country are 'Subjects' of the Crown, is the concept of the Divine Right of Kings.  This religious dogma states that the Royal Family are racially and spiritually superior to the rest of us, because unlike us mere mortals, they are descended from the Jewish House of David, and are thus of the Bloodline of Adam and Eve!

SWPE opposes the Class System.  It is argued that Socialism is the leveling down of all people to the lowest common denominator.  Whilst there are nominal socialists who push for globalisation and 'equality' of all peoples, SWPE recognises the danger of globalisation and the basic biological fact that different peoples have different strengths and weaknesses.  We oppose the fake socialists who fight for an end to nations, to distinct cultures and to race.  These people are liberals and it is an outrage that they use the label 'socialist' at all.  We want to build a better England in which no section of the nation has power over any other.  To this end we will abolish the monarchy and all the institutions which argue that the royal family has a right to rule because of a racial-religious supremacy.

Capitalism needs Globalisation.  The drive to sell respects no boundaries.  The desire to make profits overrides every other concern, and a great part of this is based on the ability to keep wages down.  Mass immigration of people from poorer countries is a part of the agenda of driving down wages and thus increasing profits.  The long term objective is to level the global population to that of the poorest.  It is not real Socialism which drives society to the lowest levels, but false socialism and global capitalism.

Islam is a religion which strives to destroy freedom and to silence all who think in different ways.  As a part of our policy of making our society stronger, we demand that all globalising influences be banished from our territory.  Islam is such an ideology.  There is no place for Islam in England.  Islam is an ideology of hatred, of supremacy, of violence against women, of murderous brutality against homosexuals, of corruption and perversion.  SWPE Religious Policy is wholly anti-Islamic.  SWPE demands the closure of all mosques and affiliated institutions, and the removal of all who follow Islam from our shores.

SWPE recognises that Islam is an offshoot of Judaism.  We see no real and important differences in the religions of Judaism, Islam and globalist liberal Christianity.  All these anti-social, anti-natural faiths argue for open borders and for the fiction of equality.  People who may have been raised as Christians, but who reject the Paulist elements and have a healthy respect for the Pagan roots of the religion they used to practice, are welcome in the ranks of the SWPE, but those still practice Christianity (regardless of whether protestant, catholic, identity etc) are not.

In short, SWPE Relgious Policy is thus:
  • All alien creeds will be banished from our lands
  • All alien temples, synagogues, mosques, churches will be closed
  • All non-indigenous people who practice alien creeds will be expelled.
  • Indigenous people who practice alien creeds will be given the opportunity to leave our land to pursue their superstitions.  If they choose to stay, they must reject the alien creeds.  If they are found to be following their faiths in secret, they will be expelled.
  • Islam will be recognised as a system of tyranny and will be actively condemned.
  • Judaism will be recognised as the foundation of Islam and will be regarded as one and the same as Islam.
  • Only indigenous religions will be tolerated.  Christianity is not indigenous and has no place in a free Socialist future.
  • The long term goal of SWPE in religious issues will be the total eradication of alien creeds from our culture and the healthy promotion of our indigenous ways.
  • SWPE will support the promotion of Druidism, Odinism, and all other indigenous belief systems.
Socialism is not tolerant of bigotry, violence against women and children, persecution of those who do not submit to the beliefs of organised religion.  Socialism is not liberal or globalist.

SWPE is a radical organisation which goes beyond politics and economics.  We oppose all factors which impinge upon the freedom of the English people.  Those who wish to worship at the altar of oppression are free to do so - but not in England!


  1. religion is a tool of social control. why support any religion at all?

  2. Monotheistic religions, especially Christianity with its heaven and hell carrot and stick, certainly are instruments of oppression. Pagan religions inculcate respect for nature, self-reliance and collectivism, with 'gods' who are not all-powerful and do not punish people if they disobey the Ruling Class! Paganism offers guidance and inspiration, allowing for freedom of action and thought. The big three monotheistic ones are those we oppose. Our view is that the People should be educated to despise and reject the tyranny of priestcraft, but enjoy the cultural and historical aspects of our own ancient mythologies.