Saturday, 25 April 2015

SWPE on Facebook but not for Facebook

SWPE is not a pro-Facebook organisation.  Facebook is a notorious data mining operation, which has been accused by many sources of acting as a tool of the Establishment.  Why is there now an SWPE page on Facebook?  The reason for this move is to reach people who are involved with social networks, who might otherwise not know that there is a real Socialist alternative to the fake socialism of the liberal stooges of the more well known left in the UK.

SWPE does not advise that people join Facebook.  On the contrary, we advise our members and supporters to keep away from all social networks.  We have a page because it is better to fight in occupied territory than to leave the battlefield open to total domination by our oppressors.

For those who are still on Facebook, the SWPE page is at

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