Wednesday, 29 April 2015

False Consciousness goes beyond Class

Karl Marx spoke of False Class Consciousness as a barrier towards revolution.  By this, he referred to people who identify with the Ruling Class and who are collaborators with the oppressors of the people.  He was correct to identify those who see themselves as apart from the masses by virtue of income or employment status.  False Class Consciousness is a problem, but it is not the only form of False Consciousness which we have to address.

Globalisation has seen millions of people cross national frontiers to live in lands with cultures, traditions and people with whom they have no bond.  The majority of the people who migrate retain their own identities and become little more than colonisers, retaining their traditions, superstitions, languages, customs, dress etc.  There are others who assimilate and adopt the ways of the country to which they move.  These people suffer from False Consciousness.

People who sing God save the Queen and who speak of the need to respect people in positions of authority, suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.  They have become so used to being oppressed that the only way they can cope is to adopt the identity of their oppressors.  The Ruling Class despise those who defer to them.  They know that these people are useful idiots in the maintenance of the Global Capitalist system.  The gradual awakening of the people to the oppressors who occupy positions of power threatens the Ruling Class.

Mass migration of people of diverse origins serves to distract the people's attention from the oppressors they are becoming aware of.   Liberal legislation to silence criticism of immigrants being brought in to lower wages and to create mass unemployment, breeds resentment which can be channeled into hostility to the outsiders.  The useful idiots who gain their knowledge from the mass media and the liberal education system are quick to jump to the defence of the immigrants, parroting the slogans of the media that those who do not wish to see their country transformed by immigration, are 'racists'.  This distraction helps to keep the Ruling Class in power. 

Amongst the immigrant communities are people who find their natural loyalties diluted and confused.  In extreme circumstances people from outside the nation come to identify with the mainstream culture, traditions and institutions (often becoming ardent Monarchists, supporting the Ruling Class oppressors).  The victory of globalism comes with the emergence of people who identify with the geographic location they find themselves in, rejecting their own origins.  In England there have been people of African and Asian origins protesting against immigration from Africa and Asia.  Self aware Africans should be leading Africa, looking after their own people and bringing justice to their ancestral homelands, not racially abusing their own people and contributing to their suffering.  The natural desire to be loyal to the homeland has become twisted by globalisers, with sections of the immigrant community not knowing where their loyalties should lie.  Ethnic False Consciousness and False Class Consciousness are equally tragic.

Ethnic False Consciousness is also common in white liberals who campaign against people who have a sense of loyalty to their own ethnic group.  This has now come to the point where animal cruelty, child abuse, homophobic attacks, religious intolerance and supremacist bigotry is defended, with confused liberal zealots attacking anyone who speaks out against behaviour and ideas which are insane and despotic.  The reactionaries who wrap themselves in the flag of Socialism have contributed to the misery of the Working Class by insisting that our borders be opened and all forms of identity except our own be tolerated.  Open borders are an insanity which allows the basest criminal to enter our homes.  Borders are our only defence against exploitation.

All False Consciousness has to be fought against.  The unity of the people will only come when the people unite as a single body, fighting for the good of the whole.  Bringing all the people living in the country to True Consciousness will see an end to the Ruling Class as all the people come to understand that we are one and that Social Class is an illusion.  It will also bring about the natural pride of belonging to an extended family, which also promotes respect for those outside the family.  The victims of Ethnic False Consciousness will be united with their brothers and sisters in their own homelands, just as we will enjoy the rebirth of our own greater family.

False Consciousness is a tool of the global Ruling Class. True Consciousness is the key to freedom for all people everywhere. 

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  1. I have sympathy with elements of this post.