Friday, 3 April 2015

The Mixed Ancestry Debate

A question which all political activists are asked, is the question of race.  This article is an attempt to answer the question fairly and honestly.

SWPE is a party of the hard left.  We make no apologies for our firm stance on the absolute need for England to become a Republic.  Our entire agenda is to restore our land to our people, and to remove all negative influences from inside and outside the indigenous population.  We are committed to absolutely and irrevocably destroying the presence of the three Semitic faiths, with their universalism and spiritual globalism.  We are absolutely committed to ending the rape of our land and the practice of cruelty to our animals.  SWPE is an organisation which seeks the best for all of living beings in England, from the indigenous human population to the wildlife who are suffering from the results of inorganic farming and the building mania which is ruining our open land.  We repeat that we are a party fighting for the physical, spiritual, cultural, emotional and societal needs of the indigenous population and the non-humans who we share our living space with.  But what of those who are not of our indigenous stock?

SWPE policy on immigration is very straight forward - we will stop all immigration, with the exception of kindred people who are suffering persecution due to their ancestry, such as the people of European ancestry in southern Africa.  Our policy on the colonies of immigrants which have been planted here since the end of the Second World War is also very straight forward - we will end the presence of the outsiders, by giving them handsome financial compensation for departing our shores.  The vast pakistani colonies exist as self-contained communities, so they will have no problem returning to pakistan - especially as they will find themselves rich people in their own homelands.  This is all fine for those who are of pure or mainly outside stock, but what of those who are of mixed descent?

SWPE is opposed to globalisation in every form, whether it is racial colonisation, spiritual colonisation or capitalistic colonisation.  We firmly believe in the value of our own people, and the need to protect our own kind from all hostile influences.  Stopping immigration is a simple task, requiring only the return of our military from foreign adventures in the service of capitalism, to take up their rightful place defending our seas, ports, airports etc, shooting on sight anyone who attempts to break into our homeland.  It will be made public knowledge that people attempting to break into our country will be dealt with by the armed forces, so that should prevent anyone except the willfully insane attempting to do so.  Repatriation of the people who have settled in self-contained colonies, is also a simple task.  Again, what of those of mixed ancestry?

SWPE asks the question: is someone with one indigenous grandparent and three grandparents from outside Europe, one of us?  The answer in the case of the three grandparents being of similar stock, must be no.  But, is someone with three indigenous grandparents and one grandparent from outside Europe one of us?  This is the sticky question which liberals like to ask, in order to provoke a hysterical supremacist and bigoted response, that 'even a single drop of non-European blood, makes the individual an outsider'.  SWPE does not accept this answer.

It is ironic, that the most vocal Jew haters, are the same people who cling to the idea that a single drop of non-European blood makes the individual a part of that outside group - the justification for this belief is Talmudic Judaism.  According to Jewish logic, if a child has a Jewish mother, it is a Jew, but if it has a non-Jewish mother, it is whatever the mother is.  Those who accept the 'single drop' view, are quick to label the children of indigenous women as outsiders, whilst to follow the argument logically, they would have to believe that the race of the father is irrelevant and that indigenous women can only produce children with indigenous mitochondrial DNA.   SWPE is not a Bible-loving organisation, so we have no problem in rejecting this lunacy out of hand.

The question of those of mixed ancestry has to be considered in relation to the percentage of outside genetic material and their own sense of identity.  Someone who is a half or a quarter indigenous may feel a sense of affinity with the indigenous population, and this has to be a factor in consideration of their place amongst us.  Anyone whose genetic stream is an eighth indigenous, has to be considered as not one of us.  It would be expected that those who are only one quarter European, would naturally consider themselves alongside the majority in their family.  But what if the other three quarters are equally divided?  Someone could be a quarter European, a quarter African, a quarter Chinese and a quarter Amerindian and identify fully with our nation.  The question is not a simple one to answer.

SWPE proposes that all people of less than one quarter indigenous (and kindred European) ancestry, depart our shores, to live amongst those of their kind, or in cases of complicated mixtures, with whom they identify.  For those with a quarter ancestry, we would encourage them to return to the ancestral homeland of the majority genetic stream (noting that this isn't always an easy thing to define).  For those who are half indigenous and half non-European. We would have to ascertain their sense of identity.  We propose to end the presence of the three Semitic faiths, thus anyone who is biracial but a committed adherent of Christianity, Islam or Judaism, would be removed from amongst us, as a believer in a negative force which has proven injurious to the European homeland. Those who are biracial and identify with the outside element, are also to depart.  People who are biracial, have no affinity for the Semitic religions, are anti-Cpitalist and identify themselves with our people, will be more than welcome to stay amongst us and contribute to our coming Republic.  We recognise that they are half of us, and that by their own belief in us, they will make a positive contribution to what is also their ancestral homeland.

In the coming Republic, race will not be something which guarantees citizenship.  There are hostile elements amongst us who need to be removed.  Citizenship as defined by ourselves will require a rejection of hostile politics, religion and economic ideology, within the setting of majority (or at least half) indigenous ethnicity.  We will not stop anyone who does not wish to be a part of the Republic from leaving.  We seek to build a strong and free nation - an extended family of equals.  By making sure the foundation of the Republic is strong, we will ensure that it grows to be a nation of beauty and harmony.  We have no intention of tinkering with a failed political socioeconomic system.  We are revolutionaries, not reactionaries.

We welcome your input in this difficult and challenging debate.

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