Friday, 8 May 2015

UK General Election 2015: A Great Result for England

The General Election results are all but in.  The Conservatives are the winners, gaining a majority of seats in the UK.  The hated liberals have been crushed.  The Greens have remained with one seat, in spite of fantastic media predictions of the Greens becoming a force in the UK.  The favoured Labour party has been wiped out in Scotland (keeping one seat, alonside one Liberal and one Conservative), making Scotland a country controlled by the SNP at national level and at UK level.

The election result is a great result for England.  The SNP is now in a position to push for a second referendum on freedom for Scotland.  A free Scotland automatically makes England that much closer to freedom as well.  The victory of the Conservatives means that the people of the UK will get a referendum on membership of the EU (unless the Conservatives go back on their manifesto, which wouldn't be unusual), meaning we may now get the chance to leave the EU.

This is a great time for England.  We could soon see the UK out of the EU and the end of the UK as it is, with a federal system in its place, if not the outright break up of the Union.

The death of the Liberals is naturally something to smile about.  In Bradford West, George Galloway has gone, which is a victory for common sense.  UKIP has failed to advance, proving that the days of imperialistic capitalism are over.  The reactionary BNP has collapsed, gaining under 2,000 votes nationwide.  The NF's bid to win in Rochdale resulted in falling behind the Rochdale First Party and the Greens, only just coming ahead of Class War.  The pro-immigration TUSC has wasted 135 deposits, proving that people are sick of reactionaries from the left, right, centre and anarchist fringe.

The futility of vote splitting has been proved again, vindicating the SWPE strategy of supporting parties on a seat by seat basis and not standing candidates who would only dilute the anti Ruling Class vote.  SWPE will extend our strategy of free association and support for people who share our goals, issue by issue.  This election has proved that to make a difference electorally, we have to work together.  We don't have to abandon our ideologies, we don't have to join with others in unified organisations where we have to compromise and accept ideas which we know are wrong.  We need to work together issue by issue so that we can advance aspects of our ideology creating a snowball effect with our ideology as a whole becoming piece by piece the norm of the people.

There were also local council elections in England.  More information of how our comrades in the Patriotic Socialist Party, Populist party, Wessex Regionalists and other organisations have fared at local and parliamentary level will be published as it becomes known.


  1. I find it very hard to understand how any socialist could celebrate a Tory majority. The success of the SNP is to be commended but the English result only shows the terrible state of affairs and dearth of choices we are faced with south of the border. Another resounding victory for the establishment. I'm personally dreading these next 5 years. The rich will get rich and the rest are gonna get fucked.

    Autonomous England

  2. This is precisely why it is a good result. The false class consciousness which has held us down will be pushed to breaking point. A Tory government openly serving the bankers and the ruling class will draw us together as a united people. We need them to show just how despicable they are before we can shake off the remnants of sympathy from the ordinary people. Yes the next 5 years will be terrible, but we need people to lose their comfort zones so that they will fight.