Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy Thrimilci. Reclaim the 1st of May

Today is the 1st of May.  This day is Thrimilci, a day from our true calendar which we have to reclaim.  Thrimilci is a time to celebrate the return of summer.  In the May Day celebrations, the Maypole Dance is an expression of our culture.  It is this indigenous identity which we need to celebrate and to promote.

Globalisation is driven by a desire to create a world of slaves who are for all purposes indistinguishable from one another.  This allows for the economic exploitation of the people.  The recreation of a Free Socialist England can only be achieved when we embrace what binds us together.  This includes reclaiming our ancient traditions in place of the current globalising ones which hold us in servitude.

SWPE is not an organisation which is limited to the sphere of economics.  We believe that in order for our people to be free, we need to become secure in our own identity, in our own heritage.  It is not enough to reject capitalism and all other forms of globalism, we must have in place a viable alternative which is an active protection against the forces of exploitation and oppression.  Our indigenous ways served us well in the past, they will serve us well in the future.  SWPE stands for the complete restoration of all that is beneficial to our people.  So Happy Thrimilci.  The 1st of May is not a day of politics but the beginning of the period following Beltane, a celebration of unity with our ancestors. 

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