Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The UK General Election 2015

SWPE is a revolutionary party.  We do not contest elections.  This does not mean that we do not have any interest in the electoral system.

In London, SWPE has endorsed the Populist Party.  In Wessex we have informally endorsed the Wessex Regionalists (Party of Wessex).  Unlike the PP, our support for the WR/PW is purely from our direction only.  SWPE policy of elections is to make sure that a vote is cast, even if that means a spoiled ballot paper is returned.  The UK political system is corrupt to the core.  With this in mind, SWPE advice to voters is based on not voting for people who represent interests which go against the interests of the English people.

SWPE is a party which is fundamentally for the freedom of England and the English people.  We cannot give our support to any party which pledges to support the UK membership of the EU.  This automatically blocks voting for the Conservatives, Labour, Liberals and Greens.

SWPE is a party  of the working man and woman.  The greatest threat facing our people is the annihilation of our job security and the land we need for food, recreation and accommodation, and also our welfare and health system.  This threat comes from mass immigration which is used by the Conservatives to weaken the rights of the workers, by Labour to gain votes in order to secure their cushy lives in parliament, by the Liberals to wreck the unity of the people and ultimately see the genocide of the peoples of these Isles.  The Greens outdo the Liberals by not merely opposing stronger immigration controls, they want to abolish all borders and to leave the English worker helpless and damned to the footnotes of cultural and biological history.  This automatically blocks voting for the Liberals, Labour and Conservatives, and makes voting for the Greens a matter for immediate expulsion from the party.

SWPE is a party of England.  Whereas the factors of the EU and immigration are such that we actively oppose those who fight for these issues, we accept that the unity of the UK (as much as we oppose it) is not an issue of such importance that we would advise people against voting for unionist parties.  We support the right of England to leave the UK and for the brother and sister nations of the British Isles to live as neighbours, not as fellows in the same prison.  We want the UK out of the EU and then once this is achieved, the dissolution of the UK as well.  The EU is the UK in macrocosm.  We advise voters to vote for parties which oppose the UK, such as the SNP, SDLP, Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru, Mebyon Kernow, Wessex Regionalists.  This issue comes behind the EU and Immigration issues, so for this reason we would advise caution with the UK parties outside England.

SWPE stands for the abolition of the monarchy, aristocracy, house of lords, and all forms of class oppression.  If the only candidates standing who are against the EU are for the class system, then do not vote for them.  The Ruling Class is the foundation and summit of the capitalist system.  We cannot afford to vote for anyone who supports them.

If you are unsure who to vote for because their is nobody who represents the English people, spoil your ballot paper.  A Sickle and Sword and the initials SWPE will ruin the paper and send a message to the hidden elite.  Happy Voting.

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