Sunday, 28 June 2015

Society needs Women to be more than Wage Slaves

In Capitalist countries the natural role of women has become the object of ridicule.  Women are conned by the Ruling Class to believe that they must ape men to become worthy citizens.  The liberal Feminist movement works in tandem with the economic dictators to force women into Wage Slavery.  The essence of womanhood is mocked and caricatured in order to deny that there is anything special about the female sex.  The architects of the economic system are manipulating women in order to increase their profits and power at the expense of families and of the vital role which women play in keeping society together.

The British Socialist Party which became the present SWPE when joined in merger by the Free Workers League, was founded by a group of male and female comrades.  The original leader of the BSP was a woman and it was she who formulated much of the ideology of the BSP and by continuance of the united SWPE.  Opponents of SWPE policy need to take note of the central role of women in the organisation, right up to leadership level before they throw the tired and hackneyed label of sexism at us.  We reject liberal feminism because we understand that the feminist movement is the real vehicle of sexism.

Gender is not a social construct.  Gender is very real.  To deny the innate differences between men and women is folly. The Social Construct lie aims to instill the idea that there are no differences between men and women.  Gender is a biological reality, which at its basic level breaks down to the XY and XX chromosomes.  The difference between men and women is one which should be celebrated not attacked.  Men and women have different strengths and different qualities, which draw on one another to form a collective whole in which the sum is greater than the constituent part.  One man plus one woman equals more than two individuals.

SWPE proposes that Motherhood be recognised as the most important job that anyone could do.  Mothers form the future of the society by raising the next generation.  Liberal Feminists treat the rearing of children as a chore which denies women the right to take part in the economic system.  This is an outrageous distortion of reality.  Women are the pillar upon which the whole nation rests.  Raising children is not just an important job, but the most important job.  In the coming Socialist Republic, the Socialisation of Industry will generate the necessary funding to pay women a living wage for the job of raising children.  The establishment of small towns on the ashes of the decadent capitalist cities, will provide communities of support, in which children will be raised to appreciate their part in society and women will be given the recognition they deserve as the bearers of the nation.

Women should be educated to the same standard as men, pursuing whatever career they desire.  Work will be allocated by qualification, not be interview and liberal politically correct quotas.  When a woman decides to have children, her new job as mother will be paid at the same rate as her old job as worker for the republic.  By taking away the need to work as a means to pay for food and shelter, men and women will have an equal right to work or not work, but those who want to have a wage must take their place in the socialised economy.  For women, having children will not be  a hindrance to gainful work, but will be gainful work.

We are the party of full equality and the party of respect for natural differences.  We will end wage slavery for everyone and we will end the culture of competition.  No one will be forced to compete for resources.  Women will not be forced to choose between family and work, as family will be afforded the recognition and esteem of the highest possible contribution to the nation, but will be left as the natural choice of the individual to be entered into at a time suiting the individual.

By training the youth in small communities in which the very essence of the individual will be identified and allowed to flourish and mature, we will be able to build a society in which everyone can give his or her best and in which the glorious task of bringing forward the next generation will incur no burden on those performing that vital task.  From each according to his or her ability to each according to his or her need.

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