Saturday, 5 September 2015

Stop those who aid the invasion of Europe

The invasion of Europe continues apace.  Parasites from Africa and Asia are flooding in at a rate which if unstopped will see the death of our homeland.  The invaders are criminals, mostly men of working age, mostly moslems, entirely motivated by theft.

The hysterical media has published imagery of a young child who died when his family got on a boat and left the safe country of Turkey, where they faced no danger, to illegally enter Europe in order to get their snouts into the trough of Welfare handouts and free healthcare.  Such was the greed and lack of care for their child that they were happy to put his life in danger in order to gain material benefits, such as free housing, free money, the right not to work, a pathetic politically correct legal system which allows foreigners to rape native children, etc.  Their child died, drowning in the sea, and the fault is entirely theirs.  Are these criminals being punished for what amounts to murder by neglect?  No, the corpse of their son is being used as a poster boy to make liberals demand that such sick and degenerate people are allowed into Europe, and the treacherous politicians (who want Europe to become a mongrelised global region to make it just another part of the global capitalist prison state) are bending over backwards to use the opportunity to speed up the rape of Europe and the destruction of the already meagre standard of living of the native Working Class.

The native peoples of the UK are not rallying to call for more invaders to be admitted to our countries.  The media would have us believe that we have become hell bent on our own destruction and are now calling in our millions for masses of invaders to be brought here, for every inch of our beloved green and pleasant land to be concreted over to house them (whilst our own homeless and impoverished get pushed even further to the back of the queue for assistance), for our laws to be twisted so as to resemble Shariah and other similar religious dogmas, for our women to be forced into single sex railway carriages (as demanded by the liberal stooge and fake Socialist, Jeremy Corben) lest they tempt foreign misogynists into raping them by the act of not being covered head to toe in the manner of a cadaver in a body bag, for our children to have their futures taken away as childhood is abolished to appease those who find nothing wrong with making children into sex objects, for terrorists to walk the streets protected by the British Police, for those who dissent to be punished for daring to question the genocide of an entire continent.

There are people calling for Hell on Earth to be unleashed upon all of Europe.  A notable member of the UK Ruling Class, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has made the ridiculous statement that we have a moral duty to welcome the invaders, claiming that

"The people of these islands have a long and wonderful history of offering shelter and refuge, going back centuries – whether it be Huguenot Christians, Jewish refugees, Ugandan Asians, Vietnamese boat people or many, many more. It has always been controversial at the time it happened, always been seen as too difficult. Yet each time we have risen to the challenge and our country has been blessed by the result."

The Huguenot Christians were fanatics who embroiled France in religious wars.  their brand of religion was similar to that of the hated Oliver Cromwell, who enriched England by banning food with any flavour and evil sinful activities such as singing, playing music, dancing and otherwise having pleasure.  They brought skills involved in the fabrication of finery for the benefit of the Ruling Class, but for the ordinary people, they were an addition of more miserable pious bastards who helped to keep the impoverishment of our natural ways of life intact long after Cromwell was gone.  The Jews are the backbone of the banking industry and of the financial system of Capitalism, so their arrival brought us no benefits.  The Ugandan Asians have enriched our country by bringing with them a rape culture which sees little children as objects for sexual gratification, and they have also brought with them more hysterical religious lunacy which has made our cities unsafe to live in.  The Vietnamese boat people have brought with them heroin and crack cocaine (as if the Ugandan Asian / Pakistani trade in death wasn't doing enough harm!), they are largely unemployed, living courtesy of the tax payer, they suffer from mental illness in such percentages as to make them dangerous to the public, they are involved in triad-like gang warfare!  Well done Archbishop - the enrichment of these immigrants has been of benefit to the Ruling Class in some cases, but of incredible harm to the Working Class in every case.

We are told that the people want the invasion of Islamic Terrorists, Rapists, Murderers, Thieves, Scroungers, Welfare State destroyers, Animal abusers, and all round destroyers of Society and the every land we live on .  To prove this, the media has pointed to the various charities giving aid to the invaders (which is a crime as it makes those involved accomplices to the crime of crossing Europe illegally).  Amongst those who are said to be representative of the British people are:

Stand Up To Racism (headed by moslem anti-native, Maz Saleem) which has organised a 20 car Convoy of Hate to take materials to Calais to help more moslems to invade and enrich the UK a la Doncaster;

World Jewish Relief's Refugee Crisis Appeal, whose chief executive has remarked that the Uk is the way it is today because of rescuing Jewish refugees (yet still thinks we need to bring more non-natives here!);

Islamic Relief, which raised £50,000 in 24 hours to help bring in reinforcements top help turn the UK into an (ISIS like) Islamic State; 

MOAS - a criminal organisation which provides boats to bring the invaders from Africa in the first place;

Medecins Sans Frontieres - a body which lets Europeans rot and channels money into aiding those who would not attempt to invade otherwise;

Dulwich Hamlet Football Club (organised by Nisha Damji, a Pakistani moslem who couldn't give a damn about anything but helping others like her to get to the UK).

The invaders who are already here are working tirelessly to bring in more invaders to bring about the total annihilation of the UK as we know it.   Liberal lunatics are of course aiding and abetting them, although they probably get a warm and cosy feeling from helping those who are trampling on the NHS, destroying the Welfare State, creating Mass Unemployment and Homelessness.

SWPE sent a group to see the immigrants in Calais first hand.  What the immigrants already here and the liberal idiots who help them are bring to the UK is death, misery and religious bigotry.  If you hear a liberal idiot speaking glowingly about helping the invaders, remind them that there are homeless people here already, there are poor people here, there are hungry people here, there are people here who cannot get work but want to.  The addition of more people will only make the misery harsher and more wide spread.  Those from amongst the native population who want more immigration are racists who despise their own and relish the end of our people.  Stop those who aid the invasion, stop them permanently.

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  1. That guy from the right again, this whole thing seems to be orchestrated buy outside and inside forces who seem hell bent on destroying this and other European countries. We have been too tolerant in the past and this seems to be the last straw, is our people capable of taking on the Establishment and these invaders I seem to have my doubts as to that. Things in this country are so tied up with all the laws rules and regulations that people don't have anywhere to turn, we literally have our hands tied behind us. Even if we had some means to fight back our own would be used against us, such is the evil that rules in this country.