Sunday, 13 December 2015

Liberalism is a disease of the mind. Socialism is the cure.

Socialism is an idea.  It is an idea founded on a desire.  The idea is to create a society which fulfills the desire of the people to live according to the inner spirit of the people.  Liberalism is also founded on a similar desire, and that is where the problem of liberals infiltrating and corrupting socialism stems.  Liberals believe in a semi-religious notion of 'equality', an equality of all humanity, which sees any differences as 'social constructs', rather than accepting them as natural and worthy of protection. Herein lies the problem - liberals do not understand reality and prefer to live in their fantasies than to accept that we are all a product of nature and that our differences are real and matter.


Liberals do not operate with a logical mind.  They are controlled by negative emotions.  Those who clamour for open borders do not genuinely care about the plight of people in countries ravaged by war or economic turmoil.  They demand borders are opened because they hate the natives of their own lands.  The ongoing invasion of Europe by terrorists and thieves under the cover of 'refugees' is being aided and abetted by liberals. 

The real solution to the plight of those fleeing war is to stop arming the terrorists on the ground and to stop using NATO to destabilise sovereign nations.  The wars which are underway are all wars for the imposition of finance capitalist central banks.  The typical liberal knee-jerk reaction to the ISrael destruction of Syria, is that 'we' (meaning the armed forces they constantly abuse, but hide behind when it suits them) need to eliminate IS (Islamic State, Isis Ra El). 

Liberals claim that Islamists do not represent Islam and that 'we' (meaning the people of native Working Class neighbourhoods which they would love to annihilate) must open our borders to let the poor unradicalised Mohammedans in, to enrich our obviously pathetic culture with all manner of animal cruelty, sexual depravity and all round criminality.  They fail to notice that the people who are coming to Europe are the ones who won't lifting a finger to oppose the terrorists (making them cowardly and solely motivated by what they can get at our expense).  Not only this, but the fake refugees are in fact leaving their women and children behind at the mercy of the terrorists as they come to Europe to enjoy the ability to turn our countries into mirrors of those they are leaving - complete with shariah hocup pocus, sexism which includes murdering victims of rape, homophobia, halal, heroin dealing and parasitism.  Of course this is to generalise - not all of the rapeugees are cowardly parasites, many of them are fully trained maniacal terrorist sleepers waiting for the time to become active and slaughter us.

Was it not for the capitalist rape of free nations, there would be no excuse for people to leave their own countries in search of a better life at someone else's expense.  Libya was a rich nation when the Libyan people ran it, but it was also an obstacle to the IMF.  Africa is a poor continent because of the debts imposed by the Rothschilds and their servants.  Liberals who campaign for open borders are aiding the destruction of Africa at the same time as they are helping to destroy Europe.  A world without borders is a paradise in the minds of deranged liberals.  The reality is that borders are a check on globalisation.  A world without borders is a world of Capitalist tyranny, with people moved about as commodities, with debt universalised, with the power of the bankers made absolute, with freedom crushed.

The UK government has admitted that for Capitalism to continue, the population has to be increased.  Marx wrote in Capital, Critique of Political Economy, of the inevitability of Capitalism collapsing due to the inherent contradictions which would ultimately bring the system to an end as there were more goods to buy than people to buy them.  The deliberate butchery of Africa and Asia has provided millions of extra people to come to our countries to buy the worthless shit that the Capitalist economy creates.  The irony that the UK manufacturing base no longer exists and that almost everything is imported from allegedly Communist China, adds the interesting point that the global economy has become specialised with alienation reaching new depths as the means of production has become centred in east Asia.  The global economy thrives on theft from the poorest nations by the IMF, endless war for the benefit of the armaments industry, cultural genocide and rootlessness through contrived mass migration, and it is no borders liberal morons who not only allow this to happen, but campaign against people who try to stop it.

We need more borders, not fewer.  But what we need most of all is to deprogramme the liberals and make them see reality for what it is.  Gender, Sexuality, Ethnicity, all are inborn, all are important, they are not social constructs, they cannot be changed.  Nations are real and are an anchor which we need to keep us sane. Globalisation - whether economic (Capitalist/Trotskyite Communism), religious (Islamification, Christian), physical (mass migration/invasion) - has to be stopped, and those who encourage it have to be stopped from doing so.  We tolerate too much.  The time for tolerance of mind -polluted and mind-polluting liberals is over.

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