Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Meeting of Unity across the left-right spectrum

Sunday the 29th November may well prove to have been a historic day in UK politics.  In the Lancashire seaside town of Southport, a gathering was held of activists from across the political and religious spectrum.  Organised by the umbrella organisation, British Renaissance, the meeting was billed as a gathering of key figures in the nationalist movement, and although that was certainly the case, in addition those assembled included people who would not long ago have been classed as left-wing extremists and enemies of 'nationalism'.

British Renaissance brought together members of the leadership of the British Democratic Party, British National Party, British Unity, National Front and other organisations belonging to the far-right in the UK.  These were joined by high-ranking members of the mainstream political parties, including the UK Independence Party.   Alongside representatives of parties, were representatives of Western Spring, the Daily Stormer, Heritage and Destiny, the IONA London Forum, Yorkshire Forum, and others.

The British Renaissance event was not a coalition of the centre right and far right.  SWPE sent a delegate to broach the question of total unity across the spectrum.  It had been proposed that a comrade from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist) would attend in an informal capacity, but due to unforeseen problems, this did not come about.  Hopefully at a future event, it may be possible to add the CPGB(ML) to the growing number of alliances which are stamping down the false divisions of left and right, and in place creating a genuine unity of the forces of freedom against the forces of globalism, liberalism, decadence and reaction.

The politic dimension was not the only one of note.  The meeting paid host to productive discussions between Christians, Heathens and Militant Atheists, with Catholic Traditionalists rubbing shoulders with Identitarians, Protestants, Odinists and Creators.  SWPE has a policy of working with all who oppose the Semitic trio, and it was interesting to find that our Heathen position is not incompatible with people who follow a pre-Semitic Druidic faith which may well have been the basis for the 'Christian' faith which was manipulated into existence in order to bury ancient European traditions under an avalanche of Semitic lies.

The people present at the British Renaissance event included Nationalists, Socialists, Anarchists, Traditionalists, Heathens, Identitarians, non-Semitic Christians, Creativity Atheists and anti-Capitalists/anti-Globalists of many hues.  The meeting was notable for the near balance of men and women, and for the representation of all age ranges.  This genuine unity was beyond the unity of nationalists which was the intention of the organisers.  This depth of unity across such a broad spectrum is indicative of the fragility of the current orthodoxy and the eagerness of a diverse range of people to bring about its demise.  This first step could mark the dawning of a new era of cooperation of all who oppose the liberal death wish.

The emergence of unity of Left and Right is something we can all take pride in.  What was achieved on this day would have been unthinkable prior to the onset of the mass invasion of Europe, and we must build upon this first success.  If we stand together only until we have saved our people from the genocidal mania of the liberal Ruling Class, then we will have achieved a great deal.  We cannot build a Socialist England if England has been wiped away in a flood of anti-native invasion and economic tyranny.

SWPE would like to thank all who attended, the organisers, the excellent security, the staff of the venue who provided outstanding hospitality and meals, and those who could not attend but provided support in other ways. 

The speeches of former MEP, Andrew Brons and of organiser of the IONA London Forum, Jez Turner, can be found at this link.

Video of the speeches will be uploaded to youtube in due course.  A preview of what to expect can be seen below

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