Sunday, 20 December 2015

Action is what achieves change, not talking about action

SWPE is a party of action.  Prior to the unification of the FWL and BSP, the FWL was a movement founded on an urge to get into the real world and make a difference.  It is gratifying to see that those who came from the BSP prior to the merger have fully joined in the struggle to push for real change now, rather than theorising about how change can be fomented in an unspecified future.  Of course, that is not to devalue the importance of ideology and vision.  The unified SWPE has the best of the qualities of the organisations which came together to form it.

December has been a month with a definite purpose.  Our activists have taken to the streets to fight the plague of paedophilia.  The destruction of childhood by predators who lack even the most basic appreciation of humanity is such an outrage that it was decided that we should leave our banners at home and fight as individuals alongside communities impacted by the presence of child rapists.  Unlike the self promoting liberal fools of the SWP, who latch on to any issue in order to push their propaganda and name, SWPE activists are motivated by a desire to save our people and to build a future in which the problems facing us become memories of a horrific past. We stand with anyone who seeks an end to the corrupt order, and we value victory on an issue by issue basis above gaining media attention and waving placards.

Activists across England have joined in peaceful protests to get paedophiles moved from neighbourhoods with children.  Joining with residents groups, helping with printed material, joining the pickets of paedophile occupied properties, researching the child rapists so that they can be exposed at their places of work, doing anything within the law which can make the lives of paedophiles as miserable as possible, all this helps to let the scum who prey on children know that they will not be tolerated. If they decide to take the coward's way out, then that at least makes our children safe.

We have found that the paedophiles themselves are not the only problem.  They are protected by the police to make sure that good people do not get hold of them and destroy them.  They are given CCTV at our expense.  It could be argued that the law has to protect the community from violence, but when people take the decision to attack the community (especially the children of the community), they no longer deserve to be counted as  part of it, and should be exempt from protection.  In a post Globalist society, the scum who destroy children will be destroyed by the people.  We are gathering information at the same time as we are protesting.

The sickest people of all are those who protect the paedophiles, not because they are ordered to do so, but because they want to.  We have found a sick unity of liberals and paedophiles, with an excess of non natives in both categories.  We know that Mohammedans worship a child rapist who they emulate, and we do not allow that to be an excuse for indulging in the violation of children (they choose to be Mohammedans so they choose to support/defend/engage in paedophilia).  We have come across a number of Christians who 'forgive' the paedophiles and allow them to hide in their homes when we come to get them evicted.  We don't care what justification they have for 'turning the other cheek' and 'loving their enemies', we don't give a damn about the insanity which motivates them. They too must be punished for enabling paedophiles to hide from justice, making them willing accomplices in the brutal attack upon our children and our society.  We make no distinction between paedophiles and those who voluntarily protect them.

Our members are active fighting for animal welfare, human welfare and for the defence of our people, land and the non human population.  In the past, we have helped to wreck animal testing institutions, we have been active hunt saboteurs, we have forced heroin dealers off the streets.  We continue our actions in our commitment to not fall into the trap of the walking political activists who go on demos and chant, then rest until the next jolly boys outing.

The hated Capitalist traitors have declared that they will allow fracking to begin under our National Parks, ruining the environment which our wildlife needs to survive.  They have declared that they will build on Green Belt land to accommodate the masses of the Third World who are illegally entering our beloved homeland.  We will not tolerate this.  Companies motivated by profit will halt their operations when it becomes obvious that they will lose financially as equipment is ruined and as employees refuse to go to work for nature rapers because they understand that to do so is wrong, or that to do so is dangerous.  We work within the law, but when the law is an act of treason, we no longer accept its rule.  We obey the Law of Nature, the Law of Tradition, the Law of Survival. 

Illegal immigrants (many of them rapists, all of them criminals and enemies of the People) are being housed at our expense, while homelessness among the native population continues to explode.  Protesting against refugee centres won't make them go away, but removing them will.  The existence of organisations and premises for the assistance of illegal immigrant invaders, is contrary to the need for the native people to survive and have a home of our own.  We obey the Laws of Nature and we reject the laws of the State.  Invader Barracks are burning across Europe - they will burn here also, preferably with all the invader scum present.

Congratulations to all who have done their bit and continue to do so.  This is what SWPE is about - bringing change right now and helping our people/land/wildlife right now.  Keep active, Comrades. We are making more of a difference than all the members of the democratic parties who fly their banners, fear to break the false laws of the oppressor class, and talk well but do nothing.  We are gaining members by this approach.  We are building the Counter Power.  We are attacking our enemies wherever we can.  We do engage in the democratic process when we can see a point to it, and as we help rip the mask from the enemy liberal bigots and finance serving traitors, we will do so more often.  Action achieves change.  The Ballot Box reflects power, it doesn't create it - that is what we must do right now, using every means necessary and every opportunity.

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