Thursday, 25 February 2016

Anti-Merkel / Pro-Freedom Demo Saturday 27th February

On Saturday the 27th February - this Saturday coming - political activists from across the spectrum will be gathering outside the German Embassy in London to protest at the anti-democratic aims of the bigoted capitalist tyrants of Angela Merkel's CDU.

Merkel leads an organisation which styles itself the Christian Democratic Union.  Her party is part of a coalition which has aided and encouraged the invasion of anti-Christian forces into Germany, making the Christian part of her party's name a lie.  Merkel is now demanding that a fifty year old legal political party in Germany is banned, simply because it has policies which the global capitalist filth do not approve of, proving that the Democratic part of her party's name is equally a lie.  The party which she wants to ban is the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

The NPD is a party which stands for the Working people of Germany.  Labelled by the mainstream media as a 'right-wing extremist' party, for opposing Globalism, the NPD has spoken out against the invasion of Germany by over a million mohammedan criminals.  For Merkel, any criticism of her open door policy is unacceptable.  Vast numbers of women and children have already fallen prey to the organised racist rapists who call themselves refugees.  Merkel is attempting to silence free speech and to terrorise the German people into submitting to mohammedanism as a part of a greater drive to globalism.  This despotism is a continuation of the anti-democratic abuse pushed by governments in Europe.  We have to take a stand now or it will continue until freedom of speech is a thing of the past in the countries under the heel of the European (bankers) Union. As Herr Niem√∂ller might have said,  "First they came for the Golden Dawn, but we said nothing because we didn't want to be associated with 'nazis', then they came for the NPD" etc etc

Is the NPD a nazi organisation as it is claimed by the mainstream media and Merkelistas?  The NPD was home to one Horst Maler at its most radical time, although it has now shifted towards soft populism.  Maler was a leader in the RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion), an organisation dedicated to fighting imperialism, capitalism, usury, religious bigotry, social/sexual/economic/political exploitation and all other aspects of globalism.  In spite of its watering down of policies in recent years, the NPD remains opposed to Yankee Imperialism, NATO, the EU and parasitic finance capitalism.
The RAF fought against the imperialist war of aggression against free Vietnam, just as the NPD campaigns against the wars of global conquest in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine.  The NPD is under pressure in Germany because it resists the military drive to a single global system of control.

SWPE opposes the banning of the NPD, just as we oppose the banning of all forms of free speech.  We may not be happy with the end of revolutionary radicalism which has swept over the party since Udo Voigt's leadership ended, but we respect the right of the party to exist.  As Socialists we support the right of all people to be free from tyranny and exploitation, including the right to assemble in political organisations of their choice, so long as the multiparty democratic system continues.  Free speech must mean free speech for everyone who opposes the Global Ruling Class, not just for the sycophants and capitalist stooges such as the odious Merkel, defender of mohammedan rapists, enemy of freedom.

On Saturday the 27th February there will be a demonstration against despotism.  The demonstration starts at 1pm outside the German Embassy, Belgrave Square, London.

Our attention was drawn to the demonstration by a group called British Voice.  We approached the organisation with a view to getting our activists in prominent positions, flying the Red Flag in solidarity with the Working Class of Germany who are being subjected to the destruction of employment, the loss of housing, the sexual violation of children, the demeaning of women, all at the hands of the globalist capitalist system which thrives on dehumanisation and deculturisation, seeing nations as obstacles to profits.  Our approaches were turned down.

The organisers have told us that only the British flag will be allowed, not party banners. As opponents of the imperialist UK, we will not fly that rag.  We believe in a family of Celtic nations - Alba, Cymru, Kernow, √Čireann, Mannin, Breizh, England (a Celtic, not Germanic country - Anglo Saxon is a propaganda term we wholeheartedly reject) and possibly Galiza.  We were prepared to stand alongside people with politics which go against ours - with Monarchists, London imperialists, Germanic supremacists - because we believe that it is important to show unity against globalisation and the brutal suppression of freedom.

We regret the decision of the organisers to forbid the display of our Socialist banners.  We hoped to reach out to bring a united front for freedom, dispelling the Trotskyite liberal propaganda that only 'right-wingers' oppose globalism.  But, we have been informed, our aim was too much too soon for people to whom people with our politics are still seen as the enemy - being present openly as Radical Socialists would have been seen as provocative, showing a Red Flag to a British Bulldog!  The false left-right division needs to end.  The real division is Globalist versus Localist, Capitalist versus Socialist.

SWPE stands by the correctness of demonstrating for freedom.  Members and supporters who want to voice their solidarity with the besieged Working Class people of Germany are advised to contact the organisers on the following numbers or to simply make their way to Belgrave Square for the protest.

07756 391034 / 07466 039534 / 07917 921734 / 07443 129684

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  1. Did the organisers know that there would be a protest against Trident today in London?

    Bad planning? Stupidity?