Friday, 26 February 2016

The Imperialist Roman Poison of Latin - STILL used by the Ruling Class as a Language of Control

Did you know that the ruling classes have always taught their children to speak Latin – because Latin is the ‘hidden’ language of the ruling class – which is designed to keep YOU in the dark. Legal terms are almost always quoted in Latin.

The Police, Courts, Magistrates, Clerks and Judges use terms that sound like plain English, but, in truth, they mean quite the opposite. In a fair and equitable society, no honest person should give an advantage to someone that is dishonest and unscrupulous. However, those people who are guardians of the law and the public should not seek to gain any unfair advantage, or use chicanery to deceive the layman – but it happens every day, in Great Britain! Our Common Law states that we are Innocent Until Proven Guilty, but successive governments have conspired to lead us toward a European style of ‘justice’ which states that you are guilty until proven innocent.

Under Common Law there are just three laws and that is all we really need. They involve Harm, Injury & Loss. Essentially, the Common Law revolves around the principle of ‘do unto others, as you would have them do unto you’. There are many thousands of Statutory ‘Laws’ (Parliamentary Regulations) which are enacted, supposedly, for the common good. But, these statutes are not real laws and they often have the opposite effect and can benefit despotic rulers instead of the people. Also, …’ignorance of law does not excuse’…

To arm yourself against the unscrupulous ones, you should do your best to understand why they use certain language, because if you don’t know what they are doing you could inadvertently provide tacit consent. We are not obliged to give our identity or personal details to anyone, instead, you can say; “I do not consent”. For example: a common trick, often used by police officers seeking to gain your tacit consent to their actions, is for them to say; “Do you understand what I am saying?” – sounds open and honest doesn’t it? But, what it means is; “Do you stand under my authority?” In reality, that police officer is actually inviting you to consent to giving him an element of authority and jurisdiction over you.

The sensible answer is to continue to politely say; “I do not consent”. They may continue to press and they may assault you, or even arrest you, but if they do so, they will be acting unlawfully and render themselves liable to – personal – prosecution, because the Police Force Insurance Bond does not cover them for acting in an unlawful manner. Depending upon the severity of their actions, such a police officer could lose his home, through expensive legal bills.

Some naive people may take the view that if you have done nothing wrong then you have no need to fear the police. But, sadly, that is no longer the case, because they are trained to carry out their duties and get a result, using the language their bosses have laid down. Very often, the PC doesn’t even know that he or she is acting unlawfully. Unfortunately, many of their bosses are unscrupulous members of the 5th columnist anti-British organisation, known as Common Purpose, and they have no empathy or compassion for anyone outside of their corrupt organisation.

Did you know that you could lose your home, through an unlawful action by the bank/building society, with the complicity of the courts, clerks, magistrates and judges?

Did you know that bailiffs must have the correct paperwork in order to enter your home? Even if they arrive at your door with a police officer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are acting lawfully. This happens every day of every week, and the authorities KNOW that it is highly unlawful, but they turn a blind eye.

However, quite recently, some bailiffs turned up at a house in Portsmouth with a document that they maintained was lawful and proceeded to enter the home of a lady who was home alone, and steal her property. Despite her protestations that the document was unlawful, the bailiffs continued to bully and harass her. The lady subsequently collapsed under the strain and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Meanwhile, the bailiffs continued to ransack her home – on the basis of this typically unlawful warrant.

Neighbours called the police and some REAL police officers arrived and challenged the bailiffs paperwork, only to find that, lo and behold – it did NOT contain a wet signature from a judge; it did NOT contain a court stamp and it was NOT dated. Thankfully, the police officers knew the law and did their job correctly – and arrested the bailiffs for aggravated burglary and theft! After years of involvement in the Lawful Rebellion movement, this is the first and only time that this has happened, to our knowledge. Furthermore, it can be used as a legal precedent for all future dealings with bailiff thugs and police officers that flout the law.

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