Sunday, 21 February 2016

Germany is going down by design and defeatism. We are on our own

SWPE activists in Germany are sending in reports of the situation over there.  We are fortunate to have people who are there right now.  We will be able to give detailed reports when they return.  In the meantime, the news we have is not good.

Contrary to the news reports of the alternative media that Germans are rising up in massive numbers and confronting the State orchestrated destruction of their country, the majority of Germans are NOT fighting back.  The majority of Germans (at least in the south of the country where our activists are), are doing absolutely nothing to protect their families from the seasoned fighters who are entering the country at the request of the Ruling Class.

There are a few incidents of Germans fighting back - but they are very few indeed.  Rather than playing down the actions of the Germans who have had enough of the despicable Capitalist system which has conned them into aborting their future and now tells them that taking in millions of economic migrants is required to pay their pensions, the few understandable actions are being focused upon and exaggerated.  Those who should be hailed as heroic men and women of the Resistance are being labelled as domestic terrorists, neo-Nazis and a threat to the peace of Germany.  The average German is swallowing this piffle and joining in a chorus of condemnation of people who are trying to save the country.

The news is not good at all.  Ordinary businesses are presenting themselves as virtuous by bending over backwards to help the invaders of their country.  The fear of being compared to people from decades gone has led to a bizarre desire in Germans to outdo one another in displays of self-destructive liberalism.  Those who do speak of the invasion, the mass rapes, the collapse of civilisation, the destruction of life for Working Class Germans, do so in the pathetic defeatist way of 'well, what can you do?', accepting the death of their nation and not even attempting to do anything to help those who come after them because they see their demise as inevitable.  The postwar anti-German propaganda should not be underestimated, with some even claiming that what is happening to Germany now is 'divine retribution' for the 'holocaust'.

Liberalism, greed, fatalism, blind acceptance of the lies of the media, state and church, all these are seeing Germans accept the end of their country.  The globalist pope has a lot to answer for, with religious Bavarians believing that their pope is infallible and that it is wicked and racist to not welcome in anyone who calls himself a refugee, and that they must turn the other cheek to the crimes of people who despise their weakness.  Will the fathers and mothers of a child raped by invaders hand over another child to prove they are good catholics?  Probably.

The verbal reports we have had are chilling. We will produce a more in depth report when our comrades are back home.  What is evident now (if anyone thought otherwise) is that we must fight with the sure knowledge that we have to help ourselves - we cannot wait for support from elsewhere.  We as a nation are on our own.  That is a sobering thought, but also one of encouragement to get busy and not wait for help to come from a continent which is liberating itself,  for it is help which will not come, because the west of Europe at least, is dying, and its people are either burying their heads, or cheering their death.

More to come...

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