Monday, 26 September 2016

Is Corbyn's victory good news for True Socialists?

Jeremy Corbyn has once again won the leadership of the UK Labour Party.  His victory comes after a battle for power which began immediately after the UK democratically voted to quit the globalist entity known as the European Union.  The Parliamentary Labour Party gave Corbyn a resounding vote of no confidence, with 172 MPs stating that he was unfit to lead the party, and 40 disagreeing with the overwhelming majority.  Now, the Constituency Labour Party has over-ruled that vote of no confidence, and returned him to the top position, proving that the CLP and PLP are two separate parties in all but name.

The Labour Party now finds itself in the awkward position where the majority of ordinary members back a leader who calls for the implementation of Socialist methods to solve the problems facing the UK, while the majority of elected MPs are fervent Capitalists who would be better suited in the Conservative Party.  The membership and the MPs despise one another. Not a recipe for success in any organisation!

But what of Jeremy Corbyn and the grass roots Momentum pressure group which has kept him at the top?  Are these people the heroes of the Working Class?  Should we all dissolve our own organisations and join the Labour Party to fight for the Revolution with Corbyn at the helm?  Let's have a look at what the man stands for...

Corbyn is correct on the issue of NATO.  He has quite rightly referred to the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation as an 'engine for the delivery of oil to the oil companies and the major nations of the world'.  He could have added that NATO is the military branch of the Globalist Banking Network. SWPE shares his view that NATO should 'shut up shop, give up, go home and go away'.  SWPE firmly believes that sovereignty must belong 100% to the nation and that all globalist entities should be closed down.  We campaigned to get the UK out of the EU (and we continue to campaign to make sure the People's commands are obeyed), and we similarly campaign for the UK to get out of NATO, the UN, the Commonwealth and all other sovereignty usurping organisations.

Corbyn is anti-Trident, although he hasn't come out as saying that he would kick the US occupation forces out of the UK if he was Prime Minister.  Corbyn is a bit wishy-washy on this issue, which is a cause for concern.  He speaks against Trident but will not force through its removal as a matter of priority.  SWPE says close down all foreign military bases on UK soil and end all American, European and other foreign involvement in the defence of the country.  We demand that our people are defended by our own military and for the benefit of our people alone.  We would scrap Trident and bring in a People's Army of which every citizen would be a part.  

Our symbol is the Sword and Sickle, emphasising the importance of the right and ability of the nation to defend itself from all who would subjugate us or otherwise bring us down.  Corbyn's motivation is a pacifist one (which we applaud), but one born of the naïve faith in the natural kindness of humanity. This is a faith that befuddled liberals suffer from but Socialists who fight against the opportunistic sickness of Capitalism, understand to be nonsense.  We agree with Corbyn that Trident must go, but we wholly oppose the lunatic concept that everything will be nice and peaceful if only nasty weapons are done away with and we show to the world how peaceful we are by totally disarming ourselves. Such nonsense is to be expected from a drug-addled hippy or from a religion-soaked clergyman, but to a sane, rational and sober mind, is simply stupid.

Corbyn is on firmer ground (!) with regards to Fracking.  Like Corbyn, SWPE opposes fracking in its entirety. The method of extracting gases from beneath the ground has been proved to cause environmental damage, including destruction of wildlife and pollution of water.  We stand shoulder to shoulder with Corbyn on this issue and applaud him for bringing a very important matter out of the shadows of fringe politics, and into the bright glare of the mainstream.  Frackers are murdering nature for profit, and anyone who finds that acceptable is as guilty of crimes against life itself as are those who commission or perform the drilling.

Corbyn has called for the minimum wage to be raised to £10 per hour.  This is madness.  Hiking the minimum wage in a vain attempt to keep wages rising with prices is to accept the inevitability of inflation and to thus keep the economy at the mercy of market forces.  The UK minimum wage is already the highest in Europe and it is this factor which attracts vast numbers of immigrants, who come to our country to earn money to send back home, thus transferring money away from the motherland.  SWPE proposes fixed wages and fixed prices, eliminating inflation altogether as the value of work and of goods remain constant.  We propose that levels be fixed as low as is possible, so that coming to the UK to earn money to send home makes no sense, thus disincentivising economic migration.

Corbyn also favours a return to collective bargaining for wages.  SWPE opposes this reactionary politics as a step backwards.  Fixed prices and wages mean that Trades Unions are no longer a necessity as everything will be regulated for the benefit of the nation.  Corbyn's proposed 50% super tax for the ultra rich misses the point that in a Socialist society, there will be no rich and no poor, only the People working together for the good of all.  His lip service to Cooperatives misses the point that a Socialist society would be one big Cooperative, with every Worker, no matter what colour collar, being an owner of the enterprise he or she works in.  Corbyn's economics are Trotskyite and have no place under true Socialism.

Corbyn has stated that he wants the UK to increase the number of 'syrian refugees' we are forced to accept, from 20,000 over the next 4 years to an undisclosed number, and that he would increase foreign aid if elected, transferring even more money from the downtrodden Working Class into the hands of freeloaders who want to live for free at our expense.  Considering that Corbyn is a self-confessed globalist, with a no borders ideology, we could expect a Corbyn government to be the UK's answer to the hated Merkel of Germany, opening the borders to teeming millions, attracted by an insanely high minimum wage, and free everything to anyone who can get here.  

Corbyn's economics are frankly, bollocks.  The NHS is already collapsing under the strain of healthcare tourists, the green and pleasant land is disappearing under a sea of concrete shit, with faceless estate after estate swallowing up our glorious countryside.  Middle Class Trotskyite scum such as the Momentum group who have pushed their own boy to the top of the Labour party, do not have to live in areas wrecked by immigration.  They do not have to fear for their jobs, fear for their safety, fear for their future.  The Working Class are the ones who suffer the violence of criminal gangs who come into our country for the generous handouts and the culturally marxist (liberal) legal system which calls anyone who proposes migration controls a racist.

SWPE is glad to see the election of Corbyn as it will smash the tory Blairite Labour party and allow the liberals and Trotskyites to hang themselves in the eyes of the public, and allow the banner of True Socialism to rise up, without the middle class hangers on being allowed to infect it with their hippy one world brotherhood of man bullshit.  Corbyn thinks the solution to mohamedan sexism is for sharia compliant women only carriages on trains.  Corbyn is a serial adulterer now on his third wife. He is a middle class trotskyite globalising open borders liberal idiot.  Thankfully, nobody outside middle class liberals in lunatic London supports this creature.  SWPE will not be dissolving to join the trots in Corbyn's Labour.

So is his election good for Socialists?  No. As long as Trotskyites are allowed to use our name to push their sickness, Corbyn will be a blight on our movement.  But as all SWPE activists know, Trotskyites are not Socialists, and just like the Menshevik scum in Russia, once pushed into the spotlight, they cannot help but be exposed as the enemies of the Working Class, and like the Mensheviks they too will become a footnote of history.

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