Sunday, 11 September 2016

After 9/11, Fifteen Years of Imperialistic Terror

On 11.09.01 (9/11/01 in US English), the World Trade Centre and the US military headquarters in the Pentagon were attacked by terrorists.  The official story was of hate-filled lunatics attacking the US because they were jealous of its freedoms.  The official story was a cynical lie to push forward the Globalist aims of Finance and Corporate Capitalism.

The US government claimed the culprits behind the WTC atrocity were mohamedan extremists operating from Afghanistan. They then duly bombed and occupied Afghanistan to capture CIA operative Tim Osman, aka Al Qaeda frontman Osama Bin Laden, overturned the legitimate rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, placing their own Opium-growing stooges in charge.  The Dollars have been rolling in ever since, as the Heroin trade has boomed beyond levels previously unimaginable.  Afghanistan was invaded and occupied for Capitalist profits.

In 2003 the US moved on to Iraq, claiming that Saddam Hussein had 'weapons of mass destruction.' War Criminal Tony Blair lied the UK into joining the Global Terrorist assault, capitalising on the staged 7/7 murders in 2005.  The global OIL corporations stole the Oil of Iraq and made a killing on the back of the deaths of thousands of Iraqis.  The US claimed that Saddam Hussein was working with Al Qaeda, even though he had fought hard to destroy such terrorist groups in his country. Iraq was invaded and occupied for Capitalist profits.

In 2011 the US invaded Libya to destroy the ambitions of the Libyan people to break Africa away from the vultures of the IMF.  A free Libya was a threat to global banking. Occupied Libya was robbed of its OIL, Minerals and all material wealth.  Libya was invaded and occupied for Capitalist profits.

The US Ruling Class, in collusion with the Ruling Class of the UK, EU, Saudi Arabia and other countries, staged the 9/11 murders, the follow-up atrocities in London, Madrid, Mumbai, and the propaganda against nations which did not submit to Global Capitalism.  Real people died, and are still dying.  All the terrorist events since 9/11 have been orchestrated to increase the power of the Global Ruling Class and to boost Capitalist profits.

The ongoing invasion of Syria is of the same variety of lie as all the others.  Syria did not fall as was expected, and so the NATO vermin added a new weapon to their arsenal.  That weapon is the CIA creation, Islamic State.  Syria does not have a Central Bank which is a part of the Global system, and for this reason it is being attacked mercilessly.  Should it fall, only the free nation of the DPRK will remain outside the stranglehold of Global Finance Capitalism.  Syria is being ruined was to increase Capitalist profits.

The refugee situation in Europe is a weapon to destabilise the EU so that it will fall easily into the hands of the Globalist menace.  The refugees poring in from Africa are fleeing from poverty created by the IMF and terrorists created by the CIA's stooges of Boko Haram.  Those fleeing Syria are doing so to escape the CIA's Islamic State.  The CIA is the intelligence wing of the Global Capitalist disease.  Boko Haram, Islamic State and the Refugee crisis are creations of the Global Ruling Class, to terrify the Working Class worldwide and to drive down wage demands in the refugee flooded west, all for Capitalist profits.

9/11 was a part of the ongoing war for Global Governance and Ruling Class supremacy.  Ordinary people suffered, died and others continue to do the same.  SWPE says stop believing the propaganda of the Ruling Class and take the fight to the real foe.  Bombing Syria won't save anyone.  The Revolution does not see any point in attacking our enemies outside our shores, but relishes the day when a Banker, Stockbroker, Politician, Journalist, NATO officer hangs in every street of every village, town and city in the EU, UK, USA.   Rise up and fight the liars and thieves who have brought so much harm to the world. The real terrorists wear the suits of officialdom and must be made to pay for what they have done.

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