Saturday, 3 September 2016

Localist AND Inter-nationalist

August was a quiet month for this site, but an interesting month for SWPE.  We have forged links with comrades in Central America and Asia Minor, giving our organisation an international presence.  Until now, we have only had links with people of European origin, albeit right across the globe.  Reaching out to (and being reached out to by) people of very different origins has been a logical step for us, as we support the struggle for freedom of all peoples.

Many people will happily chant the Free Tibet mantra (which we applaud) but then baulk at the very idea of chanting Free England!  SWPE chants both!  More than this, we chant Freedom for Everyone! SWPE is proud of the opportunity to link up with like-minded peoples of diverse cultures and ethnicities, who share with us a defiance of Globalism.  The Capitalist machine does not respect countries, cultures or peoples. To effectively derail the common enemy of humanity, we must work together, not Globally, but Inter-nationally, and to do this we must understand the difference between the two terms which are all too often regarded as interchangeable.

The fight against Globalisation and Universalism has to one which is fought in every corner of the world.  To achieve local freedom, we have to smash the entire Globalist system.  This is an objective which may seem impossible, and indeed is impossible when undertaken from a perspective which does not go beyond local boundaries, but when approached as an international struggle, it is not.

SWPE is avowedly opposed to the Universalist religion.  It will undoubtedly appear strange that we oppose the existence of the Universalist faiths in our own lands, but we are more than happy to work with people who practice them in other lands.  We are not Imperialists and have no desire to attempt to impose our ways on other peoples who have their own patterns of thinking.  Working alongside people who seek to model their societies upon their own spiritu-cultural backgrounds does not mean that we  have become supporters of the religions practiced by these people.  Cultural Muslims, Cultural Jews, Cultural Sikhs, Cultural Hindus, even Cultural Christians, have a right to enjoy their cultures, so long as they do not pursue a Globalist agenda of making all of us bow down to their ideologies.

We seek a free England in which none of the Universalist religions will have a place, and we celebrate the demise of Christianity in our country.  Ideally all of the Universalising religions in every part of the globe will fall into the pages of history as dead superstitions, but that is for the peoples of individual nations to decide, and not for us to try to achieve. To behave in such a manner would make us as bad as the Globalisers, and a part of the problem afflicting all peoples, not a part of the solution.
Our central focus is upon what is best for our people, and that has to include freedom from religious ideologies which are a poison to us, and which have been used to keep us in a position of subordination to authority.

Christianity is a tool of the Ruling Class to keep us scared of rebellion against their rule for fear of some hocus pocus punishment in the afterlife. The power of Christianity is waning, and so the Ruling Class (including the pope) is turning to the religion of Islam to fulfill the task of keeping the people in fear of the possibilities which freedom of thought can bring.  We can see that Christianity is a lie, and that Islam is just a different variation and continuation of it.  Our new comrades who live in Islamic countries may disagree with us on the issue of spirituality, but we stand shoulder to shoulder on the issues of Imperialism, Capitalist Exploitation and Militarism, and at this juncture in history, it matters more that we unite on the bigger issues than that we allow ourselves to be divided on what are really secondary matters.

Greetings to those with whom we are happy to march, no matter where they may be.  The Revolution will by necessity be different in every nation, but by making it an Inter-national reality, we can keep the Globalisers from taking us down one country at a time, as they have done to the countries of North Africa and South America, and the Middle East.  Rising up as one, we can halt the terrorists of NATO, by ensuring that they have nowhere safe to operate from.

Freedom from Globalism means Freedom for all nations, and a new era of Inter-national cooperation, of free sovereign countries, free to enjoy their own cultures, religions (or lack of religion), and ways of life.

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