16 April 2017

Ostara is for the Free. Easter is for the Slaves

SWPE is a party which understands the need to break the capitalist mind control. It is not enough to look at the economic stranglehold of capitalism, there are other - often more powerful - forms of control.  One such form of control is religion. And what better time to look at the destructive force of religion than  at the highest festival of Christianity, 'Easter'.

The Christian celebration of Easter marks the date when the Christian Church tells us that a man named Jesus (for whom their is no historical evidence independent of the Church itself), was executed by the Roman Empire at the request of the Hebrew authorities, for behaving in a manner which was disrespectful of said authorities.  We are supposed to believe that because the Hebrew authorities ordered this man's execution, that makes Christians and Jews implacable enemies. However, the story-tellers would have us believe that Jesus was in Jerusalem at this time in order to celebrate and sanctify the Hebrew festival of Pesach (Passover), making him an adherent and defender of the Hebrew faith, and therefore as a practioner of that faith, a Jew himself.  The most important festival of Christianity is the origin of Christian anti-Semitism, and of Christian reverence for the religion of the Jewish people!  With a beginning like that, no wonder the Christians are so confused about what they are supposed to believe!

But to go back to Pesach, the festival is a celebration of Hebrew Supremacy.  The infamous god of the Hebrews is said to have sent his chief executioner - no less that the Angel of Death itself - to murder all the infants in Egypt, as a punishment for the Egyptians failing to recognise the Hebrews as the Ruling Class, as chosen by their own deity.  Of course, there is no historical proof of this crime against humanity ever happening - other than in the religious texts which dutifully describe it as fact, referencing themselves as proof.

By celebrating Peasch/Passover, Jesus sends a clear message that he believes in the Chosen People tale and by so doing, legitimises for all his followers, the idea of a hereditary Ruling Class and an unchangeable Class System.  This reinforces the rule of Capitalism with the elite having the right to dictate to the rest of the people, and it makes the idea of Revolution against 'god's' wishes.  The concept of obedience to authority being rewarded in some imaginary afterlife, takes on a racist element, with the Chosen People ideology allowing for a distinct class of people to have the right to impose any manner of tyranny on those who are not Chosen.  The Ruling Class can do what they want and the Working Class just have to put up with it and wait to be rewarded when they are dead.  A great charter for the Rulers, but not so great for the Ruled.

On to Easter.  The festival of Easter is the celebration of a man dying and coming ack to life after three days, then sneaking around to tell his best mates that he has conquered death because he is a god in human form.  He claims that he has done this to save all of humanity from being sent to 'hell' for eternal torture, for crimes commited before they were born by an ancient ancestor for who their is no historical proof other than in the Hebrew texts which are the unquestionable word of god and any research into them is itself punishable by a long-term trip to hell.  Why he didn't just appear on a cloud and tell the entire world, or maybe close down hell, end death and merge the physical realm with his 'Heaven' is never explained.  The man who could defeat death and as a god could do absolutely anything, preferred to do it in secret and chose as the only people who could verify his amazing deeds, people who could not be historically proven to ever have existed, except - yes you guessed it - in the Flat Earth preaching, Ruling Class reinforcing, Dinosaur / Stone Henge denying 'sacred and infallible' Abrahamic texts.

If this all seems a little implausible, it gets worse.  The Jesus figure himself is a rehashing of a story which was told at least 16 times before (see the World's 16 Crucified Saviours).  The Bible in all its forms (Torah, New Testament, Talmud, Koran, Book of Mormon etc), justifies itself, with historical proof for anything at all, being alarmingly lacking.

It should surprise no-one to discover that - just like Christmas - 'Easter' is a wholly Heathen festival which has been corrupted to justify the rule of despots and financiers, under the veneer of being a time of reflection for the adherents of the Abrahamic cult of Christianity. The name 'Easter' is the modern English spelling of Œstre, which comes from the German Ostara (Ost meaning East, and in the name Ostara referring to the light of dawn, shining from the east). The modern German name for Easter is Ostern - the etymological trail is not hard to follow.

Ostara is the Saxon (Heathen) Great Mother Goddess of fertility, whose festival is associated with the Spring Equinox - the time of rebirth after Winter. Her sacred animal is the Hare (due in part to its famous sex drive), which is venerated as the 'Easter Bunny'.  It is from Œstre that we get Œstrogen - the female hormone. Easter is a festival to celebrate a return to life (a resurrection if one prefers that term) following the 'death' of Winter, and as one would expect of a celebration of life, it is also a celebration of fertility.  The super-fertile Easter Bunny is joined by the giving of painted Easter Eggs (now more commonly, colourfully wrapped chocolate eggs) in what is an ancient Heathen festival of renewal.

In what is a remarkable display of the cruelty of the Christian Elders, the origins of the Easter Egg Hunt can be found in the persecution of the followers of the indigenous ways, by those who pushed the new religion at the point of a sword.  The followers of Christianity converted Europe to Christianity by murdering those who wouldn't accept the new ideology.  The giving of coloured Eggs to honour Œstre/Ostara had to be done in such a way as to keep attention away from those doing the giving. Parents would hide the eggs and children would hunt for them (being especially careful to do so when the brutal Christian bigots were not looking).  This resulted in the thugs of the Church following children at the time of the festival and upon catching them with coloured eggs, punishing them and their families by burning them alive or similarly torturing and murdering them.

The Cult of the Phrygian fertility goddess Cybele, which appeared in Rome at least two centuries before Jesus is said to have been born, included the worship of her consort Attis. Attis was born of a virgin; he died on Black Friday (at the time of the Spring Equinox) and was resurrected three days later. It isn't quite so easy to claim that the Resurrection has nothing to do with Easter as it is to dismiss Easter Eggs. As Christianity gained numbers of followers, the followers of Jesus attacked the followers of Attis, making them early victims of the persecution and violence which was to plunge Europe into the Dark Ages.

The whole story of the Resurrection was added on to Christianity to give the ideology a more mystical element and make it easier for Heathens to be converted.  In the early Church, there was debate as to whether Jesus was a god, a being of light, a revolutionary or a prophet.  He was made into a god by virtue of a majority vote in Nicæa, at the same time as gospels unacceptable to the Roman Empire, were shelved. A festival which we have been told is exclusively Christian, is in fact a pre-Christian, Heathen one, which was formally made a part of Christianity at the 325 Council of Nicæa. Like pretty much all of Christian doctrine, it was included in the religion by means of a vote of men - hardly something one would expect of the work of a god! This explains why no opportunity has been missed by the three branches of the Abrahamic religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), to destroy the libraries of antiquity and all other sources of knowledge which prove that the three-headed religion is a political creation which has mixed lies with stolen knowledge (falsely attributed to itself), to gain near-global mastery.

The Christian Easter is the religious justification for the existence of the Ruling Class, based on a Cult of Death and Obedience.  The pre-Christian Ostara is a festival of life, which celebrates the end of winter, the return of the bounty of nature, of joy, of reproduction, and of the positivity and hope which comes from the unity of the People and Nature.  Ostara is the spiritual embodiment of the Socialist ethos.  Easter is the imposition of the fear and tyranny of the Capitalist way of thinking. Ostara is for people who understand the beauty of nature, the need for mutual support, the importance of self reliance.  Easter is for people who 'know their place' and who will not fight for a better world because they have been hoodwinked into believing that acting as obedient little slaves in this world will gain them riches in an unknown world which they are told they will enter when they are dead.

To break free from Capitalism requires breaking free from the mental chains which prevent us seeing that we can have a better world in the world of nature, rather than waiting until we are dead for something which the religious arm of the Ruling Class tell us awaits good obedient serfs..  When Lenin called religion the opiate of the masses, he was referring to all religions wich demand obedience in their followers.  Christianity, (with its military/class hierarchy of priests, bishops, cardinals, pope) is a religion which demands blind faith in its followers.  The pre-Christian Heathen religions of our ancesters - the Druidism, Odinism, Asatru, Vanatru and others - placed importance on the here and now, on community, on what we would now term environmentalism.  Our ancesters considered anything which comes after death as of lesser importance.

As Socialists, we have to reject the opiate-like mind destruction and slave-enducing mental/spiritual poison of the Abrahamic religion in any of its forms.  We need to experience the bond of nature and people which the Heathen way of thinking reinforces.  We need to awaken from our spiritual slumber and embrace the positive life-enhancing ideals of those who came before the Abrahamic butchers enslaved most of humanity.

Ostara is for the Free. Easter is for the Slaves.

Even though Ostara has been and gone - happening at the time of the Spring Equinox - on this day when the imposter is in full flow, it is time to reaffirm our opposition to the ways of the enemy, and to reaffirm our own ways as a source of strength and a foundation for rebirth and renewal.

Happy Ostara!

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