8 April 2017

Party Statement on US attacks on Syria

Last year, SWPE commented on the election for President of the USA.  With Bernie Sanders out of the race, and with Jill Stein squeezed out by a system which ensures only a Democrat or Republican can win, the only candidates left with any chance of winning were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  There was no chance of a decent President coming from a choice between two such awful people, so our advise was for people to vote for the lesser of two evils.

There were issues of concern from the Trump camp, including the declaration of intent to end the provision of Health Care (Obamacare), although Trump spoke of replacing it with an alternative which would be more affordable, rather than simply scrapping it.  Obamacare remains in place and this broken promise stands as an early indicator of how his term in office has become - a series of u-turns on pledges; a continuation of the policies of the previous regime, directly against the wishes of the people who voted for him.

Domestic politics apart, the main reason we saw Trump as the lesser of two evils, was his declaration for peace.  The USA has long been a notorious agent of global corporate imperialism.  The USA has been the driving force behind the destruction of Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, the Sudan, the Ukraine and many other sovereign nations.  Trump spoke of ending this imperialist aggression; Clinton spoke of war with Russia.  We advised people to vote for Trump to avert the catastrophe of war for corporate interests, with profits being gained at the cost of human lives.

While Hillary Clinton was screaming hysterically for blood in the Middle East, Trump spoke of the need for the USA to mind its own business and not interfere in the internal problems of sovereign nations.  As has been seen by the War Crimes inflicted upon the Syrian Arab Republic this week by now President Trump, the only difference between the two candidates on this issue was that Clinton was more than happy to proclaim her blood lust, Trump chose to hide his.

Trump made a point of declaring that he believes Jerusalem must be recognised as the capital of Israel.  Jerusalem is a city in the occupied territory known internationally as the West Bank, to the Israelis as the twin provinces of Judea and Samaria, and to the Palestinians as home.  Trump's declaration is an affront to the people of Palestine, who were seeking a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine problem, even being ready to give up the majority of their country by recognising Israel as a sovereign entity, in return for the recognition of the much smaller territories of Gaza and the West Bank as the sovereign nation of Palestine.  His toadying to global Zionism has encouraged the Zionist state to build more settlements in Palestine, pushing the people of that land deeper into despair and subjugation.

The Global Zionist agenda is for the creation of 'Greater Israel' on land stolen from the peoples of Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, the Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.  The Zionist States of Turkey and Saudi Arabia are working alongside Israel itself to achieve this goal, with the full military backing of their vassal, the USA, and the assistance of the Kurds who see the opportunity for the creation of a sovereign state of Kurdistan from the ruins of the nations smashed by the Zionist war machine.

The contrived wars of aggression against the free Arab Republic of Iraq, under Saddam Hussein were a part of the destabilisation of the Middle East for the strengthening of the Zionist centre of global operations.  It is no coincidence that the lying War Criminals, George 'w' Bush and Tony Blair used the propaganda of (chemical) Weapons of Mass Destruction being used by the government of Iraq against the Iraqi people to justify the invasion and destruction of Iraq, and now the equally deceitful Donald Trump is using the propaganda of chemical weapons being used by the government of Syria against 'rebels' (Terrorists) in that country.  In both cases, the propaganda is a complete fabrication.

There were no WMDs in Iraq, and the Sarin weapons in Syria which killed a handful of people during an air strike by the government against a terrorist controlled area, were weapons held by the Terrorists which were hit in the air-raid.  If the Syrian air force had not hit the Terrorists' store of chemical weapons, they would have been used against ordinary Syrians - not by the government, but by the Terrorists!  Trump has just launched an attack on the victims of global Zionist aggression, to defend the very people who were preparing to murder Syrian civilians with a stockpile of chemicals which was hit by a fortunate airstrike.

The criminal attack on the sovereign nation of Syria is a part of the drive to subjugate the entire Middle East to global capitalism, including the control of the monetary supply by the Zionist Rothschild banking mafia.  The Islamic State is just Al Qaeda renamed and redeployed as a fake Muslim operation to destabilise Muslim nations and create an image which justifies the deployment of the military of the West and Zionist states in order to confront it, until it is needed elsewhere for more destabilisation operations.  If Islamic State was really the anti-Semitic Islamic extremist entity it is purported to be, then why do its fighters get medical and military support from Israel?  Why also do they never attack Israel?  Why do they concentrate their attacks on Muslim countries and do everything they can to justify the dehumanisation of Muslims in general?  It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

Trump is just another stooge. He is the same as Clinton.  He is not the lesser of two evils. He is the equal of two evils.  Democracy is a sham. The solutions to the woes of the Working Class can only come through Revolution, not through Reformism from the ballot box, and certainly not from the presidency of a multi-millionaire oil-loving, Israel-worshipping liar.  The people of the USA have been lied to, and they are not the only victims of the lies - the greatest victims are the peoples of the Middle East who ae being murdered for the agenda of increasing Global Zionist Capitalist power.

So what is to be done?  We must make sure that no one in  military uniform is allowed to go unchallenged. We call for all our military men and women to mutiny rather than shed any blood for profit. The Revolution needs the support of our Military, and we need to support their refusal to fight for the Ruling Class.  We need to bring the Military into the Revolutionary fold, and to let them know that anyone who wears the insignia of NATO or who fights for the Capitalist cause against our brothers and sisters in any part of the world, declares him/herself an enemy of the People, and as an enemy combatant, with all that entails.

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Socialist England Representative said...

Trump's campaign was predicated on the correct recocnition that the interests of the Globalists and that of the American Nation and people do not always coincide. Such a recognition represented something of a departure for American Presidential candidates. However, both liberals and conservatives, supporters and opponents of Trump both in America and internationally overestimated the amount of power American Presidents hold in general, and underestimated the opposition there would be to Trump's mildly nationalistic programme from with the Deep-State. His decision to go ahead and bomb Syria represents the abandonment by Trum of his core constituency, and his suurender to the forces of Globalisation. From now on his presidency will be 'normalised', the bluster of his early months quickly forgiven. In all liklihood the enquiry into his 'Russian links' will fade into the background until it is quietly forgotten. Trum will probaly get his four years in office, maturing into a trusted elder staesman, an abject lesson to Right and Left alike not to put their fath in individuals, and not underestimate the entrenched power of the Zionist-Globalist elite.