1 May 2017

May 1st: Beltane and International Workers' Day

The 1st of May is an important day for Socialists and for the defenders of nature against the tyranny of Abrahamism.  SWPE doubly celebrates this day, which brings together different aspects of the struggle at the same time.

As Socialists, International Workers' Day is a day of solemn reflection for the plight of the Working Class worldwide.  It is particularly poignant with the UK General Election a mere month away.  With the Labour Party moving ever further away from its Working Class foundations, and with the Tories arrogantly declaring their loyalty to the globalist bankers (not to forget the lunatic liberals who think the Working Class only exist in a Charles Dickens novel), the Working Class is more embattled in the UK than at any time in living memory.

Beltane is also marked today, but rather than as a solemn occasion, it is a time for joy.  Beltane marks the first day of summer, the glorious beauty of the natural world and the appreciation of our place in it.

The enemies of the Working Class have sought to keep us in submission and subordination for as long as there has been despotism.  The unity of Beltane and International Workers' Day is more than a coincidence.  The Ruling Class used their new 'religion' of Christianity to justify their control over the common people.  The Abrahamists pushed the beginning of summer to the beginning of June, in an attempt to break us from our spiritual connection with nature.  The survival of May Day is a victory for the Heathen Working Class over the Abrahamic Ruling Class. Centuries of control have not broken our spirit.  The treacherous politicians of the controlled false democracy are as much our enemies as the clergy who would have us bend our knee to the 'divine' right of the Ruling Class to tell us how to live.  In the UK, Beltane has never been crushed, nor has it been commercialised like our ancient festivals which have been distorted into the capitalist orgies of xmas and easter.

May Day is both a time of reflection as we look at the power of the enemy to control the democratic system and deny us any no major party fit to vote for, and also a time of defiance as we realise that the Ruling Class has only superficial power which it maintains with financial domination over us, but which cannot penetrate into our inner psyche, no matter how much money they reward their collaborators with, or how much poverty they inflict on we who resist.

So Good Health to all of you Comrades.  Our people have endured the tyranny of the Ruling Class poison of Abrahamism, but that sickness is fading away as our Heathenism returns to an open declaration of unity of the people and nature - of a Socialism which is deeper than any economics; a Socialism which is an expression of life itself. All the brutality of the Inquisition, the 'religious' persecutions, the dictatorship of the church, has come to nothing.  The material manipulation of our people will also fail as we rise up and throw off the chains of capitalism and embrace the natural order of Socialism.

Our plight is a hard one, but when we take a step back and see how the enemy has won at a superficial level and never achieved victory in any way which matters, we can be assured that we are far stronger than they are, and that we will be victorious at every level, with the Socialist future eclipsing the terror of Capitalism forever.

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