22 May 2017

The General Election, 8th June 2017

The U.K. General Election on the 8th June is an event which has been orchestrated in order to re-centre power in the hands of the Ruling Class via their puppets in Parliament.

The U.K. Freedom Referendum of 23rd June 2016 (Brexit) saw the people send a direct order to the politicians in London and Brussels that we do not want to be controlled by unelected bureaucrats. The reaction of the politicians was fascinating insofar as it showed their open contempt for the will of the people. We were told that voting to leave the EU would mean we were out of the EU and that was that. Then we were introduced to Article 50 and the absurdity of having to negotiate our freedom - hardly democratic at all.

The General Election - A Brexit Fudge

The UK General Election is a complete farce. It has been billed by the media as the Brexit Election, but that is just a cover for the real work afoot. With the exception of the Liberal Democrats who are crying for a second referendum in the hope that the decision of the people of the UK will be reversed, the main parties have come to accept the result. It is what they intend to do with Brexit that is of concern.

The people voted to leave the European Union, because we are sick of having our lives dictated by outside force. In the run up to the successful independence vote, we were subjected to scare stories to the effect that in we voted to leave on the 23rd June, then on the 24th June, the UK would instantly be apart from the EU and life as we know it would end. On the 24th we were not free, but rather we were informed that the UK now had to undergo divorce negotiations!

Freedom isn't negotiated, it is taken! The whole Article 50 process was suddenly announced as a way of keeping us tied to the EU, and to make matters worse, the fraudulent process wasn't even triggered to begin until March of the following year, with negotiations still not underway at the time of the General Election of the following June.

The regional parties:

UKIP (the closest that England has to a regionalist party, in spite of having UK in its name)

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP at the time of the independence referendum, was presented with a golden opportunity to capitalise on the feeling of anger towards the EU bureaucracy (not the people of Europe, but the artificial country), but instead of holding the politicians to account so we could leave that hated corporate state, he resigned as leader, leaving UKIP in disarray. UKIP are still in disarray, and they have lost the confidence of the ordinary Working Class people who supported their efforts to get a referendum, leaving UKIP as a spent force, which cannot be considered as a major party, and which will have the sole impact of a degree of vote splitting, weakening the other parties, but ultimately being of little consequence.


The separatists in Scotland have made fools of themselves in their constant cries for an independent Scotland (something we applaud) tied to demands for Scotland to become a state of the EU. Independence from London only makes sense if power is transferred entirely to Scotland. The SNP is not a Scottish National Party. The SNP is the Strasbourg National Party. The SNP is a powerful party, but it has weakened itself with these obviously contradictory expressions of sovereignty.

Plaid Cymru

In Cymru, the separatist Plaid Cymru has taken a similar path to the SNP in Scotland. However, Cymru, like England, voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. Take Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the equation, and the country of England-Cymru, voted as a unified bloc to get out of the EU. London is a different matter, by London is a globalised city which has by little in common with the UK as a whole, and which post revolution would need to be treated as a city under occupation, not as our capital. Plaid is only a factor in Gwynedd, and would perhaps be better to remain itself Plaid Gwynedd! There is a party called Llais Gwynedd, which is a nationalist party looking after the people of Gwynedd. Plaid is a front for globalism, which the great Saunders Lewis would be ashamed of.

The cross-British parties

The Liberal Democrats

This party is the home for the hardcore of liberal and libertine degenerates. The leader, little Timmy Fallon, is the only Working Class party leader from the inner circle of the Establishment parties. Regardless, and perhaps because he is a devotee of the Abrahamic Cult of xtianity, Fallon is an avowed Globalist. He has pledged that if his party is elected, the people of the U.K. will be subjected to another referendum on membership of the hated EU, in the hope that if enough propaganda is thrown at us, the will of the majority will be overturned and we will be cowed into staying as inmates of the capitalist slave plantation which misrules most of the European continent. He also wants to open the borders to unlimited 'refugees', ensuring that the Working Class areas of the U.K. are devastated by massive competition for employment and housing, and that the NHS collapses completely.

Fallon is a hypocrite as well as an enemy of the Working Class. He likes to boast of how seriously brain damaged he is, taking pride in praying to his imaginary friend at bedtime, reading his book of fables in which his imaginary friend's equally imaginary dad declares war on homosexuals. But because the rest of his liberal partners in sentimental piffle hate homophobia, Fallon contorts himself in unimaginable ways to claim to be a devout xtianity AND a champion of gay rights! Just like smackheads should be taken into schools to scare children away from ever considering taking heroin, Fallon should be taken around schools to let children see just how dangerous to sanity is the cult of xtianity (with the necessary strait jacket firmly applied of course).

The Liberal Democrats are a sad group, but there are enough mentally damaged people in the UK to ensure they get about a dozen MPs elected. These people are a danger to anyone they gain any authority over. Most worryingly, the people who push the liberal identity politics global nonsense, are those who find jobs in education, social services, the media, the police, the prison service, local government, the civil service, and many other areas of importance, making their sickness a cause of serious concern which cannot be overstated.

The Labour Party

Labour is a party divided. The followers of war criminal Tony Blair, are following their idol's example in refusing to accept the will of the people in leaving the EU. They want to force through a second referendum, which like the Dublin re-jig of up the Maastricht treaty, will be manipulated to ensure the will of the hidden rulers is upheld, and we remain chained to the capitalist corporate filth who really run the EU.

The official leader of Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, is a democratic socialist reformist, who doesn't have the stomach for revolutionary politics. His policies are sticking plasters for a dying system. He wants to tax the private health care system to pay for the NHS, tax private schools to pay for our schools, tax big business to pay for more measures to keep the Working Class from rattling our chains too loudly. He would leave the Ruling Class untouched, other than taking a tiny percentage of their obscene wealth from them - which they would get back in any case many times by screwing the people in different ways.

Jeremy Corbyn is a reformist. He has no interest in revolutionary politics. His ideological position is far from being a strong one. He proposes tax rises for the rich and for corporations, to fund the Welfare State. The Welfare State is a safety blanket which keeps the Capitalist system safe from rebellion. Ironically, the depraved Conservatives are in a position to create revolutionaries by openly oppressing the people. Labour is for open borders, for the end of real sovereignty. They would keep us in the EU Single Market, which in essence means they would keep us in the EU with the exception of its Parliament!

A Labour government would tax and spend, to keep the Proletariat in a state of semi comfortable servitude. But by allowing open borders and the continued rule of the corporations which control the EU, they would increase the misery of the Working Class at the same time as increasing the tax debt of the UK, making the country a debt-slave of the IMF.

Labour Party sycophants

Although claiming to be Marxist, the Communist Party of Britain (CPB, not CPBML or CPGB-ML), has thrown its weight behind Labour. This is an indication of how the CPB has lost its way since its inception in 1920. This General Election will the first in nearly a century that the CPB has not contested a single seat. It is also the first in which it has called for all people to vote for a democratic socialist party, making the CPB itself an advocate of reformism, and thus an apologist for the capitalist system. That the CPB has shamed itself by aligning with the democratic socialist reformers speaks volumes about its slide into revisionism and anti-Socialism. We join the CPBML, CPGB-ML, SLP and others in condemning the CPB for its support for an entity which exists only to keep Capitalism afloat. The following have all pledged to fight for the Labour Party, begging the question why their leaders don't just dissolve their organisations and join the Labour Party (membership subs, ego-mania from being heads of steering committees being the only reason to keep separate!):

Alliance for Workers' Liberty

Communist Party of Britain

New Communist Party

Socialist Party

Socialist Workers' Party (GB)

Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Workers' Power

Young Communist League (CPB children's section)

There are certain to be more reformists, revisionists, democratic socialists, trotskyites and similar embarrassments to the Left who have thrown their lot in with Corbyn's Labour Party. This highlights the need for Revolutionary Socialists to steer clear from the false promises of the capitalist apologists of the Labour Party and all who have so kindly voiced their support for them and by doing so have shown that they are agents of the enemy, and not Comrades in the struggle for freedom.

The Conservative Party (the Tories)

A vote for the Tories is a vote for Globalisation. (To be fair, a vote for any of the 'big three' is a vote for globalism in one way or another.) Theresa May has repeatedly stated that she will use a landslide mandate to push through her vision of making the UK a 'global britain', with all the necessary reductions in Workers' Rights which would be needed to compete with countries like India and China. The Tories have longed to abandon the EU's European Social Charter, which has prevented them from imposing the harshest brutalisation of the Working Class for their corporate owners. A major Tory victory will allow them to restore the UK to neo-feudalism, with the people split into the powerful rulering view and the oppressed many.

Not content with turning the UK into a region of the UN in economic terms, shifting sovereignty even further away than it would be if we remained in the EU, the Tories have published a manifesto which is nothing but an attack on the people of the UK.

A Conservative government will take away the welfare support network for the elderly, leaving them in the position where they are unable to leave their homes to their children, but must sell them to satisfy the grabbing thievery of the capitalists who run the private health care system into which the elderly are condemned to eek out the remainder of their lives. This policy declaration has been watered down to appease dissatisfied voters who rightly fear being made to give up their homes in the event of old age ill-health,but the attack on the people remains a worry for all except those who have relatives who are themselves free from the stranglehold of capitalism. The Tories will crush the Working Class while boosting the coffers of their parasitic controllers.

The people are likely to vote the Tory scum into power by a massive landslide. They will win, and they will use their victory to smash what is left of the Socialist system of protection which has limited the ability of the enemies of the people to wholly take over the lives of the people. A Tory victory WILL be a tragedy, but we are faced with an ongoing tragedy in which all of the main parties of the UK are fighting for the interests of the system, not the people.

So, what can be done?

This brings us to the question which activists have been discussing and supporters have been asking - what is the position of SWPE on the General Election, in terms of the use of the vote itself?

SWPE calls on members and supporters to support any genuine Socialist or Communist parties which stand candidates. The majority of Trotskyites and other dross have lined up with Labour, making the revolutionary option more apparent. In the absence of such candidates, anyone who campaigns for closed borders or at the very least for a 'hard Brexit' should be supported. In the absence of any of the above, we call for a boycott of constituencies in which only Capitalists and their social democratic apologists stand.

The choice we are facing in voting Lib Dem, Labour or Tory, is whether we which to be beaten with a wooden club, a piece of two by four, or a shillelagh - the end result is the same, injury and suffering. SWPE does not believe in the democratic principle as represented by the Westminster elections. We do encourage people to get active in local politics where they are close to the people and can put forward radical ideas, but on a UK national level, the system is a closed shop and only capitalist corporatists are allowed to play the game.

Nothing changes on the 8th of June. Whoever wins, or more accurately, how much of a majority the Tories gain, the Capitalist Globalist menace will remain in place. Most likely, if Labour loses by a vast amount, Corbyn will be replaced by a Blairite and the temporary schism in the Establishment will be over. Our task is to expose the lies of the parties of the Ruling Class (and their hangers on) and to push for genuine revolutionary politics to sweep the entire system away in the baptismal fire of the Peoples' Uprising.


Anonymous said...

The Socialist Labour Party is standing four candidates in the election. http://www.socialist-labour-party.org.uk/electioncampaign.html

Anonymous said...

You seem fond of the CPGB-ML, how come?

Socialist Worker said...

Thanks for the info. The SLP are good solid Socialists and we will do what we can to support them. If you have any propaganda material you would like us to push, please let us know and we will get it issued.

The CPGB-ML, being a splinter from the SLP, are a group we are quite happy to promote. The reason for this is that both the SLP and CPGB-ML are anti-EU, anti-NATO, pro-Sovereignty and fighting for the Working Class. The CPGB-ML's defence of the right of the DPRK to exist fits with our own position that every nation should be allowed to develop in its own way, without fear from attack by the globalist capitalist one worlders. We understand that the pro DPRK issue was part of the reason for the split from the SLP.

SWPE believes in the right of Scotland and Ulster to form a country of their own, with England and Cymru doing likewise. This is where we part company with the CPGB-ML, which is opposed to the break up of the UK, and where we find the SLP position more favourable - that the people of the UK should decide the nature of their state(s) after Brexit is complete.

We have are own way and support others we feel merit support, on an issue by issue basis . If we agreed 100% with any other organisation, we would simply dissolve our own and join that organisation. We have had positive contact with various groups, and seek to build a form of unity across partisan divisions. There are some who are opposed to this - even taking their obsession with their own ideologies to the point of calling for people like us to be killed (labelling us falsely at the same time)!

The question of us being fond of the CPGB-ML is more of us seeking cooperation with individuals and groups on an issue by issue line, and they have a number of points we agree with - although not all!