3 January 2018

Some New Year's outrage - and some humour too (Wilberg on Wednesday)

The outrage first: What the article below effectively reports is that no less than 1 out of 5 supposed 'scroungers' (i.e. the sick, hence economically unproductive and therefore humanly unworthy) have attempted suicide in the last ten years - double the figure in 2007.

This is most likely due to them having been made more ill through the transition from IB to ESA - above all through acute anxiety and stress created by the DWP's infamous and maliciously designed Work Capacity Assessment form - something like a skewed 11 plus exam for sick adults - except that if you fail it you may end up not only sick but penniless and homeless.

The article also reveals that near-on 50% of disability claimants have been completely deprived of their benefits through the new PIP system - whilst the private companies paid to 'assess' both ESA and disability claims claw in millions scrounge millions off. That these new attempted suicide figures are not headline news in the MSM is a crime in itself.

Capitalism kills - and not just through war and poverty but through effectively reducing sickness to economic deviance - punishable by the actual or threatened deprivation of all economic support - even though this can and all-too-often does acutely or chronically worsens the very illness or condition they are claiming benefits for.

It's not enough that a person is sick. They must be shamed, made to beg for an existential 'safety net' riddled with deliberately planted holes - even if this means living in fear of losing the very foundations of their social existence.

No wonder so many come to feel that the only way of preserving their human dignity is by taking their lives.

Is this not proof, if ever it was needed, that capitalism not only makes large numbers of people sick, but then cynically seeks to discharge all responsibility for their sickness to the medical profession - and then scapegoat to the 'sinful' sick themselves.


The humour: This is from the site of highly erudite and intelligent young Croatian philosopher whom I actually disagree with on most points (he is fiercely anti-gnostic and anti-Duginist) but whose site and YT channel - Kali Tribune - I follow and find interesting just for this reason. Nevertheless he has a great sense of irony and humour, as evidenced below - hope you get a laugh out of it:)

Think tanks, EU and NATO institutions … what do they all have in common? A specific and elaborate language deceptively familiar to the ear yet not so easy to understand in it’s inherent subtlety. To make reading of future texts on Kali Tribune easier, we offer our readers a short and concise dictionary of some key terms.

Change – Chaos

Public outcry – NGO report

Chaos – stable political situation when NGO reporting (n) is n<1

Managing Change – Inciting, maintaining and exploiting Chaos

Jobs & Growth – Glass pearls of various colours that dangle appealingly when your shake them before stupefied native’s faces

Challenge – Catastrophe

Catastrophe – When Challenge is not taken

Migration – Amalgam of Change, Jobs & Growth and Challenge that is always more than sum of it’s parts

Middle East – Ground zero

Europe – Soon to be Ground zero

“More Europe” – Less Europe

“Less Europe” – Not gonna happen

Brexit – Elaborate joke

Business community – Hip club with cool Masonic vibe

Terrorism – Critically acclaimed prime time TV show

Crisis – Challenge getting real challenging

Refugees crisis – see Challenge, Crisis, Migration

Democracy deficit – National sovereignty of (n>0) degree

Egoism – see National sovereignty

Barbed wire on borders (“unacceptable”, “not a solution”, “like Middle Ages”, “Nazi”) – NGO’s being underfunded, see Sovereignty, Egoism

Holocaust – God that made it big time (see, Business community)

Right-wing politician – Public official exercising a (n) degree of autonomous decision making if and only if n>0

Vladimir Putin – A paedophile who fathered all Right wing politicians

Climate Change – Unobservable fact that doesn’t exist but undeniably looms over us all

Hate speech – Opening of the mouth with firm resolve to deny someone a blowjob

ISIL, ISIS – Eden Capwell & Cruz Castillo , see Terrorism

Sustainable development – Ascending by descending

UN summit on (…) – International gaming convention

Think Tank – People in suits typing on laptops

NATO – Media corporation from Brussels, see Terrorism, ISIL, Challenge, Change

Deconstructing of (Syria, Afghanistan, EU …) – A prime time NATO soap opera based on Think Tank typing the script, see Challenge, Change

Mindless bloodshed – Same as Deconstructing of (…) but without end credits

Tolerance – Change of indigenous people, see Challenge

UN Agenda (insert number) – Recyclable toilet paper

Open market – Fairytale, see Climate Change, Business community, Jobs & Growth

Liberalisation – Business community hosting a live gig while charging audience a ticket to get out

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