4 January 2018

UK Government: TPP prostitutes for Monsanto

The UK Government has stated a desire for the UK to be signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) after Brexit.  This has only received a little media coverage, with the emphasis being on the irrationality of leaving a trading bloc which is centred on Europe, to join one centred on the Pacific.

When the people of the UK voted by a substantial majority to leave the EU, we did so because we wanted our Sovereignty back.  The likes of Tim Farron have a point that leaving one Globalist Bloc to join another is pointless - but the Liberal Democrat MP is a Europhile, and does not speak from a desire for the UK to be free, but from a desire for the EU to remain master over us.

The TPP is more than a building block of the planned One World State.  It is certainly a body which is being prepared to slot in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle with other multinational trading blocs.  But more than this, the TPP is a far worse organisation than the EU.  It has within it a system of regulations which will make those countries which are controlled by it, unable to resist the toxicity of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  The Globalist corporation, Monsanto is driving anti-natural measures which will eradicate real farming.  GMO seeds are designed so that they produce crops only once.  The farmer must buy new seeds from Monsanto every time he or she sews seeds - this gives total power over life and death to the corporations, and makes self-sufficiency impossible.  Controlling the basic food supply is absolute tyranny.

The linking up of Monsanto (the company which makes a massive profit from creating toxic food) with Bayer (the pharmaceutical giant which makes a massive profit from selling drugs to 'treat' cancer) is an absolute outrage which everyone must wake up and see.  The UK Government has forced the extremely dangerous to health 'Fracking' system of acquiring shale gas on to the people of Lancashire - totally contrary to the democratic wishes of the people.  The despicable MPs who have ridden roughshod over the health of the people in this respect, now seek to line their own pockets by pushing the UK into the TPP, which will make food unsafe for all but the super-rich who can afford to buy Organic crops.  This is an attack on the Working Class of the UK and all nations which submit to the TPP.

The UK Government is committing treason against the British People.  We did not vote to leave the EU, just to be shunted into a different part of the Global State.  We certainly did not give our permission for our hard won Workers' Rights, our Health, and our Land and Nature to be destroyed so that the Global Ruling Class can make even more profits as we sink into absolute poverty and are crushed physically as well as financially.

We have to fight the TPP.  We have to stop Bayer, Monsanto and all the other criminal corporations.  This cannot be achieved by words alone.  Yes there is a place for protests, and yes we must awaken as many people as possible to the dangers which the treacherous UK Government is seeking out for us.  But more than this, we have to engage in Direct Action to prevent our enemies from getting their way.  They will not listen to us telling them that we don't want toxic food - this is evident by their ignoring our refusal to allow fracking.  They will push their agenda as long as we fail to attack them where it hurts - by hitting their profits.

Around the world, people are burning GMO crop fields.  People are destroying stocks of Baby Formula containing Monsanto poison.  In Hungary, GMO fields have been destroyed in massive numbers and the State has taken measures to halt the spread of GMO faming - which has of course been one of the reasons why the enemy of humanity, George Soros, has taken to attacking that nation.  Sadly the UK is governed by people who willingly serve the likes of Soros, and we can expect only their subservience to the GMO agenda. 

SWPE doesn't take the call to Direct Action lightly.  There are risks to attacking the corporations. But the greatest risk comes from putting faith in protest, and in the illusion of democracy.  Our enemies are at war with us, and they are winning their war because the majority of ordinary people are doing nothing to stop them.  This has to change.

Smash Monsanto.  Destroy GMOs wherever they are found.  Ruin their profits.  Where greedy kulak-variety farmers use GMOs and put profits above people, destroy their livelihoods.  Take such actions that the media cannot ignore them, and the corrupt politicians cannot carry our their dirty work without being exposed.  We must not allow the UK to join the TPP.  We must join with people worldwide to stop the TPP in its tracks.

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