Monday, 23 September 2013

William Cobbett - Socialist Hero

William Cobbett was a genuine Socialist hero.  Cobbett raised the Red Flag before Karl Mordechai Levy, alias Marx, befouled the Earth with his presence.  Unlike the odious man who has become synonymous with Socialism, Cobbett was no lackey of Capitalism and did not relegate humanity to mere pawns of the materialistic system, which is the enemy of all people, regardless of whether it calls itself Finance Capitalism or Marxism.
William Cobbett saw that the Stock Market was an evil which had to be undone if people were to be free.  He was right in the 18th and 19th Centuries, and he is right today.
Cobbett in his own words:
''All property has its origin in labour. Labour itself is property; the root of all other property; and unhappy is that community, where labourer and poor man are synonymous terms. No man is essentially poor: poor and rich are relative terms; and if the labourer have his due, and be in good health, in the vigour of life, and willing to labour, to make him a poor man there must be some defect in the government of the community in which he lives. Because the produce of his labour would of itself produce a sufficiency of every thing needful for himself and family. The labouring classes must always form nine-tenths of a people; and what a shame it must be, what an imputation on the rulers, if nine-tenths of the people be worthy of the name of poor! It is impossible that such a thing can be, unless there be an unfair and an unjust distribution of the profits of labour. Labour produces every thing that is good upon the earth; it is the cause of every thing that men enjoy of worldly possessions; when, therefore, the strong and the young engage in labour and cannot obtain from it a sufficiency to keep them out of the ranks of the poor, there must be something greatly amiss in the management of the community; something that gives to the few an unjust and cruel advantage over the many; and surely, unless we assume the character of beasts of prey, casting aside all feelings of humanity, all love of country, and all regard for the ordinances of God, we must sincerely regret, and anxiously endeavour to remove, such an evil, whenever we may find it to exist. The man who can talk about the honour of his country, at a time when its millions are in a state little short of famine; and when that is, too, apparently their permanent state, must be an oppressor in his heart; must be destitute of all the feelings of shame and remorse; must be fashioned for a despot, and can only want the power to act the character in its most tragical scenes.''    (Thirteen Sermons (1822))
Cobbett had a genuine love for his own people.  He equally despised those who sought (and still seek) our ruination.  He was an avowed anti-materialist and anti-internationalist.  William Cobbett remains an inspiration to us all.  In these tragic days when the International Capitalist-Marxist filth portray themselves as 'socialists' it is essential that we look back to the time before the enemies of society usurped the terminology which describes the love of society - Socialism.
William Cobbett was a proud Englishman who campaigned for the betterment of the Working Man; both in working conditions and education.  he is an example of True Socialism which we must all take to our hearts.  He was the very opposite of the foul internationalism which so many have been tricked into following.
Anyone who is serious about seeking a Socialist solution to our problems must research William Cobbett.  Don't be tricked into following the Capitalist slime, Marx and Engels.  They hated the Working Class, just as much as they feigned hatred for the money class to which they belonged by blood and by allegiance.

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