Sunday, 15 November 2015

Paris Massacre: ANOTHER Act of War

Friday the 13th 2015 was a night of horror and carnage, waged by Moslem Semitic invaders, with the full blessing of their Judaic Semitic handlers, and their Christian Semitic apologists.  The Trinity of Evil worked together to ensure that over 100 native Europeans were murdered in acts of brutality which are commonplace in the Semitic heartland of the Middle East, but would be unknown in Europe if the three aspects of the religion of hate had not been allowed a foothold in our territory.

The Judaic leadership of Europe (the finance sector, various monarchies, heads of globalist corporations, the IMF) fomented wars and created financial ruin to bring a million hostile immigrants into Europe, under the lie that they are 'refugees' fleeing war.  They obviously must be fleeing hard, because having stepped into safe territory, they then continue marching thousands of miles to get to places where they will be allowed to rape at will, steal welfare/housing/benefits (and occasionally jobs!) from the natives; natives who are punished by the agents of the Capitalist State if they dare to object to having their children and futures handed over to people who wish to exterminate them and implement the barbaric system of Sharia, in the same manner as the Islamic State caliphate is doing in lands they claim to be running from!

The Christian intermediaries (the middle management of the Semitic trinity) have used their positions as traditional moral guides to inculcate a feeling of guilt in the people of Europe for the plight of the invasion force which is still entering Europe, under the lie that these terrorist soldiers and economic parasites are 'refugees'.  There are NO refugees: a refugee fleeing from danger stops at the first opportunity and is grateful to his host for letting him escape peril; these fake refugees are crossing safe country after safe country in order to get to countries which are to their best economic benefit and which have the most pathetic laws, allowing them to rape, steal, murder etc with the knowledge that nothing will be done and that any native who objects is vilified and punished.  The idiots welcoming the rape-ugees and terrorists cite the weak morality of the Christian Church (turn the other cheek, give the rapist another of your children to rape) as reason for allowing the invasion.

The Moslem foot soldiers are happy to see natives evicted from their homes in order to house them; they have no problem with natives being denied work so that they can get jobs; they relish the opportunity to take full advantage of the liberal trotskyite race relations laws which allow them to act in the most despicable and inhuman ways, with no fear of ever being punished.  Natives who commit bigamy are imprisoned; invaders are allowed to have several wives because of their 'religion' (their religion expects it as a means of breeding more soldiers for their openly stated aim of global conquest.  Natives who commit incest are so few as to be nearly non existent; moslem invaders (in particular Pakistanis) breed with their cousins, brothers and sisters, children, to such a vast extent that NHS forms issued during pregnancy now ask if the parents of the child are related - this sick behaviour has created a need in cities for many 'special needs' schools to cope with the retards produced as a result of incest.  No one is punished for creating a generation of subnormal children, rather they are allowed to do so, and we natives have to pay for their hideous offspring to be looked after.

The Friday the 13th Paris Massacre was an act of war against the European people as a whole; including the pathetic liberals who even now still welcome them in.  It was not - as some are saying - the opening salvo in a war; it was yet another act of war in a long series of actions against us.  As long as there have been moslems, there have been anti-European atrocities.  In the past, the Christian Church did not actively side with the Moslem invaders, with the result that the storm of barbarism was halted at Kosovo; 600 years after that hard-fought battle against the forces of darkness, the modern Church and NATO sided with the terrorists and aided the conquest of the heart of Serbia, perhaps the real opening military salvo against Europe, although the invasion of Cyprus, massacre of Armenia, occupation of Albania, occupation of Byzantium, occupation of Spain etc etc are just as real military assaults upon our people.

Sweden was known as the most peaceful and prosperous country in Europe; it is now known as the rape capital of Europe and is a Third World mess.  The UK has fallen victim to the same behaviour, with the infamous mass rapes of children in Rotherham, Oxford, Swansea and every town and city where large numbers of moslems live. The same is the case in every country in Europe which has admitted moslem outsiders.  Every incidence of rape is a hate crime; Moslem rape is motivated by religious bigotry and supremacist ideology; Every Moslem rape is an act of war - the rape jihad is real and is underway all over liberalised Europe - as you read this sentence there will be women and children being raped in Europe by moslem invaders, and liberals who know this will be denying it.

Heroin dealing is a moslem act of war, reducing gullible natives to robots fit for conversion to Islam and fit for prostitution.  Those who succumb to this evil trade have been weakened by the education system and media which teaches them that they must be nice to those who are stealing their futures, even to the point of giving up their bodies to them for drugs and for the implant of mongrelised children.  The Rape Jihad and Heroin Jihad are mostly one and the same.

The Islamic State caliphate issued a proclamation of responsibility for the Paris Massacre, citing the non Moslem nature of Europe as reason for our people to be murdered.  They targeted a death metal concert, stating that 'Pagans' (Heathens) deserved to die.  They issued a formal declaration of war against all non Moslems, but in particular followers of the old ways before the lunacy of the Semitic trilogy.

As Socialists, we fight for the best for our people.  Allowing our people to be raped and murdered is obviously not good for society.  Trotskyite imbeciles and Capitalist globalisers have no problem with turning the whole of Europe into a Third World toilet, but we in SWPE say NO and No again.

SWPE accepts the declaration of war issued against Heathens and against Europeans.

We hereby issue our own Declaration of War in response:

  • We will fight to free our people from the disease of the Semitic religion.  
  • We will fight to protect our women from the sexism which demands they be covered up at all times and submit to rape whenever a moslem wants sex.  
  • We will fight to defend our children from a sick ideology which sees them as pieces of meat to abuse at will.  
  • We will fight to defend the animals with whom we share this country by protesting against abattoirs which engage in Hahal and Shechita slaughter, and the people who work in them.
  • We will combat those who promote Islam or who promote the Invasion of our country
  • We will defend the people and animals of our country from those who wish to take the country from us and give it to our enemies.
  • We will confront Heroin dealers in the manner in which they deserve; exposing them to the glare of the public and making it impossible for them to ruin the lives of any more of our people.
  • We will do whatever it takes to stop the cancer of globalism and in particular of the Semitic three sided religion.
The War is joined.  Natives who work within the authorities, media, education system, corporations etc are given warning that if they continue to support our enemies, they will be classified as enemy combatants and accordingly treated.   To clarify the above declaration, SWPE is a legal organisation and we work within the law, but that doesn't mean that we cannot act legally and achieve results.  If other people choose to act outside the law that is their business.  We are not advocating violence.  We are advocating the fullest possible disruption to the way of life of those who support the obliteration of our people and our country.

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