Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ullr's festival: A time to call for a bitter winter

SWPE is not an atheist organisation.  We oppose the Semitic trio because we understand that they have no place in our culture and our inimical to the well being of our people.  Real Socialism is anchored in creating and preserving the best conditions for the advancement of the people, and  having a sense of purpose which transcends the physical realm, is a central pillar of our ideology.
Today is Ullr's festival.  Ullr/Wuldor/Wulþusis an ancient god of the northern European people, from whom many English people are descended.  He was a principle deity, of whom little is really known, and may have been a great leader who has passed into mythology, with the mythology sadly becoming diluted.  As such, whether a deity or an esteemed ancestor, it is right to remember him this night.

As our people are squeezed by the globalists of all political and religious points of view, as the despicable David Cameron pushes for another war of aggression to depose the rightful government of Syria and in its place put a puppet regime and a central bank owned by the Rothschilds (using the Israeli/Saudi/Turkish golem, ISIS as an excuse to destroy Assad's legitimate leadership), it is appropriate that we look to all who can aid us in our struggle for survival.

As Europe is invaded by millions of terrorists who cry out to the demon, allah, for help in annihilating every native living creature (human and animal) in our troubled homeland (and as the enemy politicians do all they can to assist them), perhaps it is right to call to the god Ullr to help us by making life unbearable for the invaders from the hot south.  May they freeze in the cold inhospitable outdoors; may they retreat into their own countries, leaving us able to deal with those who have arrived and gained comfort at the expense of the native population who are financially raped to pay for their pampered lifestyles (and not only financially).

Lord of Winter, Bow-bearing God,
Bring the blanket white to wear
On frozen fields, to slip your skis on!
Send us snowflakes by the thousands,
Send us sweep and whirl and drift,
That we might follow in your foot-tracks
All the way from peak to valley.

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