Sunday, 8 November 2015

Remembrance Sunday - Remember those who murdered our menfolk for their own profit

Today is Remembrance Sunday.  Today we remember the fallen.  Today is a day when we hear much propaganda about how we must be grateful to those who have died in war, for making our countries what they are today.  This propaganda is an insult to the memory of those who were killed in conflict.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the First World War ended.  The war was contrived by Capitalists on every side as a means to create wealth and to reduce the population of the countries they controlled.  Although Remembrance Day has been extended to include all wars since 1918 - proving that the 'war to end all wars' was nothing of the sort - the timing of the ceremony reflects the official end of the First World War, when the Capitalists could no longer keep the bloodshed going.

War means profit for some and misery for most.  The armaments industry of every country increased their already staggering riches by keeping the carnage in Europe going for four years, giving the governments under their control the excuse to purchase more implements of death, at prices which ensured that each individual country was plunged into debt.  The usurious banks loaned money to the governments at interest - interest which is still being paid off even now - ensuring that the stranglehold of the usurers over so-called democratic governments, was complete.  Britain was effectively out of the war in 1917, but with the bankers' securing of the Balfour Agreement, the funds flooded in to keep British people dying in France and the Low Countries.  The acquisition of debt in 1917 was achieved with a promise by the British government to give land which Britain had no right to, to people who Britain had no right to give it to.  The Great War expanded to include citizens of the USA, brought in to keep the blood flowing into the fields and the profits flowing into the coffers of the usurers.

Debt is debt, and can easily be written off if the people have the will to tell the usurers that they will not get another penny from those they have extorted.  The British Ruling Class is so tied in with the usurers, that the will of the people has no impact on any decisions made in the mother of all fake democracies.  The usurers own the government of the UK, and until every last member of the Capitalist Class is expelled, they will continue to steal from the people to fund their partners in crime.  The UK Ruling Class is synonymous with global usury.  SWPE would honour the Balfour Agreement and expel all the usurers and those who aid them to the land which was stolen at the cost of so much British blood.

By far the worst aspect of the First World War was the destruction of the best of Britain and the British territories of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Men of courage and honour were lied to by corrupt politicians.  Many volunteered to fight a foe which had been created by the propagandists in order to generate wealth for their masters.  When the volunteers had been slaughtered and people across the British world began to see that the war was a tool of finance and big business, conscription was brought in.  Anyone who refused to fight for the benefit of Capitalism was libeled as a coward and judicially murdered.  The loss to the British gene pool was immeasurable.

Following the catastrophe of 1914-18, the Capitalists plunged the world into an economic crisis, to facilitate the next stage of their drive to annihilate the best of Europe, World War Two.  In the interim period, the people who had been promised that the old exploitative order would give way to a land fit for heroes, were summarily abandoned, only to be called upon again when the militarists needed them to rejoin the slaughter to further enrich themselves.

World War One was a catastrophe, but World War Two was worse.  The gene pool suffered in both, but so terrible was the destruction of Europe in the Second World War, that those who came after were the 1960s generation of liberal Trotsykites, self-haters and traitors to the very idea of Society.  Free Love and Abortion replaced Family.  Absolute Capitalism replaced Social Responsibility.  Liberalism replaced Respect.  The Semitic religion pushed aside the native sense of self respect, duty, honour, loyalty and protection of own, and in its place raised weakness, globalism and decadence.

On this Remembrance Sunday, remember the Fallen.  Remember how they were lied to.  Remember that everything they were promised has been reneged upon.  Don't blame them for the world we live in - they did not fight to make Britain into an Islamic shit hole in which soldiers returning from foreign wars are made homeless while foreign terrorists are given homes, benefits and children to rape, all in the name of 'morality'.  They did not fight to give total control to the bankers and to bourgeois Etonians who play the soggy biscuit game and have sex with dead pigs while telling us that we have to accommodate our enemies because it is 'right' to do so.  They didn't fight so that Britons could be replaced in employment by moslems; so that our NHS could become a place for foreigners to work and Britons to die; so that our education system can lie to our children and train them to become the rape-puppets of those who wish to make the UK submit to Shariah.

Never Forget and Never Forgive.  Rise up and honour the Fallen by avenging them in a Native Revolution, in which the blood of the Ruling Class and the Invaders will flow into a sea of cleansing to make way for a return to sanity and an obliteration of liberalism.

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