Saturday, 23 January 2016

Is anti-Capitalism anti-Semitic?

 Carl Gustav Jung was a genius.  His understanding of the human psyche has contributed to the good of humanity in ways which go far beyond the realm of Psychology/Psychiatry.  His greatest contribution was to break from Freud and to expose Universalism as a cruel hoax and a danger to us all.  Jung understood that the Collective Unconscious is race-specific.  Thus Freudianism may well be appropriate to the Jewish people, but is absolutely useless for non-Jews.

Contrary to the befuddled nonsense of Trotskyite liberals, race is not a 'social construct'.  As Jung helped us to appreciate, the physical attributes of people are outward manifestations of their inner selves.  Each race has its own spiritual essence, giving the Jewish people a Jewish soul, Africans an African soul, Orientals, an Oriental soul, and Europeans a European soul.  What we see as race is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of inner differences and peculiarities.

When we accept that Nature is supreme over all other factors, we can begin to see that all forms of Globalism are anti-natural and should be fought against.  Universalism in religion is self-evidently unhealthy, as can be seen by the rape epidemic unleashed by Globalisers in the European world.  Mohammedans embrace the cult of Mohammed because it suits their inner desires.  The European soul rejects the subjugation of women and does not accept rape as appropriate behaviour.  When people from outside Europe move en masse into our lands, they bring with them a way of life which disgusts us.  They are of a different soul and cannot do anything but promote and indulge in behaviour which is abhorrent to us.  Attempting to assimilate these people is to go against nature, and moreover it is pointless.  They will never be able to live alongside us, they will only destroy us and replace us if we allow them to remain.

That different races have different senses of morality and spiritualism is obvious.  The advance of Mohammedanism is not largely through conversion, but mainly through movement of population. There is a certain amount of contamination due to association with outsiders, but that is a form of deliberate mental corruption.  In Europe, converts tend to be drug addicts who are broken by their dealers and take up the religion of those who push heroin onto them, possibly as a way of getting out of prostitution - preventing Mohammedans moving to Europe would prevent the spread of that cancerous pseudo-religion.  But this is to digress.  Economics may also have a racial factor, giving our struggle against Capitalism a racial dimension.

Different races excel at different things.  The Orientals are known for having a logical mind which makes them masters of technical analysis.  This is reflected in their supremacy in the field of miniaturisation. Africans excel in sports such as football, due to natural abilities.  Jews excel in all things financial, due to a sense of morality which ordinary Europeans would balk at.  Unregulated finance capitalism is the very core of the rush to total Globalisation.  The natural ability of Jews to climb to the top in economic competition, makes Capitalism essentially a Jewish phenomenon.
The natural order in Europe is Socialism.  We Europeans are racially programmed to look after the weak, to care for those in need, to share the wealth with those who deserve a share.  Our current suffering is the result of allowing outsiders who do not share our racial vision to live among us.  The natural desire to live according to our own innate character goes against the wishes of the Ruling Class who have a different racial soul to ourselves.  Through centuries of breeding with people who have an innate ability to control the supply of money, the Ruling Class of the UK (and the wider European world) has become Jewish in spirit, having taken on the genetic stream of the Jewish people.  The Ruling Class exploit our inner nature by misdirecting our natural altruism from a healthy means of looking after our own into a suicidal attempt to look after the entire world, putting our own interests last.

The Ruling Class has successfully used its power over the State, Media, and Economy to push Capitalism onto us.  This has resulted in misery for millions as we are forced to work as Wage Slaves under economic conditions which go against our nature. The natural order for Europeans, is to be non-exploitative, self-reliant, mutually supportive, family-centred and just.  This is Real Socialism.  What Trotskyites call Socialism is nothing but Globalist Capitalism by another name, and just as that which it mirrors, it is the product of the Jewish soul.

The Ruling Class, through their media apparatus, label those who wish to live according to our natural order, 'anti-Semites'.  There is an unfortunate expression of hostility to all things Jewish which results from an understanding that Capitalism, murderous mass migration (Mohammedan rapefugee invasion) and the deliberate destruction of Culture and People by the Capitalist/Trotskyite Globalisers, is a part of the modus operandi of the Global Ruling Class.  If we fail to appreciate that there is a genetic-spiritual dimension to humanity which makes races different, we will fall into the trap of seeing others as the enemy, rather than taking a step back and seeing that there are a disproportionate number of Jews at the top of the Capitalist system, simply because they have the traits required to succeed in this field, and we do not.

 If we see Capitalism as a cut-throat competition, it is easy to understand that those who have the ability to calmly take what is not theirs, to exploit others, to ruin entire nations for profit, to use war and mass migration to their financial advantage, will win, whilst those who have an inner prohibition against these things, will lose.  If we try to compete in the Capitalist arena against Asiatics, and specifically Jews, we will fail every time.  The only solution to avoid being beaten at every turn, is to stop trying to compete.

Is anti-Capitalism anti-Semitic?  No.  To accept that the Jewish psyche is 'better' at winning in a competition in which the only rule is to accumulate wealth and power no matter the cost, is to accept that just as Freudian psychology is good for Jews and no-one else, so Capitalism is good for Jews and no-one else.  We would not be called anti-Semites for not wishing to be scrutinised by Freudians, and it is not anti-Semitic for not wishing to compete in a sport which we can never win. 

Theodor Herzl knew that Assimilation was a code word for genocide, and it still is.  Ending Capitalism will require allowing the Jewish People to fulfill their destiny and unite in the Jewish Homeland.  Not just some of them - but every single one of them must leave our lands and move to their own.  The way in which Israel was secured is staggering to the non-Jewish mind.  It is not in our nature to abuse our own in order to get what we want, but for the Jewish nation, the ends always justify the means.  Clearly we cannot share the same land with people who think nothing about exploiting each other, and less than nothing about exploiting us.  There is nothing 'racist' about wanting what is best for our people and for the other people who live in our lands at present.  Restoring everyone to his and her rightful land is the way to maximise the well-being of all.  Then we can have our Natural Socialist way of life, with no need to accommodate those who are of a different psyche, and no need to try to compete in a game of exploitation, with anyone.

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