Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day - Keeping Propaganda Alive and Killing Nations

SWPE has a policy which we call National Zionism.  In brief, this policy is to recognise Israel and Birobidjan as the two sovereign Jewish States, and to take Theodor Herzl's Zionism to the next level, by not only demanding that the Jews have a homeland which is exclusively theirs, but that all Jews from every part of the planet must live exclusively in these lands.  Of course an SWPE State would only be able to act for our country, which our opponents choose to use to twist our words into a desire for the expulsion of the Jewish population of the UK due to anti-Semitism.  This is a lie. National Zionism means that no non-Jews may live in the twin Jewish States, and that no Jews may live outside the twin Jewish States.  We are not anti-Jewish - we wish the best for everyone - we are realistic to know that we cannot live alongside people who are not of us, as it is bad for everyone concerned.  We break with Herzl in our belief that anti-Semitism is good for no-one, and that the security of our People can be achieved in tandem with the achievement of security for the Jewish People, with no need for anyone to be libeled, blackmailed or subjected to ruinous propaganda.

SWPE is not anti-Jewish.  We support the National Socialist Party of Israel.  We admire the Kibbutzim, although as Socialists, rather than Communists, we have no desire to transplant Jewish political economics into our country.  We are vehemently opposed to the financial system of Capitalism with its roots in the religious-economic practice of Usury.  It is up to the Jews to decide whether to follow the path of Kibbutz or of Rothschild thievery, but in their own homeland (Israel-Birobidjan).  We want no part of the corrupt and tyrannical Banking economy, nor do we see any merit in adopting Trotskyism, but what the Jews do in the Jewish homeland is the business of the Jewish people and only the Jewish people.

The existence of the Diaspora is the reason for anti-Semitism.  The criminal system of Banking/Stock Market Global Finance Capitalism is a product of Diaspora.  The Rothschilds crooks use Israel as a headquarters and their co-religious/co-racial kin as the tentacles to subvert foreign countries in order to achieve Global Zionism, which is an ideology we are absolutely opposed to.  End the Diaspora, end anti-Semitism - it really is that simple.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK.  The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has used the day to announce the creation of a Holocaust memorial to be situated next to the Westminster Parliament.  It is this type of behaviour which fosters anti-Semitism.  Forever forcing non-Jews to feel guilty because of what happened to Jews in the period of 1942-45, is to impose collective guilt on people, many of whom were not even born in that period, and this is to elevate the suffering of Jews above that of everyone else.  What makes this much worse, is that the entire Holocaust story is pure propaganda, invented by the UK-US-USSR Allies to justify the destruction of continental Europe in the Second Global Bankers' War (WW2).

The ongoing invasion of Europe by Mohammedan terrorists and rapists is justified by the nonsense that we must accept 'refugees' or we will be guilty of committing another holocaust against them by not saving them.  Fighting age men can save themselves, their families and their homelands, by staying where they belong.  Even if their sob stories were true (which they are not), our concern is with our people, not with the global population.  We will not sacrifice our Workingmen to unemployment to accommodate outsiders.  We will not sacrifice our Women and Children to the lusts of rapists who have no morality other than a belief in a demonic entity who hates humanity.  We will not sacrifice our animals to appease the lusts of barbarians who practice halal/kosher.  We will not sacrifice our beautiful precious land to house millions of people who have no place among us.  We will not feed people who believe in 'jihad' and the virtue of killing people who don't share their insanity - they want to kill all free native Europeans and are more than happy to put this desire into practice.  We are expected to do all this because of the lies of the Holocaust industry, pushed by the Diaspora Capitalists in order to break sovereign nations so that they may be more easily financially exploited and de-cultured. 

We demand that the brain-pollution of our children and our gullible television watching people be ended.  Europeans are not mass murderers and we should not be made to feel ashamed for something which we didn't do, and which didn't happen.  The following sites gives ample information to prove that the Holocaust is a tissue of lies, and there are many, many more sites which do likewise:

SWPE says NO to Holocaust Memorials, Holocaust Memorial Days and lying propaganda to make us ashamed of who we are.  In the interests of better Jewish-Gentile relations, end this anti-European hatred now.


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  2. Excellent and powerfull post. l i agree with you 99.5%. I would make the zionist state the original one in southern siberia, that was given to them by the repugnant and degenerate bolshevik soviets. Palestine should be returned to its rightful owner. I have no great fondness for muslims but whats right is right. ..