4 May 2017

UK Elections: A Pantomime

The 4th of May is the day that the people of England and Cymru go to the ballot box to select the people who will represent them in local government.

Local Elections have not yet been tainted by big party politics, although there is a creeping intrusion of corporate corruption into this tier of politics.  At the nearest level to the people, there is still a chance for individuals who care about the people, to get positions of representation where they can speak out against the inhumanity of the UK government and the corporations which control it.

SWPE fully supports the concept of local democracy.  As Socialists we support the democratisation of the economy, with people being in charge of the organisations they work in.  For us, each town must be seen as a cooperative entity, with everyone working together for the good of the town as a whole.  Local Government is the last area of UK politics where the natural Socialist way of dealing with one another still prevails.

We call for everyone who votes in local elections to vote for the candidates who will work for the community.  We call for any candidates who pledge allegiance to the main parties (Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru), rather than the local people, to be ignored, and for good local people to be supported.  There will be candidates who foolishly accept the yoke of the big parties, but are nonetheless good people who will do what is right for the community, rather than what their leaders dictate.  These people may be the best choice, although independents are more trustworthy than anyone who could be using the party label as a means of entering the Westminster or Senedd dens of despotism at a later date.

The next election to follow the local ones, is the election to the UK Parliament.  This election will see the results of the local elections nullified, as the power of local government is snatched back by the central authority which gives out scraps as it sees fit, but never allows any real power to be utilised at a level closer to the people.

On the 8th of June, the corrupt party stooges who have no allegiance to the people, only a desire to join the rats in Westminster, will be decided.  SWPE has no time for any of the parties which have bought their way into the talking chambers of the Ruling Class mouthpiece.  They may speak of different policies, but they any difference they may have, are of no consequence.

The Independent Labour Party of John Bruce Glasier was a Socialist party which fought for the Working Class.  The rump of that once fine organisation sits pathetically inside the modern Labour Party; a party which has betrayed the Working Class at every opportunity, calling for open borders, for free trade, for globalism as the path to follow.  We hold the original ILP in high regard, and are certain that JBG himself would be as disgusted with the capitalist whores of the Labour Party as we are.  Jeremy Corbyn is infinitely better than the War Criminal, Tony Blair, but his steadfast resolve to steer the UK into a Brexit which sees the country still inside the single market, makes him nothing but a Liberal Democrat with a different coloured tie.

The Liberal Democrats themselves are a foul body of globalist identity politics enemies of the people. The leader of that band of fools is Tim Farron - the only Working Class leader of any of the main parties, but perhaps because of this, an even greater enemy of the people than the rest of them. Farron made a complete fool of himself when he proclaimed that he is a devout xtian, but then also claimed to be anti-homophobic, in spite of his religion being undeniably homophobic to the core.  Farron wants to stop Brexit altogether, proving that his loyalty lies completely with the forces of globalism. Anyone who thinks that his idiots number so few as to be of no importance, should recall that the Lib Dems under Nick Clegg formed a part of the Conservative Coalition which brought in the EU dictated (banker dictated) austerity, which brought millions into poverty and is still wrecking the lives of the common people.

The Conservatives are play acting opposition to the EU as a means of garnering the support of the majority of the people who voted to get out of the EU prison.  There are some who argue like Labour for a 'soft Brexit' which means no Brexit.  Others argue for a 'hard Brexit', which will see the UK turned into a hub of global capitalism.  This means, open borders for commerce, open borders for cheap labour, tax breaks for the rich, absolute poverty for the rest.

There are the Greens also, but they are no different to the Lib Dems, perhaps only different in their maniac fanaticism for open borders - which as we can see, their alleged rivals in the Conservatives, are equally pushing for.

UKIP?  They are a spent force.  When Farage abandoned them after Victory Day on the 23rd June 2016, this signalled the reality that they were never meant to be anything but a pressure group, and that their then leader was a part of the system.  His cosying to Trump in the USA - the president who promised protectionism but has delivered more globalist integration - is indication of his character.

Unlike the local elections which give us a level of choice, the national elections offer varying shades of globalisation.  The result will without doubt be a Conservative majority, with the regime given the excuse that the people want the UK to be a Global Britain, allowing the bankers and corporations to destroy any Workers Rights we still have, allowing for the NHS to be fully privatised, allowing for our country to be asset stripped and our people reduced to complete financial misery and social disintegration.

The best we can do is to vote where we can for candidates who are not a part of the system.  In the case of Tim Farron, a vote for the Fish Finger which has been put up against his (in all seriousness, it really has), would be a good use of the vote to show our hatred for his ideology and his hypocritical religious stance.  In constituencies where anti-Globalists are standing, we can support them.  They will not win, but we can help to voice dissent by voting for anti-system groups.  Where no alternatives are standing, it is better to abstain than to vore for any of them.

What matters now is what comes after the election.  The phony democracy is becoming ever more obviously a front for big business and globalisation.  We are Revolutionaries, not Democratic Socialists.  We will not embarrass ourselves by endorsing Corbyn, like the CPB did. We share with our Comrades in the CPBML and CPGB-ML the understanding that Corbyn is a part of the system and even if he was elected, he would be as likely to go against globalism as Donald Trump is in the USA!

Stand firm Comrades.  The Ballot Box changes nothing, it only reflects the power that exists already. Our job is to join with like-minded people and groups to gain power and to make the ridiculous irrelevant election system, obsolete.

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