12 May 2017

Women in the Struggle - Against Patriarchal Reaction

The following is the work of Comrades across the English Channel in France. It is printed here as a recognition of the reactionary drive to push Women into a position of subjugation. The liberal bourgeois 'feminists' who excuse the brutality of Islam, are no different from the rightwing extremists who openly call for White Sharia, with Women made to 'know their place', in the kitchen and the bedroom, with voices silenced, opinions denied, access to work halted, and of course a complete ban on any political action, even calling for the vote to be snatched away.

The work below can be found in its original French at the site: http://nazbolia.blogspot.co.uk/

Since the advent of Christianity and Judeo-Monotheistic religions, woman has become the slave of the will of men, obliged to be subdued and placed at the bottom of the social ladder, just like an animal. A pretty woman had to be careful not to be seen as a bewitching witch lest she end up going mad at the interrogation before being burned alive by the Holy Inquisition.

For centuries the European woman 's life suffered shameful judgements and all catastrophes were blamed on them (sterility, helplessness, sickness, witches' history, bad harvests, etc.), the French Revolution enabled us to free ourselves from the " Influence of the Church, The years following the events of 1789 and the social changes eventually gave us the right to vote, to speak, to choose our destiny and to have the same rights as men. Women will gain their rights in May 1968 and sexual liberation, the triumph of the Left over the Republican Right and the evolution of progressive ideas, will give us access to politics and put us on an equal footing with men.

Although today European women have come a long way in the struggle for their fundamental rights, we are now seeing a return to religious obscurantism with the rise of Islam and reactionary Christian fanatics who would like a return to the past, to see us attached to a table leg, 2 feet from a man who owns us, prohibited from speaking.

We women in Europe are more numerous than men and we are lucky enough to have access to several areas of our choice, although there is a lack of work and many trades are closed to us, there is nothing to stop us from revolting against the past, but instead we have acculturated bitches who are subjected to their new masters. Our liberation has served us to express our wish to return to the rand bobonne at home and our Catholics rising in advance of this possible return to the slavery of women.

It is up to us to choose our destiny, so as not to end up at a foot of the table with a veil on the face and a chastity belt as a wedding gift.

Judaeo-monotheism must be the main enemy of woman, and pagan values, our liberating sword.

It was not a long time ago, when women were denied the right to speak, to laugh, to vote and to take their destiny into their own hands.

The man of reaction, of pastism and of (moral) values have always sought to bar the way and to hinder the progress and evolution of our continent, keeping women miserable and deliberately stultified by the powerful march of the time .

It was the diverse leagues of the Left which changed our continent and showed us the path of emancipation, we could finally dream of another society that will respect us as well as men, no more, no less than the recognition of our role as a woman in this human world.

In 1944, the right to vote granted to women will change the whole of society and give to women an important input of the political choices that the people will make during the various elections. Women will have to take an interest in politics and the rights they can gain.

In May 68 women became freer and truly respected, to be able to say without the opinion of the man "No" to a political system that seemed to ignore them, to take charge of their lives and to be equal to men. Beauty will no longer be obliged to wash the dishes,to be the servant of the lord, her husband's wife, the maid of his master, the secretary of his boss, they will choose what they want to be.

During the post-war years, many women around the world will engage in various revolutionary groups (RAF, Red Brigade, FARC, IRA, ETA, Japanese Red Army, Action Direct, etc.)
until the Berlin Wall Falls and the Red block collapses and the hopes of a more just society collapses with it.

The triumph of the Capitalist system over the Socialist system triggered the arrival of the Right-Nationalist demands in Eastern Europe and the West.

Globalisation and the invasion of the capitalist model allowed religious and political extremes to redo their apparitions and pointed to the Communist system and the Capitalistic System which they sustained during the Cold War.

Today, women only retain only the fact of being able to say no to their men, to make love with who they want and to be able to wear masculine clothes, they do not vote practically anymore, they are disinterested in politics, in history, and how they won their rights.

The woman begins little by little to become again what she has fought, that is, subjected to the choices of her men, as if they could not think for themselves. Today there are more and more veiled European women, who walk 3 meters behind their men, following like bitches to which one would have hung a leash. There is another example, we have to the Right-Nationalist women who struggle to return to be good little women in the home, pious and naive , As well as, Extreme left we have these pro-LGBT women who demonstrate for the right of Muslims to the Burqa and the Niqab in public places ... This is the world turned upside down. Women like Louise Weiss must be turning in their graves.

We are the daughters of the revolutionary women who, as of yesterday, were still going down the streets with red flags in their hands, struggling for their rights and political and cultural changes. We must remember that we can be a political force And not only consumers of perfumes, make-up, pretty boots and trendy decocts, we refuse to be objects used to serve the capitalist system, we have our free will and we will fight to keep it,

The patriarchal society has for years considered the girl as a doll, a useless object or a food processor, the choices are wide. It is common to see in some families the young girls who serve and cleanse the table and do the dishes, while the boys and the father are discussing at the table. This marks the education of the female child and conditions it to its future role as a submissive woman, who will reproduce the same pattern with her future children. The little woman with a whole manual of the perfect submissive, a library of books like "Martine cooks" conditions the girl to have all the reflexes of the perfect woman.

"Barbies", dolls and false cooks are tools for conditioning the woman during her childhood.

The education of our children must be a priority for us, we can not afford to continue to have generations of stupid and ignorant young girls conditioned to be vulgar consumers and objects of consumption.

At the table, they must also listen to the serious conversations of the parents, and in the same way as boys they must participate in sports activities, read enriching books, films or intelligent and interesting cartoons.

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