5 July 2017

The Immigration Question - Wilberg on Wednesday


An issue? No question. But even more so a symptom - a result of British colonialism and later of countless brutal U.S. and Zionist wars of aggression in the Middle East. But as in football, do not underestimate the Germans. Even in much-scorned ‘refugee welcoming’ Germany the number of asylum applications has dropped by 600,000 in one year. But behind the refusal of the U.K. and many other European countries to let in and pay for the care of a few thousand young child refugees (of the sort now being held in Greek and Turkish concentration camps, where they are brutalised, self-harm or even attempt suicide) is the same cynicism that has led to child poverty continuing to rise in the UK itself (up 100,000 in one year) . As for the current European refugee crisis, this is not a result of the European Union but of the lack of real European unity in creating a clear plan to deal with it - because what that would need most of all is not polemical debates about mosques, hijabs or cultural identity but 1. The identification of its true causes, 2. money - the money necessary, for example, to train up British workers to the level of their European or Asian counterparts, or to educate both Europeans and non-Europeans in Europe’s rich cultural heritage - whose Greek roots (for example the works of Aristotle) were saved from complete extinction under Arab caliphates of the past . 3. Money again - in the form of help in reconstructing Syria, most Syrian refugees - whether displaced within or outside the country - having no greater desire than to return to their own homes or homeland. 4. Not letting the ruling caste and its media use immigration issues as a front behind which to carry austerity cuts to even greater extremes, the consequent rise in poverty having already reached an all time high of over 14 million - and their aim to transform Britain to their own neo-feudal plutocratic fiefdom. Then there is the 122 billion Pounds the government will need to borrow from the banksters just to pursue the Brexit process. But in the face of all these issues of money we continue to confront the Big Lie that public spending must be restrained in order to ‘make ends meet’, i.e. pay off debt to the international banking system. And this despite such absurd contradictions as spending over three billion pounds just to strip 160,000 disabled people of Personal Independence Payments - revealing how the ruling caste abuses whatever money it controls for its own agenda of aggressive class war.

Immigration and the refugee crisis in a global-historical context

Young Calais male immigrant from dark event in Africa - no housing, no money:

“We blame them, for what they did to Africa! Let’s assume that they (the Europeans) did not spoil our country, you wouldn’t have seen me here.”

Call it blowback or even ‘karma’ if you will. But Marx had a cunning eye for the historical and dialectical essence of ‘karma’ an unfoldment of the contradictions of class society.

  • 1. As ‘blowback’ from the British Empire

“Britain came to one of the richest countries in the world in the 18th century and reduced it, after two centuries of plunder, to one of the poorest.” Indian MP and author Shashi Tharoor.

According to Tharoor Britons suffer “historical amnesia” over the atrocities and plunder committed by their empire which the British educational system failed to tell the real story of - and claimed Britain would have to accept Indian workers and students freely moving across its borders if it wanted to sell its goods in Indian markets following Brexit. Then there was the arbitrary border of Pakistan and ‘Hindustan’ (‘India’) imposed by the British - with all its horrendous human consequences. All this history - and yet there are those who still wonder why the hell there are such significant Pakistani and Indian communities in England!

  • 2. As Blowback from the U.S. Empire

4 millions Muslim dead and many more lives and families destroyed as a result of U.S. imperialist wars of aggression. Yet there are those who still think that the effect on the U.K. of today’s global refugee crisis - which has an almost historically unprecedented scale - can be blamed on lax European or British immigration policies. With respect to Syria in particular, it is of course forgotten that there are over 6 million internally displaced Syrians - or that of the almost 5 million Syrian refugees, only 10%, have fled to Europe - with an almost negligible number seeking asylum in England. Moreover it is largely rejection of asylum applications before entry in a country that creates a problem of ‘illegal’ immigration. Meanwhile the historically biggest troublemakers in Eastern Europe, Poland in particular, refuse to accept a mere 5,000 migrants from Sweden, which is about the same number of refugees as the Czech Republic, another old troublemaker of the 20th century, has let in. Mantra: just blame the Germans for the whole problem - and make sure they pay the price!

Migrant criminality in Germany
A rise to 402.741 from 2014 to 2015, out of a total of 6.330.649 registered crimes . Not insignificant, and largely due to the high proportion of single young males let in. But also not to be confused with the wave of false flag ‘terrorist attacks’ in Germany and elsewhere.

Islamic Terror Attacks and their Victims
“In cases where the religious affiliation of terrorism casualties could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97 per cent of fatalities over the past five years.” It also states that Muslims are seven times more likely than non-Muslims to be the victims of terror.”

Between 2006 and 2015 alone there have been more than 40,000 horrific terrorist attacks in Iraq alone, causing over 70,000 Muslim deaths - but not one of them made headline news in Europe. The few attacks that have occurred in Europe - including the notorious Mossad and British Intelligence managed ‘false flag’ attacks in France and London, pale into virtual insignificance in the face of these figures. Muslims in Iraq and other Middle East countries - not British, European or American whites - are the main victims of Islamic terrorism - and continue to be most threatened by it. Saudi Arabia and now Turkey are the centre of control and administration for international terrorism, Riyadh’s and Ankara’s negative influence being felt from Syria and Libya through to Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Caucasus, all encouraged and supported by Washington - which continues to follow the more than one-century old geo-strategic plan of the British Empire directed against the integration of the Eurasian continent - and against all Middle Eastern states which, like Libya, - until it was destroyed - successfully operated state banks free of the international banking mafia and used its own oil for the enormous benefit of its people - and not a vile clique of princes and sheikhs.

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