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Open letter to the open-minded people trapped on Stormfront

SWPE is a party of revolutionaries.  Although few in number, we are steadily building the Vanguard, with the aim to grouping together people of quality, rather than going the 'normal' path of political parties, which is in recruiting anybody at all in order to build a mass membership.

We employ a strategy of open cooperation with all who oppose global capitalism.  We do not limit ourselves to only working with people who are already on an ideological path which is almost indistinguishable from our own.  Self-ghettoising is a form of self-destruction, and we see no reason to help our class enemies by playing the games of division which they have created to contain and control dissent.

SWPE activists have reached out to potential comrades across the spectrum.  We have found that our open approach has led to problems as well as opportunities.  This does not mean that we should halt our approaches, but perhaps that we need to be more selective in who we attempt to enter into dialogue with.


The following is an exchange on the far right forum 'Stormfront', although the answer in point 4 has been updated to fit with potential changes in tactics:

Questions by 'Patriot93', followed by responses
  1. SWPE view of Worker's Ownership, Syndicalism and European Socialism as advocated by Oswald Mosley's post-fascist Union Movement (UM) during the 1950's?
  2. SWPE view of National Socialism?
  3. SWPE view of the National-Anarchist Movement?
  4. Any SWPE plans to register with the Electoral Commission and contest elections, or do you stand for Revolution?
1. Workers ownership is vital.  SWPE policy is to make the people the owners of everything.  We would abolish the stock market and socialise the entire economy.  Overseas ownership and outsourcing of labour would come to an end.  The economy must be organised so that it is for the benefit of the people.  We would abolish income tax and in place would price goods so that they would generate profits which would be used to fund the nation.  We have members who favour Guild Socialism and others who favour Workers' Cooperatives.  For larger concerns, Syndicalism is a worthwhile economic ideology.  Our underlying policy is to abolish ownership as it is currently understood and to make all people partners in the economy as a whole.  European Socialism is an ideal to fight for, but not Europe A Nation.  We want freedom.  European cooperation is one thing, European statehood another.

2. National Socialism.  This was an ideology which didn't have a chance to get off the ground.  We prefer the Strasserite model to the Hitlerian one, but see both as foreign ideologies based in the period around WW2.  They are worth studying to see where they had strengths and where they failed, but they should not become fetishes.  Living in the past won't win the victory in the present which is needed to secure the future.

3.  NAM. National Anarchy has its good points.  Defence of nature, initiative, self reliance, family etc are all good.  The problem is that the vision of Kropoktin, (and to a degree Bakunin) etc relies upon people being decent, unselfish and saintlike.  SWPE is fighting against tyranny, greed and selfishness.  If the Ruling Class were overthrown and no measures put in place to prevent their return, the victory would be short lived.  National Anarchists call us Statists because we believe that we need a strong state to stop exploiters rising up and replacing one set of tyrants with another.  We have good relations with some National Anarchists.  We disagree with their view of human nature.  Perhaps we are more cynical and less trusting.

4. We are revolutionaries.  We are in the process of considering the option of registering with the electoral commission.  We support the efforts of people who join in the democratic process on a seat by seat basis.  We have publicly endorsed the Populist Party and we are supportive of the Wessex Regionalists.  We would not stand against people who advocate policies which we can broadly support, because if we did, this would inevitable join in the frenzy of vote splitting.  By not standing we can give support to candidates who promote similar ideals and in this way spread the ideals to the general electorate.  A lose coalition of small parties campaigning in areas of strength is much better than them fighting one another.  In Parliamentary elections, parties have to give the government £1000 per seat and all their membership information to stand.  If everyone is doing this the government will hold on to a lot of deposits and get a lot of information about who opposes their corruption.  We can see little merit in handing over members' hard-earned cash in contests which are rigged to begin with.  Local elections are different - they are free to stand in for one thing!  It makes sense to stand in local elections as a way of gaining publicity and in this way helping to develop the party by attracting activists who might otherwise not be aware of us.  This is something which we are considering doing in the future.

(Comment to anti-Socialist post attacking SWPE) Now to turn to the statement that should the Stormfront writer meet any of us with our Sword and Sickle badges, he should consider us just another bunch of red tossers, if you do meet any of us wouldn't it make more sense to strike up a conversation?  To the poster in question, you may be a capitalist (I don't know, its just an assumption), you may hate people because you have fallen for the right wing good left wing bad tool of the Ruling Class (sorry if I'm wrong but your post suggests this), but regardless you will find SWPE activists to be happy to speak to people of all political persuasions.

The problems we face are global in dimension and we need to work together.  You may not agree with us on many issues, but even if we can unite one issue at a time that is better than fighting each other.


As a result of this discourse and a few other posts calling for the Stormfront community to wake up to the lies of national capitalism, globalism and the highly divisive identity politics which so-called white nationalists indulge in to the point of obsession, complaints were made and the administrators saw fit to disable our active account there.  They did this so that the account still looks like it is in use, just inactive - which indicates that the censors at work are keen to not lower the number of registered users, but to make sure people who are a threat to their cosy self-adulation forum, are silenced.  Interestingly the poster (one of a handful) who bucked the trend and engaged in intelligent conversation, 'Patriot93', is also listed as no longer active...

There are good people in most political arenas.  For a myriad of reasons, people can become loyal to causes which are not worth supporting, and which in many cases, really deserve to be opposed. The reactionaries who run Stormfront are doubtless aware that alongside people with a fetishistic attachment to 1930s imagery, a lot of the people who use their forum are simply confused individuals who know that Globalisation is a problem, but have no idea what the solution is. The administrators cannot afford to have Revolutionary Socialists shining a light on the false solutions of fascism, and going into their domain to rescue those who have not been totally indoctrinated into the path of futile 'larp' rebellion. This is bad news for them. Our active account has been disrupted, but there are others, and the light of Socialism cannot be eclipsed by the darkness of reaction.

For those who have come across us in the most unexpected of places, and have taken the time to seek out more information, the next step is ask yourself if we are really the bogeymen you have been warned about. Are you awake to the harmful nature of globalisation? Are you awake to the reality of war without end all for the sake of corporate imperialism? Are you awake to the fact that Capitalism is the economics of death? If the answer is Yes, but there is something holding you back from becoming fully conscious of the lies of the Ruling Class; something preventing you from finally breaking through the wall of propaganda which paints Socialism as the enemy, and all the aforementioned as the protection from such 'evil' people as us, then you need to take a step back and consider that the ideological crutch which gives you strength, is actually taking your strength away and giving it to those who are destroying the world you love.

If your path to awakening has seen the idols of false rebellion fall, and you are ready to take your side with the only solution to Global Capitalism, Socialism In One Country. If you are ready to join the fight for Class and Nation, then get in touch.

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