Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Understanding Language as a Cornerstone of Society

The Welsh Assembly has passed a motion calling for the expansion of the Welsh language, with the aim being for 1 million people to be fluent in the Welsh language throughout Wales by 2050. SWPE applauds First Minister, Carwyn Jones, and the AMs who have worked to push for the protection and promotion of the ancient language, which has been in decline for many years, and could disappear entirely if the English language is allowed to continue to dominate.

The support for the Welsh tongue may appear to be a strange move from a party which is based in England, but this is to misunderstand the nature of SWPE.  Our party is not an 'Anglo-Saxon' supremacist organisation.  We fully appreciate that the English nation is the product of the admixture of the original Britons, with the Celts and more recent arrivals such as the Norse, the Germanics and others.

SWPE stands in total opposition to all manifestations of Globalisation.  Ours is the purest form of Socialism In One Country.  We believe in the promotion of our culture, as the foundation of our society.  Language is an important aspect of who we are, and it has been used by the Capitalist Globalisers as a weapon against us.  The modern form of English (the Americanised global language) is a problem which has to be addressed.  We can use language as a barrier against the machinations of the destroyers of sovereignty.  Our support for the Welsh language is rooted in a belief in the strengthening of the distinct cultural and linguistic characteristics of the nations of the UK.

Anglo-Saxon supremacists have been pitted against Celtic supremacists to create a false division between the peoples of England and Wales.  DNA-research has found that contrary to the myth of the Anglo-Saxons pushing the Celts into Wales, the two peoples mingled, with the 'English' remaining a Celtic people, albeit with a slightly higher percentage of Germanic blood than our brothers and sisters in the part of the country labelled 'Wales'.  SWPE understands that 'Wales' is a derogatory term created to label as foreigners the Celtic people who did not abandon the Celtic tongue and submit to the German dialect of 'English'.  We are one people, divided falsely, pitted against each other as a way of keeping us from realising our unity and throwing off our oppressors - the Ruling Caste who came to our shores in 1066 as the bankers of William the Conquering Bastard, then again as the financiers of William the Orange Bastard.

The Welsh language - or to use its correct name, Cymraeg - is a vestige of the language which we all spoke before the Germanic migrations.  There is no real difference between the people of Cymru and the people of England, other than language - this too is largely a myth, considering that the majority of Cymru has submitted to speaking the bastardised version of the Anglo-Saxon Englisc, which passes for English today.

SWPE calls for the artificial division of the Cymry and the English to come to an end, and for the peoples of the entire territory of EnglandCymru to accept that we are one people, with a common heritage, a common culture, and a common future.  The Ruling Class have imposed French upon us as the language we must all learn when passing through the mental slaughterhouses which they call the education system.  The legal system rests upon an earlier despotic language foisted upon us by the Romans.  A Free and Sovereign EnglandCymru would have no need for the people to be forced to learn the language of the oppressors, whether French or Latin.

We propose that the English language be cleansed of French and Latin influences, bringing it back to a workable version of the original Englisc tongue.  We propose that Cymraeg is not only taught to the people in the geographical area currently known as Cymru, but also to everyone in the area currently known as England.  We want our people to be bilingual in the old language of the land, as well as the one which came after and was adopted by most of our ancestors. Bilingualism is a tool which aids creative thought, making for a stronger and healthier society. Breaking free from the tyranny of globalisation is much easier if we can shield our people from the mind-rotting propaganda of the likes of MTV, CNN, Hollywood etc, by removing our country from the globalist web.

The 'Welsh Assembly' (Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru) has stated that to double the number of 'Welsh' speakers would take a generation of education. What we are calling for is a total and permanent revolution which will see our people freed from the global capitalist nightmare, and restored to true sovereignty forever.  The restoration of language will take generations, but unlike democratic socialists with one eye on the next election, our view goes beyond the immediate and into the distant future.  Capitalism will fail - this is inevitable.  What is far more difficult is the task of keeping it down and building something which cannot be crushed by the global parasites. Sovereignty is vital for the revolution to succeed. Maintaining Sovereign languages which are outside the global reach, is necessary, and is something good in itself.

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