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A further constructive suggestion for refining the SWPE Policy Outline: Wilberg on Wednesday

1. On Immigration

From the SWPE Policy Outline:

The Twentieth Century saw mass immigration of non-Europeans…

This is, of course, correct.

But the Outline goes on to say:  “the Twenty First is seeing the continuance of this with the addition of unsustainable levels of European immigration

Incorrect. The real and serious danger, now and in the near future is one facing Germany and Europe as a whole: this is the danger of unsustainable levels of non-European immigration through the EU - for example from North and Sub-Saharan Africa via Italy.

The result of this will, if the present trajectory continues, be an almost total population replacement of an ever declining birth-rate and demographic of white Europeans by non-Europeans. The source of this coming and massive immigration wave will not be Syria but, above all, Africa - where a demographic population explosion is taking place. As a result, the number of young African males seeking a place in Europe will be the same as the entire population of Europe, not the 2 million or so let into Germany but more than 400 million.   

This danger was created and is exacerbated by a new wave of ruthless colonialism in Africa:

The implications for ‘Brexit’:
. We seek a Free England - free from all foreign entanglements (political or economic).
“The emphasis of the Brexit negotiations for many on the winning side of the debate is to end ‘freedom of movement’, a central pillar of EU membership which enables visa-free travel throughout the continent for all EU citizens. No mention is made of controlling non-European immigration, despite the fact that this is the more problematic of the two. After all, which immigrant groups are most highly represented in honour crime statistics? Which immigrant (and their descendants) groups are the source of Britain’s ‘home-grown’ terror problem? Which immigrant groups are the most economically inactive? Which immigrant groups are grossly over-represented in rape and other sexual crime statistics? I can assert with great confidence that the groups in question are not Dutch, German, Polish or Hungarian people. Of course, that is not to say that we should have an open door to all of Europe. We should encourage the best and brightest from all of Europe to come and settle here in England, whether they be Poles, Hungarians or Germans, but we cannot allow our country to become Europe’s ‘trash can’. There were very real and very valid stories that surfaced during the referendum campaign of thuggish gypsies and criminal gangs (mostly from Romania) who had exploited the EU free movement rules to run prostitution rings here in England and work in the black economy. There are undoubtedly people we must keep out. But the fact of the matter is that the real problems have come from the non-European immigrant communities. The grooming gangs, the terrorists, the honour killers; these are not Poles or Hungarians, but Pakistanis and Afghans. The British people must stop excusing their politicians’ failure to tackle non-EU migration, simply because it isn’t convenient to the Brexit cause to point it out. Similarly, the politicians must stop pretending they are cracking down on immigration simply by keeping their pledge to withdraw Britain from the European treaties.” from

It simply makes no sense - in fact it is quite obscene in this context - to laud countries such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for refusing to take non-European immigrants, whilst glossing over hate attacks on Poles, Czech in the U.K. itself.

What needs to be closed more than anything else are not England’s borders to Europe but Europe’s own borders. This is well understood in Germany itself, and not just by the ‘Old Right’ or ‘neo-Nazis’ but by a whole new non-violent movement of tens of thousands of young people, mostly in their 20s and previously apolitical, who believe in protecting German and European identity - and who take to the streets to do so.   

See the movement’s Austrian founder, Martin Sellner, take on and destroy a London left-liberal multi-culti (Mo Ansar) on this video about immigration from Africa:

Note all the slurs and ridiculous name-calling from Mo Ansar - which Sellner just smiles at because he is so used to them from the Austrian and German media! He himself is not - or no longer - a racist, a white Nationalist or a National Socialist - and is against the use of political violence. On the other hand, the ‘Antifa’ Mo Ansar explicitly states that Europe has no choice but to surrender to total population replacement (‘civilisational change’) - in other words DIE!!!  In his own videos Sellner also asks why it is that those who want to close Europe’s borders are called racist, far-right or ‘Nazi’ - but it’s fine if Saudi Arabia and many other non-European countries (including many African countries!) countries keep their borders firmly closed and want to maintain their ethnic homogeneity??? Note also: Ansar’s friends - the Antifa in Germany regularly use violence against any person not conforming to “political correctness” on immigration and others issues - but are never arrested for doing do. They constitute a covert and violent arm of the state - it’s secret bulldog.  

Two further but important points to note in relation to the E.U. - both Germany and Italy are not following E.U. laws and regulations on non-EU immigration. Instead they are both in flagrant breach of them!!!  Finally, an old clip from ‘Yes Minister’ - which is not just comedy at all. The aim of British ruling caste as described by ‘Sir Humphrey’ remains the same - to keep Europe divided - but with Brexit it has just become more difficult to achieve without a disastrous own-goal:

Note: I do not wish us to get too carried away by Martin Sellner and his Identitarian Movement.  Here we see a very young and intelligent 28 year-old Austrian who has finally found his vocation - his identity - as an ethno-national and pan-European ‘Identitarian’ (!) and also by distancing himself from both the Left and his early mentors in the ‘Old’ National Socialist Right (which of course included a Socialist element which he seems never to have ‘got’). He also makes the same fatal mistake that he accuses Hitler of having made - identifying race or ethnicity with religion (in this case Islam) and also by identifying Islam with terror. As a result, he not only forgets that by far the greatest number of victims of Islamist terror are Muslims but does not distinguish between secular states such as Syria - most of whose people regard themselves first and foremost as Syrian patriots and only secondarily as Muslims. In effect Sellner replaces Hitler’s simplistic biological anti-Jewdaism with a simplistic anti-Jihadism. In relation to Africa, Sellner also forgets that 45% of ethnic Africans are Christian. He also sidelines the entire tradition of non-terroristic Shia Islam and the anti-globalism of Iran. By focussing exclusively on the threat to European identity of a multi-ethnic religion - Islam - rather than on the basic threat of population replacement from ethnically non-European continents and their internal communities (like the Pakistani community in the U.K.) he actually undermines his own defence of European ethnicity  - which itself has embraced a wide variety of religions, both Christian and pagan). And though he repeatedly nodded agreement with Ansar on the historic responsibility of European colonialism for the impoverishment of Africa, he makes no reference to the immense efforts made not only by Maoist China but also by present-day China to help Africa - through massive cooperative infrastructure projects not based on usurious loans - and aimed at helping to replace corrupt tribal rulers with leaders drawn from skilled workers and administrators.   
A Note on Defending Europe: Please comrades, let us finally and firmly distinguish in principle between the E.U. on the one hand and Europa on the other, which its rich cultural history - which needs our help in defending. For right now Europe is under attack in six ways:

  1. Through its open borders to Africa, a continent ruined by British colonial and U.S. interests, which threatens Europe with an ethnic population replacement.    
  2. From the absolute dictatorship of political correctness imposed on Germany since the end of WW2 - not just by the media but by the police and courts. It is this dictatorship which led to Merkel’s ‘open door’ policy - yet another form of ‘reparation’ for supposed German war guilt - but one which even Merkel now deeply regrets.
  3. From the economic war launched on Russia by the U.S. Congress which threatens the European economy too (the unholy alliance of the U.S. frackers and Saudis to prevent Europe obtaining its oil from Russia).
  4. From the subordination of NATO to U.S., Saudi and Zionist interests.
  5. From the First Commandment i.e. to be a ‘Friend of Israel’ - followed by the Tories, by the puppet German establishment - but also by the Poles - who while opposing open borders are also and at the same colluding with the U.S. against Russia - as they did with England against Germany.   
  6. From the total failure of the European Left to unite in a pan-European movement aimed both at closing Europe’s borders and at ensuring the monetary sovereignty of European countries and their freedom from global finance capital - something neither the new Right nor the traditional Left still have any idea how to do i.e. through the nationalisation of money creation.     

What we are effectively seeing is Hitler’s prediction and nightmare come true - namely that the defeat of Germany in WW2 would result in total U.S. hegemony over Europe, alongside a traditional divide and rule policy towards it on the part of a defeated British Empire, and a massive increase in global Zionist-Jewish influence - not least through its financing of BOTH ‘multi-culturalism’ AND a controlled opposition to it. This is no better symbolised than by EDL members waving both Union Jacks AND Israeli flags (!) or by the Dutch anti-Islamist Geerd Wilders getting money from Israel. For anything that make Arabs or Muslims in general appear ‘evil’ serves Israeli-Zionist interests. For a greater Social Nationalist Syria, and not a greater Israel or ‘global Britain’!!! For a new European Union of Sovereign Social Nationalist States!!!

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  1. I see both European and non-European immigration as a problem, but it can't seriously be doubted that the large and unwelcome increase in the population of the UK in recent years has come mainly through European immigration, as a consequence of the 'Open Borders' policy within the EU. This increase was the main reason that the majority voted Leave in the 2016 referendum. There may or may not be a 'European Culture' worth defending, but there is certainly a British and an English culture which is every bit as much undermined by a mass influx from Romania and Poland as it is from the African and Indian sun-continent. In many cases those who emigrated here in past decades from countries that once had links with the UK via the Empire have integrated better into our society than those who have come from with the EU, and who see our nation as nothing more than a convenient place to earn money. I'm not such an absolutist on immigration in general as the SWPE, but I do believe it is on the right lines in promoting itself as a specifically English Socialist party which sets itself the task of defending English culture and England's borders. That's not to say that it shouldn't forge links with like minded thinkers both inside and outside of Europe. But it would be a huge mistake for it to subsume itself ideologically within a wider European 'Social Nationalist' (a phrase that will always and forever be seen as an attempt to make its true belief system more palatable by a simple reversal of words)movement, a movement that if successful would see our country become nothing more than a Geopolitical vassal of Germany and/or Russia. As the SWPE says, Fight for a Socialist World, One Country at a time!