Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The PSFMA: The American Partner of SWPE

SWPE is an organisation which seeks to end the Capitalist State in the UK, and to build a Socialist Society of mutual cooperation.  SWPE stands under the banner of victory over the exploiters, of victory for Class and Nation.

To achieve a Socialist Society, means to take a stand against Global Capitalism, and by doing so to invite the attention of the terrorists of NATO, who are used by the Ruling Caste to murder all who stand in the way of the march of the financial imperialists and corporate oppressors.  It would be naive to the point of stupidity to imagine that we could achieve Socialism In One Country, without Socialists in other countries also achieving victory over the tyranny of capitalism.

SWPE is very pleased to be linking up with Socialists in other countries.  We believe in borders, and in the right of every people to control and own everything within their own lands.  We have been asked to recommend kindred spirits in the USA, for our Brothers and Sisters in that country to join. We have forged links to this end with the People Social Freedom Movement: America (PSFMA), which we urge all Socialists in the USA to support.  Their struggle is our struggle.

The following is the 11 Point Plan of the PSFMA

1) We call for community empowerment and grassroots democracy in order to allow for the people to express their freedom and destinies free from the control of the oligarchs that has divided the people and ripped freedom from our hands.

2) We call for full employment in quality jobs that are owned and managed by the workers themselves free from the exploitation of one class over another. As true freedom can not be expressed through poverty.

3)We call for universal healthcare and housing for all American citizens as you can not express your freedom while sick or homeless.

4) We call for a modern education system that focuses on history, literacy, mathematics, and cooperation to end the capitalist system that has produced children that know only enough to be cogs in a machine.

5) We call for the abolition of the Federal Reserve and break up the IMF and the creation of a democratic banking system modeled after the credit unions and an end to debt slavery (usury).

6) We call for the abolition of the CIA and the NSA as they have been doing nothing but infringing on the rights of the American people as well as all of their pet bills.

7) We call for the Federal legalization of Marijuana on both medical and recreational as there has been no evidence that has been provided that it has any negative impact on the human body and instead all of the evidence provided has proven it to provide many benefits.

8) We call for the separation of Church and State as promoted by our founding fathers and the reversal of the Republican attempts to force their religious beliefs down the throats of the American public.

9) We must respect autonomy within Native American land and communities, respect their Tribal Police and Tribal Courts and the reinforcement of the treaties signed throughout the ages.

10) We must promote the growth of renewable energies as seen in Southern Arizona and promote natural gas as well as the discontinuing of practices such as fracking in order to tackle Climate Change aka Sabotage.

11) We want an immediate end of all wars for oil and the end of the funding of terrorists around the world.

In addition to the 11 Points, the PSFMA has a policy of reaching out to others, in order to build Socialist Unity in practise.  This is a strategy we share, and it is refreshing to work with others who realise the futility of trying to make the various factions of the Left fall in line behind a single leadership structure - something which those who have any knowledge of the reality of politics will know is an unachievable dream, as long as the leaders of the many competing groups are unwilling to abandon their positions of authority in minuscule ghettoised organisations.

Again from the PSFMA:

We want to unite all people who are serious about creating socialism through our philosophy of community first
  • You have been told that socialism can only be created in some distant future and only after the capitalist system has reached this or that stage or when the proletariat has been organized for this or that union or party we say that socialism can only come if we build it from the ground up through the radicalization and organization of our communities through service to the people, education, and art and the creation of a federation of these communities.
  • There are those of you who say that revolution must come first however if I toss a penny amongst you each “vanguard” party among you will argue wither or not the coin landed heads or tails and such is your definition of revolution and socialism. We say that yes an insurrection maybe important in the future but as of right now we need to focus on the building of communities against the state and teaching the people about socialism through example and through practice. We say this that we believe in the realization of socialism in order to bring about the revolution!
We want unity amongst the Proletariat;
  • We uphold Revolutionary Intercommunalism and as such we hold that unity must be achieved amongst all strata of the Working Class however we hold to the ideas of Bookchin that the consciousness of the Proletariat has became a clone to that of the Capitalist class and that the new consciousness must be communal in nature.
We want an active general strike not one that is reliant on just the factory workers but one that is also in the communities.
  • This general strike not only focuses on labor but also a strike against the cultural and political life of the Capitalist Class and restores the autonomy of the Proletariat
We are socialists cloaked in the green of our communities and the red of labor we hold dear to these simple principles and to the need to engage in immediate action against capital and its forces.

The website of the PSFMA can be found at: https://psfma.wordpress.com/

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