Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Brexit: A Cynical Manipulation

On the 23rd of June 2016, the people of England, Cymru and Kernow voted to leave the EU. Alba and the British-occupied north of Ireland voted to remain, as did the nation of Gibraltar, and the globalised city of London.  Due to the sparsity of people in the Remain-voting areas, other than London, the result of the Independence Referendum was for the UK as a whole to strike out on the path of Sovereignty and Freedom.

The referendum Voting patterns showed a clear division between the Ruling Caste and their bourgeois lackeys on the one side, who voted to keep the UK inside the EU, and the Working Class who voted for the UK to regain control of its own destiny.  The political divide was equally stark, with the globalising liberals lining up in defence of their beloved EU superstate, and the anti-Capitalists of every political stream joining together to break the UK out of the clutches of the despots of finance capitalism.

A year after the vote, with the ludicrous Article 50 negotiations crawling along, it is evident that the people were lied to.  The implication given by David Cameron and his partners-in-crime, was that once the votes were counted, the UK would either continue as a part of the EU, or it would be outside the bloc and would be an independent country.  If the vote had been pro-EU, that would have been the case, and nobody would have heard of Article 50 at all.

The procrastination following the vote has led people to the logical conclusion that the government expected the people to do the bidding of Brussels, London and the Bankers/Corporations who control them, and that with the rebellion of the Working Class was completely unexpected. This is quite possible.

The level of propaganda thrown at us included the useful execution of the MP Jo Cox, who was an outspoken advocate of EU power-grabbing.  We were supposed to vote to stay in prison out of a sense of respect for a dead politician. A few pathetic liberals may have been swayed by the killing, and probably more by the sickening celebrations by the State-stooges of the now thankfully illegal National Action, but the impact on the EU vote was negligible.

The Ruling Caste only allowed the EU Referendum because whatever the result, they would win.  If we had voted to stay in the EU, we would have voted to accept an EU Army, the Euro as our currency, complete metrication, a single legal system, and through rapid stages, the end of all the countries of the EU, with the UK divided into nominally distinct areas with as much influence on EU policy-making as a current local authorities have on Westminster.

Total standardisation of the economy would have meant the UK as a sovereign entity, would have ceased to exist.  This would have been catastrophic for the Working Class, but would have been a glorious victory for the corporate despots who would have had all barriers to their accumulation of wealth and power, removed.  The Referendum split the people into the decent family-centred freedom-loving Proletariat on one side, and the vile self-obsessed individualistic bourgeois capitalist scum on the other. The fact that we won the vote proves that the flame of Revolutionary Socialism burns brightly in our people.

The immediate resignation of the fake populist leader of UKIP, Farage, allowed the media and Establishment to push their Article 50 nonsense onto the people. The bourgeois filth who took to the streets to demand the EU vote be ignored, stood as counter revolutionaries, defying the people.  The time to push forward the revolution was missed, and the UK has languished as a prisoner in the EU prison ever since.

The departure of the Prime Minister and the subsequent calling of an election by his replacement on a platform of more austerity, pay freezes, benefits cuts, the confiscation of homes of the elderly, was all designed to give more authority to the EUphile MPs, mocking the Working Class vote. The situation we have now is of a government serving business, riding roughshod over the wishes of the Working Class.  This is as it always has been, but now much more transparently than since the vote was grudgingly given to us, which came about only within the last hundred years.

With the likes of Trilateral Commission member, David Miliband joining the choir of Globalist Dictatorship, the Referendum is being more and more openly ignored.  We voted for Sovereignty, for total control of our borders, for total control of our territory (including the seas of the UK), for total control of the economy.  What we are getting is a pledge to keep or seas as places open for all factory fishing environmental terrorists.  Our borders will not be closed until after an open-ended transition period, which will no doubt be extended and extended until with the help of the media, and the reality of vast numbers of people brought in as cheap labour, will become irrelevant.

The refusal to respect the will of the Working Class proves that the Ruling Caste and their Middle Class lackeys, are the enemies of the people.  It is so obvious that only the most brainwashed of the media-consumers can fail to see it.  The problem, of course, is that apathy is the greatest tool of the Ruling Caste, with the failure of the people to rise up, being taken as an excuse to push ahead with the globalist agenda regardless of what the people have stated they demand be done.

The bleak situation we find ourselves in is one in which we have voted to leave the EU, and the corrupt globalising political class is manipulating our decision in order to make sure that we do not gain the sovereignty we demand, but rather fall further into the web of global control.  The probability of the UK moving from the EU to the EEA, will mean that the UK does not achieve the ability to renationalise and rebuild heavy industry and our vital transport infrastructure.  The government has stated that if there is no EU Trade Deal, the default position will be for the UK to become a tax haven for the rich, with the Working Class becoming even more the subjects of tyranny than we already are.  The party of government would be happy to govern the UK according to World Trade Organisation rules, which also prohibit the implementation of policies which protect the people from multinational exploitation.  WTO vs EEA really is a false division - in both scenarios, the Working Class are used as fodder for the profits of the rich, with sovereignty eroded to make sure the capitalists in charge can gain more wealth and power with no fear of the people getting in their way.

The only solution to the Brexit trap, is for the Working Class to stand up against the Ruling Class and their bourgeois collaborators, and demand that the UK gain complete sovereignty, leaving not only the EU, but the WTO, IMF, NATO, UN, WHO, World Bank and all other branches of the global capitalist system.  The solution to the capitalist EU is not for a continuation of the capitalist UK in a different structure, but for a complete break from the bankers' economy and the establishment of a free federal Socialist Workers' Republic, in which 'trade' with other countries is not a priority, but rather the welfare of the British Working Class is the absolute focus of government.  We need the full implementation of Socialism in One Country, and the long-term goal of assisting other countries to do the same, so that ultimately capitalism will collapse everywhere and the whole world will be free.

Join us. Make a difference. Don't let the capitalists turn our Brexit victory into their victory.


  1. 'Standardisation' in the EU?

    France: state-funded university tuition.
    Portugal and Slovakia: price caps on energy.
    Germany: rent controls and an extensive network of publicly-owned local banks.
    Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria: publicly owned train services.
    Luxembourg and Belgium: no zero-hour contracts.

  2. The list goes on:

    Slovenia: complete ban on water privatisation.

    Europe as a whole: 123 million members of cooperatives

  3. And for me and all other pensioners in the Czech Republic - totally free public transport in Prague and other cities!