29 August 2017

The Trans Agenda is Surgical Homophobia

SWPE has a policy of accepting people as members according to their individual abilities and what they have to contribute for the furtherance of the cause.  We recruit people of quality, rather than going down the pointless road of trying to gather together a mass membership at the cost of diluting our principles in exchange for allowing anyone with the membership fee to come on board.

Our selective recruitment policy has brought in people with keen minds, with commitment to the struggle for freedom, with the ability and drive to build the organisation in a manner which will enable us to have an impact beyond our small numbers.

We are building the Vanguard. We are building bridges to compatible organisations and to individuals who share our desire for a Free and Socialist world, built one country at a time.  We want the best people as Comrades, and we are getting the best!

Our policy on sexuality is very clear.  We oppose homophobia, and we equally oppose the promotion of sexuality as the defining feature of an individual.  Just as it is absurd that consenting adults should be shunned or attacked because of their sexuality, so it is absurd that people should have employment reserved for them for the same reason.  Our policy has always been - and remains - that consensual sexuality is a private matter, and that we take no interest in the sexual proclivities of individuals.  The key term here is 'consensual': paedophiles, animal-abusers and other rapists are not welcome in our ranks, and in the coming Socialist Republic, there will be absolutely no tolerance of such despicable people. We affirm the right of the People to not have to breathe the same air as the lowest of all humanity, which by their actions forfeit any right to exist.

There would be no need to comment further, except for the British State joining the global capitalist carousel of police state tyranny, based on the concept of 'feelings' as more important than facts. The liberal despots have cynically created a wealth of 'identity politics' based on the ridiculous concept of the supremacy of subjective feelings over objective facts.  Under the guise of supporting sexual freedom, they are promoting the most horrendous and destructive form of homophobia, coupled with institutionalised medical child abuse.  We whole-heartedly respect the right of the individual to freedom of sexuality, and the right of children to be allowed to be children. It is in defence of these basic rights that we have to speak out against the 'transgender' agenda.

Let us state this in the plainest possible way: There is no such thing as transgender; Gender is just a different way of referring to sex (the biological reality, not the action of intercourse); As there are only Two Sexes, so there are only Two Genders; Sex=Gender and is defined by unchangeable Chromosomes, not by emotion, whimsy, or fashion.  The natural world is comprised of males and females, with incredibly rare instances of hermaphrodites.  It doesn't make any difference how one 'feels', if you are born with a penis, you are male, with a vagina, female.  This is nature, and no amount of fake science - so called social science - can change that.

No amount of legislation can turn an ideological position which goes against nature, into a fact. Were it not for the unfortunate event that the poison of Trotsky survived the execution of that madman, the liberal bourgeoise identity-obsessed gender-diversity crowd would be a tiny minority of mentally ill individuals languishing in hospitals for the insane.  They now are sufficient in number to be a real problem, and because they have latched their stupidity onto the politics of the Left, they are a problem which we have to confront and expose.

The Trans Agenda is divisive.  It is pushed by idiots who do not understand that they are fighting for the global capitalist goal of obliterating all that stands in the way of their total victory.  An atomised country, with no loyalty to Class, to Family, to Society, is no country at all, but rather a piece of territory ripe for exploitation.  The Trans movement is leading people to view themselves as the centre of the universe, with no bonds to others, except when it suits the furtherance of their own selfish hedonistic desires.  Younger people in particular are being subjected to intense levels of brain-washing in which to identify as what you biologically are, incurs sneers of you being a 'cis' male or female - which apparently is an expression of oppression!

Homosexuals are being targeted by the transgenderist fanatics.  The ideology claims that it is possible to be a man trapped inside a woman's body, or a woman trapped inside a man's.  This has allowed for the return of the stigma against homosexuals, with Lesbians being encouraged to see their attraction to other women as proof that they are actually men, and in need of therapy to 'cure' them of their 'problem'.  Gay men who enjoy dressing up are being encouraged to believe that what is nothing but a fetish, is actually proof of 'gender dysphoria', and rather than being men who are attracted to men, they are really women 'trapped' in the wrong bodies, with the 'cure' being surgical genital mutilation. Let us repeat our position on homosexuality: It is something which occurs in nature across many species; it is not an 'illness' which requires gender reassignment surgery to 'cure'.  The hypocrites who scream against homophobia but promote the 'trans' agenda, are the truest homophobes, promoting surgery as something desirable to 'correct' nature.  These people are the worst of all bigots, because they are too stupid and idealistic to see the harm they cause.

Biology is based on cold hard facts.  The transgenderists base their whole ideology on emotionalism and intolerance of reality.  Clothes are garments; they do not have magickal properties which can change people at a cellular level.  If a woman keeps her hair short and dresses in masculine clothes because she likes to dress that way, she does not transmogrify into a man.  If a man puts on make-up and dresses in feminine clothes, that does not make him a woman.  When Shakespeare wrote that 'the clothes maketh the man', he was speaking of people being judged by appearance.  The liberal lunatics are taking his words literally and judging people to be nothing more than the clothes they wear; having no value as people; being nothing but sexual creatures who can be 'gender fluid', being female when taking on the garments associated with femininity and male when wearing the garments associated with masculinity.  This is absolute stupidity.

Economically, transgenderism is a drain on the resources of the nation.  It doesn't matter if people undergo surgery in private rather than NHS hospitals - in a Socialist country there will be no private health care, only a single system for everyone. Ideologically driven 'treatment' uses bed space, medical facilities, the time and labour of medical staff, and all manner of resources which could be focused on treating genuinely sick people.  Those who argue that transgender operations should only be carried out privately are missing a key point - they should not be carried out at all.  We want a health service which looks after the sick, and creates good health, not one which is used for surgical alterations based on vanity or on religious delusion. Genital mutilation is always undertaken with an excuse which is ideological or religious - we demand that all this stops.

The greatest harm of the transgenderists comes from the acceptance of this fashionable ideology by bourgeoise liberal teachers, social workers, medical staff, and others in positions where they can impact on the lives of ordinary people.  The transgenderist bigots are not content with encouraging adults to go through dangerous surgery to 'cure' themselves of homosexual desires, by taking on the external appearance of the opposite sex as a means of having their homosexuality made 'socially acceptable' by becoming legally heterosexual.  The bourgeoise filth are actively targeting children, with the number of children being sexualised and put through hormone poisoning (so-called therapy) and genital mutilation, increasing year on year.

Colours and clothes have no meaning other than that which people attribute to them. Traditionally, Blue was associated with the highest female in Christianity, the Virgin Mary.  Pink was the colour associated with boys.  Fashion changed.  Traditionally it was (Ruling Class) Men who wore high heeled shoes, painted their faces, wore wigs, while Women dressed in a more plain manner.  Fashion changed.  In nature it is common for males to be more showy than females (lions and peacocks are obvious examples). The biological imperative for the male to attract a female requires males to compete and for the most attractive to be victorious in the struggle for a mate.  Before fashion shifted, humans followed the same natural rule.

There is a world of difference between cross dressing transvestites, who indulge in a fetish for sexual gratification, and those who think they are trapped inside the wrong body.  Transvestites should be considered alongside people who like bondage and other kinky sex.  The transgenderists deliberately try to associate kinky sex fetishists with people who 'feel' like the opposite sex.  This is a deliberate distortion to make what is in reality a very small scale phenomenon appear commonplace. Transvestism does not harm anyone - it is simply the indulgence in a desire to dress up. Transgenderism on the other hand, causes physical harm to those who undergo surgery, mental harm to those who may only be clothing fetishists but get drawn into it because of liberal societal pressure, it causes psychological harm to people who are not confident in their sexuality and feel that it is better to be mutilated in order to be considered heterosexual, than to be openly homosexual - which of course is a better and more natural option, and would be the obvious choice were it not for transgenderist homophobes forcing their insane ideology on them.

For transgenderists, women who do not dress up in an increasingly gaudy and prostitute like manner, must be inwardly men, and in need of gender reassignment.  Likewise men who adopt the sexist stereotype in which women are portrayed as sex objects, must be real women!  This is offensive to men and women.  In the cases of Lesbians and Gay men, the transgenderist attack is purified homophobia.  In the case of children conditioned by liberal parents to think they must 'transition', it is child abuse.

SWPE opposes the trans agenda and especially the moves by the State and Trotskyite terrorists to make defence of nature illegal.  We call upon homosexuals to stand up and embrace their own sexuality and fight those who would have them feel that they must have cosmetic and genital surgery to make them more acceptable.  We call upon heterosexuals to oppose the transgenderists by accepting that homosexuals are born that way, and are not in need of any cure.

In a Socialist Britain, those who harm children - regardless of sexuality, religion, etc - will be dealt with with the mercy they have afforded their victims.  We will not tolerate the corruption of the youth. So-called parents who have told their children that they must transition because it suits the fashionability of said parents, will be treated as any other paedophile.  We are not liberals. We are Socialists. We fight for our people against decadence, degeneracy and all other forms of decay which come from the hedonistic ideology of self indulgent capitalism/trotskyism.

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